Nakiwala Kiyingi and Joseph Sewava at the launch of David Kabanda cup in Kasambya Constituency, Mubende


A POLITICAL war launched by the Youth Affairs Minister Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi against President Museveni’s daughter has landed her into problems making her 2021 MP bid in Bukomansimbi impossible!
Top leadership in NRM want her investigated on allegations of misusing President Museveni’s money to bankroll opposition politicians fighting ruling Party candidates in the forth coming elections. 
The top target is Bukomansimbi North MP Ruth Fatuma Katushabe, who is President Museveni’s daughter.
It is suspected that on getting intelligence briefing about what’s going on in Greater Masaka, particularly Bukomansimbi, the Head of State who is also NRM Party Chairman has assigned his blue eyed boy Joseph Mukasa Sewava to take over this region.
Sewava is contesting for Bukomansimbi District NRM Chairman and his chances to  sail through are very high being that he has been annointed by President Museveni.
Sewava will contest with the incumbent Shafik Mwanje who NRM members in Bukomansimbi say are not comfortable with.
Sewava has been assigned with the responsibility of securing a win for President Museveni and all candidates subscribing to NRM in Bukomansimbi come 2021 polls.

NRM party has petitioned top leaders rejecting her bid to stand for Bukomansimbi woman MP on their flag as she wants.
They are citing a plot orchestrated by Nakiwala and her clique in opposition DP to oust Hon. Ruth Katushabe from MP Bukomansimbi North seat and replace her with Justice Forum’s Muhammad Kateregga.
According to intelligence briefing, Nakiwala who is seeking for clearance from NRM delegates in the district to contest for woman MP shows, she is in bed with Kateregga to front him next MP Bukomansimbi which is currently represented by Hon. Katushabe. 
Kateregga is the Bukomansimbi District Chairperson.
For starters, Ruth Katushabe is president Museveni’s daughter and he physically presided over her Kuhingira (Introduction) function which tool place in Bukomansimbi in 2015.

MP Ruth Katushabe (right) and Sewava

Museveni gave away Ruth Katushabe to city businessman Haji HB Matovu. She was since named Ruth Fatuma Katushabe.
In 2016, Katushabe contested and massively won Bukomansimbi North MP race.
Just one term in Parliament, Nakiwala want Katushabe out and Muhammad Kateregga in, something that has angered NRM leadership in Bukomansimbi.
They have petitioned party leaders to throw Nakiwala out of NRM Primaries where she has interest to contest and win party flag for Bukomansimbi District woman MP.
Acording to Nakiwala’s game plan, she wants her husband Hon. Deogratius Kiyingi to bounce back as Bukomansimbi South MP, Kateregga to take Bukomansimbi North and for her, wins the District Woman MP slot.
“We can’t tolerate Nakiwala’s intrigue. Let her go back and contest on DP ticket in Kampala. In NRM we don’t want her games. We are targeting Harimah Nakawungu to contest for Bukomansimbi MP.” Vowed NRM supporters who petitioned the ruling Party leadership.
They have even threatened to force President Museveni to fire her because they have realized, she is a political mole who shouldnt be trusted with such an office.
They asked, “Who is Nakiwala to fight Hon. Ruth Katushabe and now she wants our party flag? What does Nakiwala know about NRM? So a house girl wants to set up family rules and regulations? Sorry, let her take that wiseacre to DP.” 
All indicators show, NRM is not ready to give Nakiwala their Party card yet Democratic Party which fronted her in Kampala last General elections,  has zeroed on Hon. Veronica Nanyondo Bbeeyiyabirime in Bukomansimbi, who they are not ready to substitute.

In 2016, Nakiwala Kiyingi contested for Woman MP Kampala on Democratic Party ticket and lost to FDC’s Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala. 
Although President Museveni later appointed her Youth Affairs Minister, Nakiwala remained paying allegiance to DP as her political party.
No where has she ever declared leaving or returning DP card.
Sensing that Kampala people are not interested in her services, Nakiwala shifted to Bukomansimbi to contest against DP girl Veronica Nanyondo.
However, opposition distanced itself from Nakiwala who has been seen on many functions dancing on NRM tunes.
“She is neither DP nor NRM.  A very  confused person who can’t be trusted.” Said NRM leaders.
In NRM, she has picked people like Ssebuggwawo, Kitanda chairman to woe other NRM members to her side and in DP she is using one Lawrence Mukasa to confuse DP members. Mukasa is DP organizing Secretary Bukomansimbi North.

After realizing that in Bukomansimbi, DP has its own candidates and can not trust Nakiwala any more, she decided to form her political command in the district.
She locked out NRM leaders and waged a war against Hon. Ruth Katushabe, at the same time plotting against DP’s Veronica Nanyondo.
She instead wanted to use a few hired DP members in Bukomansimbi, NRM leaders in the district and at the same time positioning herself as a saint in NRM.
It was until NRM leadership realised that Nakiwala’s plot was to make sure NRM in Bukomansimbi is defeated for good.
Leaders say, Nakiwala wanted to hoodwink the ruling Party into giving her a ticket to stand for Woman MP yet at the same time she has fought out other NRM MPs. 
Concerned NRM leaders asked, “If Nakiwala really supports NRM and president Museveni, why do you front JEEMA’s Muhammad Kateregga against our MP Ruth Katushabe? Are we fools who can’t realize that Nakiwala is an enemy to NRM? She is a real green snake in  green grass.”

In Bukomansimbi, NRM say they can’t allow  the same family to occupy three positions.  They say, “Her husband Kiyingi is a Member of Parliament. Nakiwala is a minister. And she also wants to be a Woman member of Parliament? Why give the same family that much? As if our children never went to school? No way!”

Insiders who know how Nakiwala Kiyingi was appointed Youth minister have told this News Website that, consultations had to be conducted before naming her.
Among those counducted are the youth led by Joseph Mukasa Sewava, the NRM National Youth cordinator.
We talked with Mr. Sewava who confirmed this.
He said, “Yes I remember, Gen. Salim Saleh called and asked me about Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi. Ofcourse what we talked about was confidential which I can’t say out in media but you just know, i recommended her.”
For starters, Gen. Saleh was too much influential in determining who is appointed a minister in the 2016 cabinet. 
In fact, he camped at then Serene Suites Mutundwe to write a full cabinet list to President Museveni, on who and who should be appointed.
This is where power broker in NRM Joseph Sewava was met by Museveni’s brother to recommend Nakiwala.
We were told, Ssewava led Nakiwala to Gen. Saleh and the rest is history.
A few moths after President Museveni appointed Nakiwala Youth minister, NRM youth wanted to beat her infront of Muzeeyi saying she is incompetent and must be fired.
Sewava held a meeting with David Kabanda, another powerful youth in NRM to strategize on how they can sale Nakiwala to youth so that they don’t embarrass her again.
It was this Kabanda who awarded Hon. Ronald Kibuule a certificate of incompetence when he was the minister in charge of Youth Affairs.
A few days later,  President Museveni moved him to another ministry. Nakiwala feared that youth led by Kabanda wanted her out. Sewava convinced him how she will be different if given time. 
This is how Sewava took Nakiwala Kiyingi to Kasambya where Kabanda is going to stand for member of Parliament in 2021, to launch his Football tournament.

Nakiwala launching Kabanda (In pink shirt) Cup. In between Kabanda and Nakiwala is Sewava

Sewava approached other youth leaders in NRM and requested them to ceasefire.
“On realizing that there was no longer opposition, Nakiwala convinced cabinet how she had sorted out the youth and that is why they were quiet.” Sources told us.
NRM Youth have risen up against Nakiwala again and this time she might not survive. They are not happy on how she is weakening NRM. 

Other schools of thought state that, Nakiwala is using money gotten from government to facilitate sections of DP leaders who she well uses in her plan to contest against Chairman Mao for DP President General.
She is said to be the funder of a group fighting Norbert Mao.
Her close friends say, Nakiwala is a minister on the mercy of President Museveni, if Mzee retires, she will not need NRM any more. So it’s better to be in secret dealings with some DP leaders thinking they will be useful when she moves in to contest for the DP top 

Let’s watch the space!

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