A REKNOWN top Muslim owned radio station in Kampala capital, Uganda has carried out a free and fair opinion poll to ascertain, who is likely to win the race for Speakership if elections are conducted today.
It suggests that Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga grabs the lead with 85%, Jacob Oulanyah 11%, Ibrahim Ssemujju 2.1% and DP man Ssebamala got 1%.

Next week on Monday May 2021, 529 newly sworn-in members of the 11th Parliament will convene at Kololo Airstrip in Kampala to elect both their Speaker and deputy Speaker. 

This comes after MPs took the oath of allegiance and oath of Member of Parliament, a function which lasted for four days from Monday May 17th 2021 to May 20th 2021.
Through their popular ‘Omukeeze’ radio program which airs from Monday to Friday 6:30am to 10am on 94.1fm radio Bilal, a station owned by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) at Old Kampala, show hosts put out a question to hundreds of their listeners/voters to call in and choose who they want for Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda.
This radio stretches to parts of Westnile, covers Eastern region (Busoga and Bugishu), Buganda and parts of Western.
It is among the few selected radios with a bigger coverage.
Many dont go beyond their regions of origin. For radio Bilal, it does. Callers who voted Speaker came from different parts of the country. Others voted online since this radio can be accessed online.

Leading show host Shamie Ssekatawa commonly known as ‘Super lady’ put out a question and opened studio lines for callers to make their choice.
In her sweet voice,  Shamie Ssekatawa said, “So far, there are four candidates aspiring for the Speaker’s job. NRM is yet to choose who between Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga and Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah will carry the party flag. FDC has Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (Kira Municipality MP) and Richard Ssebamala (Bukoto central) is the DP candidate.”
Hosting the show alongside senior journalists Ssalongo Hassan Male and Ali Mugalula (Brig. Mzee Ssekirembeka), Ssekatawa read out four names: Rebecca Kadaga, Jacob Oulanyah, Ibrahim Ssemujju and Richard Ssebamala.
“Our lines are now open. Call 0759058666, 0392002493 and tell us who your Member of Parliament should vote for  as Speaker of the 11th Parliament.”
Callers who included Paul from Kisekka, Mudathiru Ali of Makindye, called in to vote. Out of over 70 callers, Oulanyah got 3 votes, Ssemujju 6 and for Ssebamala, he failed to get a single vote.
Every time, show hosts would remind callers names of the other candidates in the race, but it’s like, they didnt see potential in them to lead Parliament.
Callers branded Kadaga as a true human rights defender, incorruptible, Impartial and a performer.
“She is a speaker for all. Always neutral and fair while presiding over the August House. Oulanyah is short tempered, can easily box an MP. Our MPs should not vote for boxer but a leader for all.” Said a caller from Westnile who directed his NRM MP to vote for Kadaga.
Other callers talked to, said two of the three arms of government can’t be led by on region (Northern Uganda) saying this will be a grave mistake.
Apart from the Executive which is led by President Museveni from the Western part of the country, if Oulanyah wins Parliament,another Northerner Owinyi Dollo will be leading Judiciary and Legislature. This means, other regions will be left out. 
Callers said, Speaker of Parliament should be a listening leader citing and incident when Oulanyah barked at then Kampala woman MP who was raising a matter of National importance and ordered her to sit down.
“We have not sent our MPs in a war zone. Oulanyah is good at commanding in a battle field. Parliament is like a home, all legislators must be listened to. They are our representatives. Any one who will shut up our voices isn’t Speaker material.” Said Kitikyamuwogo, a member of NRM media radio Callers. 
NRM callers accused Oulanyah of hiding  when the party badly needed his presence during the age limit debate.
“He absconded from duty when we wanted him most. Rt. Hon. Kadaga came in to save the situation. As NRM party we scored when Oulanyah was absent. With Kadaga still at Parliament as Speaker and Mr. Museveni as our President, NRM is secure.” Said Lutwama Afrika.
Later on Thursday night, on the same radio, Ismail Kalumba Butannaziba a political talkshow host conducted another opinion poll.
Through his ‘Bwe byali si bwebiri’ talkshow aired from 10pm to 12am,  out of 50 Callers, 45 voted Kadaga, 3 Ssemujju, Oulanyah 1 and Ssebamala 1.
Among the callers who voted Kadaga were: Abbey Muweesi, Lubwama Mukubabyasi, Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi (Former Lubaga South MP) and Moses e Kisoga.


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