Youth National Cordinator Eng. Joseph Sewava handing over copies of NRM credentials to Bad Black today afternoon


SOCIALITE Shanitah Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black who a week ago declared her support to opposition People Power and endorsed Hon. Bobi Wine for President in 2021 has shockingly defected to ruling National Resistance Movement.
She however denies this and has informed the country to wait for her big announcement this Friday.
Clad in People Power full combat, Bad Black last week told the Nation how she is a Member of the Red Army and appointed herself Bobi Wine’s Special Forces Command (SFC).
A few days later, she treats that as history!
In an exclusive interview at Ibamba Restaurant, Uganda Museum Kampala today, Bad Black said that since her declaration to support Bobi, she has been receiving calls from top Government officials wooing her back from People Power.
“It’s true NRM is my former political party for the last 10 years and I had divorced it  because of not recognising some of its members, I inclusive. Now that the ruling Party has delivered it’s credentials, and pledges to correct its wrongs, let me give NRM a second extensively and see whether and watch them address my Constituency.” Said Bad Black while receiving copies of NRM Core Principles delivered by Eng. Joseph Mukasa Ssewava, the National Youth cordinator.

THIS IS IT: Eng. Sewava hands over a copy of NRM Core Values to Bad Black

Bad Black who proudly says she commands 9M fans said, by NRM courting her from People Power, they target her supporters to rally behind President Museveni which she is ready to do provided they will be catered for.
“I am ready to meet President Museveni if he will give me a hearing. I represent a very big percentage of the population and no one is talking for them. They feel rejected and forgotten.” Bad Black who fearlessly associates herself with sex workers, told this News Website.
Putting on a black top and jeans, Bad Black said she is yet to cross back to NRM and begs the public not to misinterprete her.
She told us, unlike Full figure who was a member of people power, “NRM has been my party and President Museveni my darling leader until recently when I defected to People power. Issues which made me to go to the opposition are issues affecting over 9M people I lead.”
Asked whether she went to People Power because she was given peanuts from her Covid-19 advert, Bad Black denied saying she doesn’t work for money, she is a billionaire no one can buy her.
“Ok tell me, how much did People Power give me to support Bobi Wine?  If they did not, why would you think NRM has bought me? I don’t get my money from politics.” Said Bad Black.
On his side, Eng. Sewava who eyes Bukomansimbi District NRM Chairman seat, the ruling Party decided to sweet talk Bad Black back to the mass party because of her potential.
“I have been assigned by top party leadership to meet our sister Bad Black and deliver copies of NRM party credentials which our other sister Zari asked from People Power but in vain. Here we are, she has received them.” Said Eng. Sewava who excuted the mission , adding,  “We expect her to read and see how organised NRM is and why Ugandans have been voting president Museveni again and again. We cant allow Namuyimbwa to be misled.”
If NRM successfully signs Bad Black, she will be deployed on social media and meeting ladies of her stature, to get votes for NRM in the comming scientific elections.
Sewava revealed how NRM think tank is plotting to fish Jose Chameleon, Barbie Kyagulanyi and Eddy Yawe from People Power to NRM.  

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