DEPUTY MAYOR: Rehema Fugge (in the photo above)


THE news this website leaked two days ago about how Lubaga Mayor Zacchy Mberaze Mawula was set to name Busega councilor Hajjat Rehema Ssanyu Fugge his deputy amidist protests from a section of councilors, has come to pass!
Thanks be to God, we were spot on! As soon as Mberaze named Fugge his deputy and also apointed the executive committee, in a special council convening at Jevine Hotel, Nabunya in Ndeeba today, a group of his councilors chose to disrupt it.
Today’s special sitting ended prematurely after NRM speaker Musa Mbaziira ran out of the council he was presiding over.
An NRM councilor brought a motion rejecting Mayor’s appointments of the Executive on ground that he is biast, his selections are only from NUP party. Mbaziira quickly picked another NRM councilor one Kasalirwe who seconded. 
NUP counciors who are the majority raised up hands to disagree with Speaker’s ruling saying he should put the matter to voting but Mbaziira refused. The Speaker instead, left the meeting.
There and then, fightng and exchange of words between the NUP councilors and the minority NRM started.
Police which had deployed around the hotel was called in to disperse NUP councilors who angrily wanted to roast live NRM councilors.
It had to shoot live bullets and teargas to scare away councilors.
We are told DP, FDC, and Independent councilors ploted this deal yesterday to disorganize the council if Mberaze appoints only NUP councilors on the Executive.
Speaker Mbaziira coordinated these rebel councilors and whatever happened today, it was his game plan. NUP councilors had united behind their Mberaze but Mbaziira had to fail the mayor.
By press time, Mberaze had summoned NUP councilors to discuss the way forward.

Addressing a council amidst tight security, Mberaze announced Fugge his deputy for council to approved her.
Mayor said, “Today i announce the Executive of Mayor Lubaga Division Urban Council. Hon. Rehema Ssanyu Fugge is the deputy Mayor, Hon. Fatuma Muguluma is the Executive Secretary Gender, Hon. Clemente Kizza is Secretary Finance and administration and Hon. Emanuel Kizza is the Executive Secretary.”
The NRM did’nt give chance councilors to approve the appointments although the majority were ready to pass the appointed Executive. He instead picked his team to reject the appointments. This is when chaos started bringing council to a standstill.
Earlier, Speaker Musa Mbaziira appointed councilors sitting on the disciplinary committee. 
These are; Chairperson is Declark Kamya (FDC) and Margret Nansubuga Ssemukaaya (NUP) – Vice Chairperson. Committee members are; councilor Lwamiti (representing Elderly), Moses Luyinda (Independent) and Kaddu (Independent). 
The SACCO committee has; Speaker Musa Mbaziira, Aisha Nagudi and Emanuel Kizza

She started her politics from Democratic Party. Fugge was a staunch supporter of then Kampala mayor Alhaji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala and she is a product of the fearless Youth Brigade.
When Hon. Michael Mabikke Sseninde ‘Tutulifumita likyali tto’ formed Social Democratic Party (SDP) after breaking from DP in 2010, Fugge defected from DP to this new party.
She is among the founders of SDP. When in 2011 contested on this party ticket for councilor, Fugge lost.
In 2016, Fugge joined Forum for Democratic Change and Busega FDC Chairman Haji Asuman Ssemakula (Besigye’s driver), secured her a party ticket to contest for councilor in Busega, a seat she won amidst protest from FDC ardent supporters who believed, Aisha Nagudi was the rightful person to be given this card.
Four years later, Fugge in 2020 defected from FDC to Hon. Kyagulanyi’s National Unity Platform (NUP). She crossed with her best friend councilor Sharifah Nakitende who represents Ndeeba at Lubaga Division Urban council. 
In May this year, Fugge fronted by Mayor Mberaze, contested and won Ronald Ssemaganda in NUP Primaries for Speaker. This election however left NUP councilors who are the majority in the council, divided.
They cited irregularities in the whole process.
In Speaker elections, Fugge tussled it out with NRM’s Musa Mbaziira and NUP lost it. Mbaziira got 49 votes while Rehema Fugge who had Mberaze’s full backing polled 45 votes in a council dominated by NUP councilors.
NUP has 64 councilors, NRM has 11 councilors, DP 3, FDC 5 and 13 independents.
We are reliably informed, Mberaze had no other option but to console Fugge with the Deputy mayor appointment after this lady and her husband approached Mayor crying on how the family had lost everything in Speakership bid!
“Debts are almost killing us. We spent a lot during the Speakership bid which we lost. Kindly,  give us the Deputy Speaker job.” Requested Rehema Fugge and her husband.
Because it was Mberaze who sent Fugge into Speakership race, he had to sympathise with this lady and that is how he has appointed her, his deputy amidst protest from a section of councilors.

Like we told you in our Tuesday story, Mberaze and Fugge have formed a political alliance targeting to uproot Rubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa come 2026 General elections. 
In our investigations, we showed how the two, Zacchy Mberaze and Rehema Fugge have a big deal for 2026 which camp Aloysius Mukasa, Rubaga South MP must plan for before it’s too late. 
The two, we are told, are working to form an alliance to kick a fellow NUP member, Hon. Mukasa out of Rubaga South MP seat come 2026.
Political analysts we have talked to say, in Mberaze’s 2026 political calculations he doesn’t need Rubaga North, that is why he has decided to ignore them in his appointments and give it all to Rubaga South, whose votes he wants in 2026 because he isn’t returning as Mayor but instead as MP.
This is their calculation: Rubaga South is made up of 8 (Eight) parishes. The most populated Parish is Mutundwe where Mberaze comes from and he is assured of full support if he contests for MP. It has 30,000 voters. 
It is followed by Busega Parish with 25,000 voters. This is where Rehema Fugge comes from. 
MP Aloysius Mukasa’s Kabowa Parish is number three with 24,000 voters. We are told, Camp Mberaze is scratching heads on how to influence Ndeeba’s iron lady, Lord councilor Faridah Nakabugo to join their team and if she agrees and Ndeeba is added to Mutundwe and Busega, they can easily beat Hon. Mukasa. 
So this is why Mayor Mberaze is shopping for Rehema Fugge as his deputy and we are told, he is ready to appoint more Lubaga South councilors so that he prepares his 2026 ground in time. 
For those who don’t know, Fugge is a great mobilizer especially in women groups and Mosques. Mberaze advisers say, with Rehema as his deputy, women and Muslims will be on his side. 
Other councilors Mberaze is targeting include Omulangira Kayima from Nateete who is believed to be a good strategist. Another one is Musa Lusembo from Ndeeba and Fatuma Nyombi representing Mutundwe. Nyombi supported Mukasa but insiders say, these days she is seen closer to Mberaze camp.
Camp Mukasa looks to be aware of this plot and they are not seated! 

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