Mutaasa Kafeero (2nd right) with some of the leaders addressing journalists in Kampala


COMMANDED by a no nonsense young man Mutaasa Kafeero who is said to be a well trained returnee from Iraq and Afghanistan where he was working with security organs, Uganda security has received intelligence briefing about a group of youth plotting to disorganise President Museveni’s swearing-in function slated for May 12th 2021 saying he was wrongfully declared winner of the January 14th 2021 General elections.
These youths have started positioning themselves in different parts of the Country, mainly in cities mobilising and sending messages to all youths about their campaign dubbed, ‘The Time is now, Museveni tajja kulayira’. 
Security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine has sent them a tough warning not to even think about disorganising the presidential swearing-in celemony, saying, they will be dealt with accordingly. President Museveni was declared winner of the recently concluded presidential elections beating Hon. Bobi. Just in the same line, Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso who is a presidential advisor on security matters on Friday last week featured on 94,1fm radio Bilal hosted by Ismail Kalumba Butannaziba and directed all rioters to be arrested.
This most ranked female officer in UPDF said, “No one will stop President Museveni from being sworn-in. Those are jokers. Ok, let them try, they will face it rough. Any one attempting to disorganise our peace and stability must be arrested henceforth and prosecuted.”
Mutaasa Kafeero has however responded to the two Generals, saying, “We are not worried of being arrested, abducted or even killed like many of our brothers and sisters. We are only worried of the next generation because as we are speaking, the whereabouts of hundreds of youths is not known, the exact number of death and those still alive is not known, and yet more arrests are being made.”

Quoting Franklin Roosevelt, former USA President, Mutaasa Kafeero said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. If we want to overcome oppression, then we must be fearless.”
Calling themselves The Red Top Youth Brigade, this group says they are not in any way connected to National Unity Platform (NUP) Party leader Robert Ssentamu Kyangulanyi aka Bobi Wine although they believe he is the rightful winner of January 14th 2021 presidential elections not NRM’s Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
“It is on this basis that we can’t allow the loser to instead be sworn-in as our President. Time is now to stop this circus. There will never be such a function, we are well positioned in every corner of the country, city to city, mobilising to launch National wide riots.” Announced Mutaasa Kafeero, who insiders say, worked together with the late Maj. Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III in the two major wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and also in other Arab countries when Beau was still the envoy.
Maj. Beau was son to USA newly elected president Joe Biden. He was the eldest of three children from the marriage of U.S. President Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden. He was a Major in the Delaware Army National Guard. 
Mutaasa was for three years PA to Gen. David Howell Petraeus a retired United States Army General and public official. Petraeus relinquished command of U.S. and NATO forces. 
“I am still in touch with my mentor Gen. Petraeus. Mr. Museveni is aware.” Mutaasa told this news Website in a private interview.
Addressing media in Kampala over their next move, a fearless Mutaasa Kafeero said, “We launched a campaign that stops Mr. Museveni from swearing-in as our president because we strongly believe that he is not the legitimate winner of the recently concluded General elections. Yes he participated in the elections but was defeated by Mr. Robert Ssentamu Kyangulanyi amidst so many election malpractices.”
Mutaasa Kafeero noted that, as kidnaps and abductions of hundreds of youths from different parts of the country is on going, many are innocently detained while others allegedly killed under the watch of the President.
“As Red Top Youth Brigrade we believe such a leader, who is the Chief in Command (CIC) of the Armed Forces should not be given another chance to lead this country.” Says Mutaasa.
For starters, Red Top Youth Brigade which Mutaasa Kafeero commands was started by a group of Iraq returnees. Their activities were mostly seen shortly after the 2016 Presidential elections where they had running battles with security organs putting pressure on the State to release Dr. Besigye.
They threatened to set Kampala ablaze if Dr. Kizza Besigye was not released saying his arrest was unconstitutional.They gave government an ultimatum of seven days or else, they take action.
For those who dont know, Red Top Youth Brigade were the ones who introduced Red berrets before Kyagulayi’s People Power Movement jumped on the wagon.
They are known to be fearless, very determined and very much connected especially to European Union and American Embassy.
In fact, Mutaasa Kafeero is that young man who alongside Eng. Dafala Ssenjako took Members of Parliament by a surprise when they dived from the Parliamentary Gallery into the plenary in protest against acute corruption in the country while legislators looked to be  tight lipped.

At first, some MPs took off for their dear lives suspecting that Parliament had been attacked by terrorists.
The two youth were brutally arrested and spent month at the Government’s Luzira Maximum Prison.
On their release, they vowed to start where they had stop in a fight against corruption, injustice and bad governance.
During the nominations of Presidential candidates for 2021 General elections, Mutaasa Kafeero was among the first who declared their intentions to stand for president and notified Electoral Commission (EC).
He was however not nominated citing sabotage by EC top bosses whom he says, were dancing on the tunes of the NRM leadership.
He  says, he gathered signatures from 108 districts although EC wanted 98 districts but EC after getting a call from the ‘Above’ did not allow him to appear on the ballot paper and that is how his bid was paralysed.
“The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) confiscated my USD 2M charging me with a funny case of Money laundering which of course I will win. How can you say that a presidential aspirant is laundering money? Who can traverse the whole country without money? Mr. Museveni used trillions in campaign. What is then USD 2M friends had fundraised to run my campaigns?”
Puting this aside, this Red top Brigade commander says, Kyagulanyi won the Presidential elections, so he should be sworn-in as the new President not Mr. Museveni.
An outspoken Mutaasa told media that, “We can’t fold our hands and let Mr. Museveni impose himself by force on Ugandans. You can’t use violence and intimidation for you to ursup people’s power. This will not be entertained.”
“We have already sensitised our people from all urban centres and even the smallest trade centres across this country. They are all aware and that we must start preparing to make sure the Chief justice does not swear-in a wrong President in May.” Noted Mr. Mutaasa Kafeero.
Asked about how they will effect this amidst tight security, Mutaasa proudly said, “The way we beat Parliamentary security hands down, is the way we are going to do this. We are masters in the game, just know we will take them by surprise. We have senstized the whole country, it’s a call for everyone to stand up and say no to an illegitimate president.”
He called upon the intellectuals, religious leaders, cultural leaders, the business community and every one who agitates for peace, justice and fairness to rise up, embrace Red Top Brigade as they demand for a true winner to be declared and sworn-in as president.
He said, “Every body is going to take part in the demonstrations as we send a signal to those in government that people voted for change so their leader Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi should take over.”
Quoting Article 29 of the Uganda Constitution, Mr. Mutaasa Kafeero noted that, it gives Ugandans a right to demonstrate about what they are not contented with. 
“And in this very matter of kidnapping, detention and killing of our innocent people, exiling Ugandans as hundreds are running out of the country for their dear lives, Ugandans fleeing via Nairobi, via Tanzania and other neighbouring countries because the country is full of fear. We must stand up to stop this madness before it gets to the worst.” Mutaasa told media.
On why they are choosing that path to sabotage presidential swearing – in ceremony yet Kyangulanyi withdrew his election petition from the Supreme Court clearing President Museveni’s re-election, Mutaasa said, “But court blocked evidence pining EC and Mr. Museveni on vote rigging across the country, vote stuffing and other election malpractice. What was on the minds of Supreme Court Justices while doing this?”
“Opposition supporters were brutalised during campaigns, others killed, meetings dispersed by ruthless security officers, candidates were stopped from accessing some radio stations where they were supposed to address their supporters.  This is why the Red Top Brigade can not allow Mr. Museveni to be sworn-in.” Said Mutaasa, adding that, “Besides this, do you want us to go to court for our brothers and sisters killed,  kidnapped and others rotting in jail? Does it requires me to go to court to prove that kiddinaping innocent Ugandans is illegal?”
Asked what are their demands are, his answer was, “We want him to step out peacefully to allow the rightful presidential election winner take over and serve Ugandans or else, Red Top Brigade and all other Activists and stake holders in this country will sabotage that swearing-in function.”
On allegations that it’s Hon. Kyagulanyi behind this group after his announcement that the matter be taken to the public court (protests and riots), Mutaasa Kafeero strongly objected.
He said, It’s true they agree with Hon. Kyagulanyi but they are not mobilising on his orders.
“This is a joint command. Red Top Youth Brigade totally agrees with Hon. Kyagulanyi that we must rise up against impunity, torture, kidnap and vote rigging in this country.” Mutaasa Clarified.
Asked whether they have notified police about their planned National demonstrations, he replied that when the  going gets tough, it takes high moral standards to understand that things are no longer under control. 
“Our institutions like Police where we would run were destroyed and are now working on the President’s order. We are discussing human rights and freedoms not Police or the courts. Both have failed to defend human rights and freedoms. If both have partnered with the tormentors then it calls for us all to rise up and protest this marriage.” Mutaasa told media in Kampala.
On when their riots and demonstrations are commencing, he said very soon. “We have been secretly mobilising, telling Ugandans that this isn’t about Red top Youth Brigade, Kyagulanyi, Dr. Kizza Besigye or other political party leaders, but about all Ugandans.”
Whether his group has talked to key opposition political figures in the country about the Museveni won’t swear-in campaign,  Mutaasa said yes they are aware that the only way to go is by protest and demonstrations until the regime is down. 
When we asked Mutaasa whether he is not worried of being arrested or picked up by drone over his campaign against Museveni swearing-in, he said, “Some of us have been arrested countless times, when I was arrested for diving into Parliament, my bones were dislocated, although my body is injured, my heart is stronger than never before.”
“I have to stand up and fight with resilience so that  Ugandans won’t go through what I went through when I was arrested. The challenges we go through can’t weaken us spiritually or mentally, they can only weaken the physical body.” He told media.


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