Katikkiro Mayiga (Centre) addressing media. Left is Deputy Katikkiro Haji Kawaasi and right is Owek. Bwanika the Kingdom Attorney General


BUGANDA Kingdom has officially come out and cleared the air about the health status of His Majesty Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II that had worried millions of his subjects, world over.
The Kingdom has said, Kabaka is not seriously ill and he is fully in charge of his Kingdom, so people should calm down and ignore lies spread by the people Katikkiro referred to as mad.
“Kabaka is not very sick. That is why you saw him not walking by the help of a stick, not on a stretcher or lifted by any one. You all saw him walking by himself and greeted his subjects on Tuesday this week.” Said Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.
Addressing media today at the Kingdom Headquarters in Bulange-Mengo, in Uganda’s Capital Kampala, Katikkiro Mayiga has urged Kabaka’s people to take heart, the health status of Buganda’s supreme leader isn’t alarming like Buganda enemies want the world to believe.
Flanked by his Deputy Owek. Twaha Kawaasi, Kingdom Attorney General Christopher Bwanika and Information minister Noah Kiyimba, Premier Mayiga has said it’s true Kabaka life has complications but they are not that serious.

While reading a press statement, Mayiga said, “On Tuesday 13th April 2021, we celebrated Kabaka Mutebi’s 66 birth day to congratulate our King and pray that God gives him a long and happy life.”
Katikkiro noted that, those who graced the event at Lubiri-Mengo Palace and those who followed the event on television and social media may have noticed that Kabaka’s disposition was different from that his subjects and the general public are used to. 
“We all face challenges from time to time and they need to be effectively managed. In the Kabaka’s case, the challenges are related to allergies which when they attack sometimes cause him breathing difficulties especially when he has a mask or the shield over his face.” Said Mayiga.
He revealed that, “These allergies are sometimes caused by the food we eat or dust and other things. I however assure Kabaka’s subjects that these allergies are being managed appropriately by medical experts.:
“I dispel rumours that are doing rounds on social media platforms that the Kabaka was poisoned, these are baseless, totaly false and should be disregarded. Otherwise they will cause undue anxiety.” Said Katikkiro Mayiga.
He assured the people of Buganda and all Ugandans that the Kabaka’s condition is being managed with requisite expertise, “We hope and pray that the Kabaka will achieve full recovery very soon.”
Asked about Kabaka’s appearance in a supermarket on Thursday,  Katikkiro confessed that it’s true, Kabaka personally went to a Kampala supermarket for shopping.
“That was Kabaka yesterday. He personally wanted to pick certain items and he went to the supermarket. By the way, that wasn’t the first time for him to do this. When he wants personal things,  he goes to the supermarket and picks them.”
“Kabaka went and picked what he wanted and people saw him walking normally. I hope that can reassure you about his health. Yes he was affected by the allergies but he is going to be fine very soon.” Said Mayiga.
On why they allowed a sick Kabaka to attend his birthday fete, Mayiga said when Kabaka doesn’t appear to his subjects, Buganda enemies will say he (Katikkiro) has hidden him (Kabaka). And when he shows up, they say why bring a sick Kabaka.
Asked which kind of allergy is this that has taken long to heal because even his last appearance in January this year he looked sick, Owek. Mayiga said, “I am a lawyer. If you come to me and tell me your issues, I don’t spread them to other people. Same thing done by doctors. They are not supposed to reveal one’s medical problem to another person. Just know, doctors are doing every thing possible for our King to fully recover.”
On why he thinks public reacted harshly after seeing the condition in which Kabaka is, Owek. Mayiga said, “People view their Kabaka in a certain light, they see him doing physicals and road running etc, you can’t be surprised if they come out to ask about his health status.”
He revealed that, “The reaction is because Kabaka is one of the most popular figures in the country. He is a symbol of humanity, a symbol of civility and of course he is the custodian of the heritage of Buganda and he is not an ordinary person.”
“And when someone who is not ordinary is in that condition, people are going to get concerned. On one hand I am not totally surprised. The Kabaka is that important.” Said Mayiga. He however noted that, the only disappointment comes with the people who make baseless allegations especially on social media platforms. 
“And some people think what they post on social media is correct. That is why we are here to tell you the correct version and you should spread it so that the entire Kingdom, country and the world over, people settle down and resume their work.” Communicated Kingdom Prime minister.
He accused catalysts like one Fred Lumbuye who throng social media, looking for followers, hence irresponsibly spreading lies about issues they are totally ignorant about.
“If you go to a market and find a mad person, they are good at misinforming, they see things in a different way.” Said Mayiga branding the likes of Lumbuye (although he didnt mention any name), to be mad. 
On media allegations that he wants to resign, Katikkiro called them lies. 
He said, “I am here communicating to you as the Katikkiro. Is this a look-alike? This is me. I am here with Kabaka’s ministers.” Those alleging that Kabaka is not in control of Buganda, Mayiga asked, then who is in control? 
“When Kabaka appoints the Katikkiro and says go and assist me in the administration of the Kingdom, it’s Kabaka who appoints the Katikkiro. If he is not in control, how do they want him to be in control? Do they want him to be in Bulange every day to know that he is in control?” Asked Mayiga, adding, “That is how kings run their Kingdoms. They entrust that responsibility to Prime ministers and that is what I do. And everything I do, I do it with his authority. I am not leaving, I am here running the kingdom as instructed by Kabaka.” 
Asked how he feels when he is attacked on social media, a jolly Katikkiro said he has no time for mad people, he is ever busy on Kabaka’s assignments.
Referring to himself as a tree with fruits on which many birds fall, he asked media to always set records straight and educate those falsely attacking him. 
On taking Kabaka abroad for further medical attention, Katikkiro said, it’s only Kabaka’s doctors to refer him to hospitals abroad not idle people who aimless talk about things they don’t know.
“People seek for medication abroad after being refered by their dictors. Kabaka’s allergy doesn’t require him to be taken abroad.” Noted Owek. Mayiga.
He strongly warned those fundraising Kabaka’s health bills to stop it because there is no need.
“Who ever is doing that is just a self seeker. We advise Kabaka’s people not to respond to those calls to contribute any money for Kabaka’s health.” Said Katikkiro.

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