In the photo is Richard Matua


A ONE Matua Job Richard, calling himself a media activist from Northern Uganda is facing arrest over charges in connection with fraud when he demanded huge sums of money from The Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah or else, he ‘contests against him’.
Oulanyah is the newly elected NRM Vice Chairman for Northern Uganda, a position he convincingly won after defeating Hon. Sam Engola. Matua a reknown conman claims to be among those who worked tooth and nail to secure Oulanyah’s win and he now demands for a fat pay threatening that if Deputy Speaker fails to meet these demands, he will have no other option but to use media avenues to taint the name of this humble man, the Deputy Speaker Parliament of Uganda.
This investigative News Website is aware of different messages and audio recordings Matua sends to Oulanyah and also circulated to social media platforms branding him a failure, very incompetent who did not deserve NRM CEC position.
His target is to threaten Deputy Speaker ahead of 2021 MP polls so that he meets the financial demands of this conman. Our sources closer to Rt. Hon. Oulanyah have notified us how the big man has been so kind to this Matua although he doesn’t physically know him. Matua has decided to turn the deputy speaker into his bank ATM.
“It’s true the Deputy Speaker has been extending a handful of help to this gentleman like he does to different kinds of people in need, but Matua’s problems are endless. Today he talks about his sick children, the next day he cries about his pregnant wife and another day about how debts are about to kill him. It is becoming too much.” Quoted a source.

GOOD HEART: Deputy Speaker Oulanyah giving a gift to David Kabanda who led a delegation from Kasambya in Mubende to Parliament. Kabanda won NRM Primaries for 2021 MP for Kasambya

Just a few days after Oulanyah trounced Engola, this conman Matua is said to have reached Deputy Speaker and asked for about 50M to start up a Mobile Money business since he was no longer working.
Oulanyah ignored him. This is when he started sending threatening messages on how he was going to expose this top CEC member. He also bragged around that he is going to contest for NRM Vice chairman Northern Uganda come 2026 well knowing that the Party has not pronounced its self on such an election.
In one of his 10 minutes’ recorded audio sent to Oulanyah, Matua said, “Expressing interest to contest Rt. Hon. Oulanyah in 2026 for the CEC position he currently occupies,  isn’t a sin. Those who are intolerant and undemocratic are the ones panicking.”
In the same audio he claims to have reached Oulanyah after CEC elections, “And I asked him to liaise with Hon. Sam Engola so that they iron our differences and dialogue with disgruntled party members. He did not respond positively. I warned him that if differences are not resolved, I will contest his position in 2026.”
As if Matua is a mad man, he has already written a dossier calling it his manifesto when he stands for NRM Vice chairman Northern in 2026.
He however says, “I am doing all this to put pressure on Hon. Ouanyah so that he responds to my demands. As media activists, we canvased for him votes but he has not paid us. That is why I am fighting him.”
Those knowing Matua say, he was fired from a school where he was working due to his bad conduct. He loves free money and if you don’t give it to him, he uses social media to blackmail you.
He is not doing this to only Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker. This goon has been pressurizing other top NRM leaders for dime. Ask Hon. Sanjay Tana or Hon. Mike Mukula, they are all cursing this conman.
Now his days of conning leaders are over. They want him arrested so that he pays for his sins.


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