In the photo: Racheal Kagoya and her close friend after blocking Mr. Bigirwa from accessing his house (Photo credit; Bukedde tv)


LATEST information reaching our news desk shows, there has been an attempt by politician Moses Bigirwa’s former wife Racheal Kagoya and her new husband Hamza to sell Bigirwa’s Gangu house in order to pay a Bank loan of UGX 80M, which money was allegedly eaten by the two extravagant love birds! 
We have been reliably informed, on being tipped how Racheal and Hamza were planning to sell the house he built from his little savings as a youth and clear the bank loan, Bigirwa a no nonsense guy stepped in to block the deal!  This is how the two are said to have plotted his arrest and stage managed his embarrassment before cameras.
In fact their motive was for Bigirwa to shy away since to them this would kill his political image, so that they proceed with their mission.

To their shock, Bigirwa put up a strong fight without fear or favour to block this open day fraud on an asset he single handedly put up, five years before him and Racheal Kagoya fell in love.
Bigirwa, who likes to be reffered to as ‘Gen’, contested for MP Kamuli Municipality on opposition NUP ticket and narrowly lost although for he claims, the election was rigged by a clique in government in connivance with Racheal Kagoya.

It is alleged that the two, Racheal and Hamza secured a loan from a certain reknown big bank in Kampala (Names withheld). 
The documents of the Land on which Bigirwa’s house sits was deposited in this bank as security/mortgage.
However, all this was done without Bigirwa’s consent. Bank did not get any clearance from the land and house’s rightful owner before giving out a loan. It’s only a relative to Hamza who alerted Bigirwa that the house he often says is for his children, was used by Kagoya and her lover as security to acquire a loan.
He decided to go to his home only to be stopped by Kagoya’s sisters who are said to have run out of their marriages and another lady Bigirwa identified as a security personnel.
The three put up a fight to block the house owner from accessing it and were joined by their sister Kagoya and a man identified as Hamza.
Thanks to the media which covered this scuffle, the Bank realized how they were conned by Kagoya and her fiance, by depositing security they had no ownership over.
Now we are told, bank wants it’s money or they take Kagoya’s new Bunga-Kawuku palatial home. This Kawuku house is estimated to have cost UGX 800 M by the time it will be done with repairing and beautification. Click and read this: SEX SCANDAL: HERE IS DIVORCED BIGIRWA’S WIFE’S 800M HOUSE SHE BOUGHT NEAR TYCOON HAM RESIDENCE, SAYS GOT MONEY FROM NRM BOSS
The couple is now in panic and are requesting for peace talks with Bigirwa.
Insiders say, Kagoya’s uncle (a big man who owns a certain hospital in Bugolobi) is not happy about the fact that she has embarrassed herself and the family. He has ordered her to shut up and settle the matter amicably. We shall come back to this later.

Bigirwa’s story in Gangu starts with his elder sister a one Nangobi, commonly known as Maama Imran. This is the lady you normally see with Bigirwa when ever he is at police or at Gangu claiming his house.
From village to Kampala, Bigirwa was brought by this good hearted sister.
She has a house in Gangu where she got married and this is from where she hosted her brother. Like any youth, Bigirwa did some casual jobs and his sister advised him to save.
Those who remember (late) Haji Sebaggala days as Kampala Mayor, he lifted up many youth, gave them some deals and among them was Moses Bigirwa.
This young man managed to save on whichever coin he got which excited his sister Nangobi.
Around 2009, Bigirwa had saved some good money.  His sister then advised him to buy himself a plot of land in Gangu and put up atleast a small house.
She personally looked for this plot near her home in Gangu, Bigirwa paid and after a certain time, he started building his house ‘process by process’.
Five years later, when the house was already done and Bigirwa married with the mother of his first three children all living in this Gangu house, Racheal Kagoya tears apart this marriage.
She fell in love with Bigirwa in 2014. She fought Bigirwa’s wife until the lady ran  for her dear life, leaving behind her three children.
Kagoya took over and she there an then started torturing her step children until two ran out of their home.
She behaved like a mad dog and couldn’t adhere to her husband’s directives. (We shall also expound on this in our Part III of the story).
Therefore, it’s true, this woman didn’t contribute even a single penny when Bigirwa was buying this plot of land and house Racheal and her bonkmate want to grab.
Bigirwa continously demands that Kagoya produces the land buy agreement with proof of signatures that they both paid for this land.  
If there is any one who supported Bigirwa, then it’s his sister and the mother of his first children with whom they were living together in this house before Kagoya came and forced the woman to leave her matrimonial home.

In Part III of the Bigirwa story, we bring you details of how Racheal and Hamza plotted to grab the Gangu home and what was in the UGX 1B NRM deal. For views/comments, send us an email to 


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