ANY SWAP DEAL? Hon. Kyagulanyi and Mr. Update Ssegirinya


SECURITY operatives have landed into a deal allegedly hatched between 2021 Presidential candidate Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi and his foreign funders to find his way into the 11th Parliament so that he enthrones himself the Leader of Opposition ( LOP) an office they badly want to use and destabilize President Museveni’s new term which is beginning next month!
Their calculation is simple, with Bobi seated in the office of the Leader of Opposition, getting a budget of about UGX 10 Billion from the State coffers, having immunity as LOP and other emoluments, they can perfectly use this office to hit President Museveni and finally unseat his 35 years old government.
Their game plan is, LOP office will give Bobi Wine accessibility to traverse the whole country starting as soon as possible and any attempt to arrest the Leader of Opposition will trigger off riots making Uganda un governable for Mr. Museveni, hence the intervention of foreign powers.
In fact during a two-day NUP retreat in Jinja, among the seven resolutions, according to Mr. Kyagulanyi, he is going to “Have a countrywide tour to connect with our leaders, thank Ugandans for their support, open party offices, and engage in other party activities across the country.”

This was in a retreat for NUP leaders (NEC, MPs, District Chairpersons & Mayors).
It was convened for NUP leaders to reflect on their party, the just concluded elections, and how they ought to operate as leaders. 
For those who didn’t know, Kyagulanyi plans of touring all parts of the country is intended to awaken up his supporters to fight for what he calls his ‘win’.
His foreign political architects want him to do this while he is the leader of opposition so that any attempt of arresting LOP will sound world over and of course foreign powers will respond.
We are exclusively told that, in one of the engagements foreign funders said that, four time Presidential contestant Dr. Kizza Besigye lost it because he had no official powerful political office when he commanded national riots and security organs would easily arrest him.
“In 2011 during walk to work riots, he had ceased being FDC party president. He was just a former Presidential candidate. This alone couldn’t give him immunity. So he was bartered until he gave up on the struggle.” One of Bobi foreign funders allegedly reasoned.
He allegedly advised that if there is a by election anywhere, Kyagulanyi should go for it and will massively win and officially becomes the Leader of opposition in Uganda. 

When Sulaiman Sserwadda Kidandala filed an election petition against Kawempe North Constituency MP elect Muhammad Ssegirinya over submission of forged academic documents for nomination to the Electoral Commission, many saw this as an opportunity for Kyagulanyi to contest and win in the by election of Kawempe North MP.
After all, Kawempe North Constituency and Kyaddondo East Constituency where Kyagulanyi has been the area MP, are neighbours.
Kidandala’s petition reads, “The nomination papers of Ssegirinya Muhammad were void, he was not duly nominated for election as a directly elected Member of Parliament for Kawempe North Constituency and did not complete a minimum formal education of Advanced Level Standard or its equivalent.”
We are told, on noticing that Kidandala has petitioned court to annull Ssegirinya’s election, Mr. Update was summoned to NUP Party headquarters to throw more light about his academic documents which are being contested. 
Ssegirinya did not show up, instead went down town to demonstrate where he was arrested and thrown into Kitalya Government Prison before he was given bail after remand of three weeks.
What raises questions is, that morning when Ssegirinya was supposed to appear at NUP headquarters, he was seen being driven by a top party leader (names withheld) in his double-cabin pick-up around Kawempe.
What puzzles many is the motive behind this party boss not driving Ssegirinya to Party headquarters, but instead driving him down town where he was dropped.
Could it be about the alleged swap deal between Bobi and Ssegirinya that after the later realising that he has a bad case against Kidandala, now everything is being cooked up to handover seat to Kyagulanyi so that he appoints himself LOP like his foreign funders want it to be!
In fact this party official is the only person of a high rank at the Kamwokya based NUP Party who was allowed at Kitalya to visit Ssegirinya.
You don’t need to ask yourself why it’s Bobi’s aide Sauda Madada (nick name) not maama Naggirinya, who flew to Nairobi where the embattled MP elect is admitted.
She updates relatives about her patient’s status almost on daily basis.
(Details of Bobi-Ssegirinya deal, will be a story for another day).

During a retreat in Jinja, Bobi Wine had no kind words against those who leaked the LOP deal. 
In a retreat where no journalist was allowed, a tough talking Kyagulanyi said, “Ugandans massively elected me as their president and you all know that we won. We are ready to fight for our victory. Please ignore rumours that i am targeting LOP office.”
One of the newly elected MPs (a female) stood up and confessed, “Mr. President, we share the same view with those asking you to join 11th Parliament and be our LOP. In fact we have engineered this talk.”
Kyagulanyi looked like he wasn’t interested in her talk.
He said, “Please stop it! I chose to contest for president not MP. You mean, all of you MPs here no one can be a LOP? That talk is intending to divert us from claiming our victory.”
However, Kyagulanyi did not allow deliberations about then who the LOP should be if he isn’t interested in the job.
What next? Wait for more details

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