Bishop Luwalira praying for Lubaga North MP Abubaker Kawalya after delivering 50 bags of Cement as a contribution for the construction of Mission House


A MOVE by the Government of Uganda to abolish private mailo land tenure system which is driven by junior minister Sam Mayanja is set to face more resistance from the public! Latest is The Church of Uganda which has given its position, tasking Parliament to reject such unpopular land Act ammendments. Church wants government to bark off from Mailo Land and instead use its organs to implement the Land Act.
In a tough message sent to the Members of the 11th Parliament through Lubaga North legislator Abubaker Kawalya on Wednesday this week, Namirembe Diocese Bishop Rev. Dr. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira said Church of Uganda is against abolishing Private Mailo Land because it has been brought in  bad faith.
Hon Kawalya was on a working visit to Namirembe Cathedral to first and foremost honor the Church for supporting him during February elections and also to stretch his giving hand to church which is currently on lockdown.

He also went there to support the ongoing church projects such as construction of Mission House, a project headed by Rev. Samuel Muwonge, Mission Secretary Namirembe Diocese.
Speaking out on Government’s proposal to abolish Private Mailo Land tenure system, Bishop Kityo Luwalira said, “I caution our Members of Parliament to vehemently reject any proposal intending to abolish Private Mailo Land tenure system. As Church of Uganda we feel, it has been brought in  bad faith. We strongly condemn it, please never pass such ammendments.” 
Church of Uganda owns chunks of land under private Mailo land tenure system on which they have churches, hospitals, schools, farms, gardens among others.
If the Land Act is amended and Mailo land is abolished, it simply means thay Government will take over ownership of this land in the guise of stopping land evictions in the Country.
This is what Church of Uganda and other private Mailo owners like Buganda Kingdom, other cultural institutions, Uganda Catholic Church and public are contesting.
Bishop Luwalira who is known to be an open clergyman warned Parliament against passing a law based on ill intentions saying it will find public resistance.
The Bishop was hosting MP Kawalya who had paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Luwalira to consult him about different issues, major of which is the abolishment of Private Mailo Land which is in the pipeline.
He said, “As leaders, we need to give praise to the Lord, who has identified us to serve the nation in such turbulent times of COVID-19 and moral decadence, so, we have to brace ourselves for the uphill task.” Also click and read this story: SCANDAL: MINISTER SAM MAYANJA UNDER ATTACK OVER ANNOYING STATEMENTS HE MADE ABOUT KABAKA’S LAND, PUBLIC SAYS IT’S A WAR AGAINST BUGANDA

During this visit, MP Kawalya handed over 50 bags of Cement as a contribution to the construction of Mission House at Namirembe Cathedral.
In the presence of Mission Secretary Rev. Samuel Muwonge, Bishop Luwalira thanked the MP for such a generous gesture and called upon other leaders and people of God to contribute towards this Godly cause. 
Bishop Luwalira said, “I want to thank you Hon. Kawalya for visiting me and your contribution towards doing God’s work. May God bless you so much.”

The Bishop wants MP Kawalya to fight evil acts like theft, laziness, homesexuality, addiction to cocain and others among the youth .
He also demanded that Parliament continues tasking Prime minister Robinah Nabbanja to publish lists of Covid-19 relief beneficiaries for transparency so that she clarifies to which phones numbers the Money sent and in which names? 
Although Kawalya is from opposition NUP Party, Bishop Luwalira asked him to appreciate good things done by ruling NRM and always condemn the bad.
Thanking Kawalya for such a good gesture of starting his leadership style on a consultative note, Bishop Luwalira urged him to keep it up. He applauded the Legislator for his supportive personality and called on other leaders to emulate Kawalya.
“In Parliament, please don’t give your views, always endeavour to consult the electorate, and represent their views.” Kawalya was told.
Before Bishop Luwalira, MP Kawalya committed to being the voice of all Lubaga North people, to represent all people without discrimination. 
“My Lord the Bishop, thank you very much for receiving and giving me words of wisdom. I promise to stand on truth and fight on the side of our people.There is nothing I will do without consulting the Church.” Said Kawalya, who doubles as Shadow minister in charge of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).
On private mailo land abolishment, MP Kawalya said, “This will never happen. So far the people we have consulted say land grabbing is caused by those who think are above the law, not private mailo owners. We know where the problem is, who ever thinks will mislead the 11th Parliament is a day dreamer.”
Kawalya defeated ‘Class monitor’ Moses Kasibante and newly appointed IGG Beti Olive Namisango Kampala among others, to be crowned Lubaga North MP 2021-2026.
Before, he was the Speaker Kampala Capital City Authority where he defeated Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s blue gal, Doreen Nyanjura.
At Namirembe Cathedral, the MP was accompanied by his campaign leaders Mr. Deo Mbabazi, Mr. Benon Wanji and Mr. Phillip Wabi among others.

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