In photo is the newly acquired house, Racheal Kagoya bought using money she allegedly got from NRM boss. The two boys are the Bigirwa’s children Kagoya left with (Photo by News Editor)


THOSE who have been sympathetic to Rachel Kagoya, the woman who is making endless noise in media about how the father of her youngest two children Moses Bigirwa neglected his family, you need to pause a bit and read this interesting story! 
Bigirwa a popular youthful politician, contested for Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament on Opposition NUP ticket, an election he claims to have massively won only to be rigged by government officials dealing with Racheal Kagoya as a punishment for rejecting their deal.
For starters, Racheal blocked the father of her youngest two children from accessing his Gangu house in Wakiso district he single handedly built 5 years before meeting and falling in love with this woman.
However, it is now a couple of months since Racheal moved into her fourth marriage and Bigirwa insists, she moved on with one Hamza and the two own a magnificent house in Bunga-Kawuku.
This has not stopped Kagoya from putting up a strong fight and deny Bigirwa access to his house that he built from his small savings as a youth.
Racheal accuses Bigirwa of Domestic Violence vide Ref. 17/19/07/2021 at Katwe Police Station and was given a police bond on 17th July 2021 at Katwe Police Station. He will report back on 26th/July/2021 at 9am.

This news Website has carried out thorough investigation about this estranged woman’s multi million house involving a top NRM boss who allegedly assigned her on a mission and she was paid a deposit of UGX 1 Billion Shillings!
Rachel Kagoya a mother of 6 children from three failed marriages has bought a magnificent house worth UGX 800M in Bunga-Kawuku near the residences of billionaires Hamis Kiggundu of Ham Towers and Rubaga Miracle Centre Church Pastor Robert Kayanja.
Born in Bugweri, Iganga district, Racheal Kagoya who is about 45 years old, is a Nalongo with one pair of twins she mothered with another man before falling in love with NUP Politician Gen. Moses Bigirwa.
Facts about her parents are not clear, she tells different stories to her friends. But the truth is, she grew up from a Missionary House in Jinja. Those knowing her say, she didn’t go beyond Secondary school education. She dropped out of school early and joined the marriage institution. It is not true that she is a medical Doctor like she alleges, may be she meant, a witch doctor. We shall come back to this later! 
Back to her multi million house in Bunga-Kawuku, by the time our spy troops went at this site, work on her house was on going to beautify it so that it perfectly fits in the ‘Yellow Village’ where NRM tycoons and powerful people in government live.
Racheal Kagoya lives in this palatial home with her new bonkmate one Hamza who Bigirwa calls a security operative. She recently bought her self a brand new Toyota Harrier (Kawundo).
Outside her gate, our spy team found Bigirwa’s son Marvin (who is a step son to Kagoya) and Kagoya’s first son with Bigirwa aged about 6 years old.
Our team however, did not bother these young ones. There were builders working on Kagoya’s new house but did not realise what our mission was. It took our team about 30 minutes to gather enough information about Kagoya and her new catch which we wish to give you dear our readers, in series. 
In this Part I of our story we will concentrate on the location of the house and how we knew about it!

We took Bunga-Gaba road and branched off at Bunga stage located at ORXY Fuel station driving on Kawuku – Gaba bypass road. This road goes to Las vegas Garden Hotel.
After a 5 minutes drive, we branched off to Hamis Kiggundu Road Kawuku on left hand side. 

We slopped down and drove for about 3 minutes. We reached a corner and on the right hand side, there is Njuki Festo road. We branched off to this road which also goes to Yellow Heaven Victoria view Apartments.
We drove for a few meters, past a police booth on the left hand side, then branched off to Sam Ssali close.  Sam Ssali close is a small murram road which goes straight to Racheal Kagoya’s maginifent house.

It was one of Hamza’s buddies (who wishes to stay anonymous) that felt like these love birds are doing an injustice to Mr. Moses Bigirwa.
This person reached us via our contacts and gave us this tip.
He led us straight to the house where to our advantage, we found Bigirwa’s children who perfectly resemble their dad.
We engaged neighbours about their new neighbours and what they told us, will be a good story for another day.

In the next story, we bring you more details about the source of millions Kagoya is dishing out, facts about her two first failed marriages and the 50 lies she has told Bigirwa in their marriage.
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