ON STRIKE: Adam Al-Mahadi Kungu


MAKERERE– Kavule based Top Media TV and Radio political talkshow host Adam Al-Mahadi Kungu has vowed not to cut off hair and beards until Government officially lifts ban on Salons. 
Saloons were among the businesses whose operation was suspended by government on March 18, as one of the measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

When Kungu (right) hosted Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde

Speaking to News Editor Media this evening, Mr. Kungu, The Opinion show host on Top tv Monday to Friday from 8am to 10am said, he has offered to stand with thousands of Salon owners and their employees whose businesses have continued to be closed while Government is mute on when the ban will be lifted. 
“These are our brothers and sisters, they have continued to suffer but no one is speaking for them. All our leaders are tight-lipped, they are only heard asking government to open up their Arcades. Who then will fight for Salon operators?  Here I am, let me go on strike as I stand in solidarity.” Said Mr. Kungu.
To appear on a TV set, you are required to be smart, with hair neatly cut.However Kungu says, his viewers must abide with him because he is on strike.

Tourism and Wild Antiquities State Minister Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi after a TV show hosted by Kungu (left)

He asked, “If government has been able to come up with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for malls, taxis, arcades, markets, private and public means of transport to resume operations, what is so hard about salons operating?”
“Just like traders, taxi drivers and owners, Boda Boda cyclists, Saloon attendants were as well affected by the pandemic. Government has found ways for allowing some of these people to resume work, but remained silent on saloons, what is the logic?” Asked the Negwozadde and Okwatibwako Top radio talkshow host.
Negwozadde show is one of the most popular radio weekend talkshows. 
It runs every Saturday from 8am to 10am. Okwatibwako show runs from Monday to Friday at 7pm to 8pm.

After a Top radio Saturday talkshow with Dr. Besigye

On striking, Kungu has reasoned that, “I have two saloon attendants whom I have been feeding since the announcement of the closure and it is painful to see what they go through to sustain their families, it is bad and ugly, it’s enough.” Four months without earning anything yet some other Ugandans are working is unfair,” notes Kungu.
He explains that since no body is coming out to air out the grievances of people who depend on salons for survival, him being the voice of the voiceless, he has severally used the pen and microphone to reach out to government to put in place guidelines for saloons to open and resume business but his efforts have hit a dead end. 
“After failing to make a headway in having salons opened using my different media platforms, I have now decided not cut off my hair and the beard until government listens and acts. SOPs for saloons can be put in place and our brothers and sisters start work again. We can’t look on until we see them die of stress and and hunger,” he explains.

Kungu at Ancient Port city of Marka in the Southern lower Shebelle Province of Somalia September 2019. This is when journalists visited Somalia

He says much as he appreciates government for guiding the country on COVID-19, time has come for the people to be allowed back to work this time under established guidelines, other than slapping a complete ban on them.


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