DR. SUSAN Muwanga, daughter of the late Paulo Muwanga a powerful politician in the History of Uganda, has officially declared her intention to oust Trade, Industry and Coperatives Minister Amelia Anne Kyambadde from Mawokota North MP seat come 2021 General elections.

PATRIOT: Paulo Muwanga

Dr. Muwanga is a senior lecturer of  Political Science and public Administration school of Social Sciences at the Great Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda’s Capital City.
This comes at a time when Grace Kansiime who gave Hon. Amelia Kyambadde sleepless nights in 2016 elections is considering not to contest again.

HOT SEAT: Hon. Amelia Kyambadde

During her well attended consultations in the Subcounties of Muduuma, Kamengo and Kiringete, Dr. Susan Muwanga vowed to unseat Kyambadde saying it’s high time for Mawokota North to send a bold voice in Parliament, one who is well rooted in the Constituency.
“I am offering my self to represent Mawokota North so that our people’s views especially on land grabbing, poverty, impassable roads, poor healthy care, lack of education services and corruption reach Parliament.” Said Dr. Susan Muwanga assuring voters that she is a class above those who can be compromised.
Paulo Muwanga’s family owns big chunks of land in Mawokota, with over 500 squatters. 
As a political legend, late Paulo Muwanga’s name is still sounding and felt in Mawokota.
His children have never evicted people from the family land, they all live in harmony. 
Dr. Susan Muwanga is likely to ride on her late father’s name and the good relationship with thousands of people occupying her family land to trounce super minister Amelia Kyambadde who a section of voters in Kolokolo village accuse of failing to bring electricity.
Above of all, her father Paulo Muwanga built Ssejombwe primary school, in memory of his father Ssejombwe. Many locals went through this school.
In one of the meetings she held with locals, Paulo Muwanga’s daughter assured them that the  school will be renovated.
Insiders say, Dr. Muwanga’s campains will be bankrolled by her well to do teams from London and USA.
For starters, Paulo Muwanga dominated Uganda politics for about four decades. He was the man who hired and fired about five Ugandan Presidents.
A very brilliant politician, Paulo Muwanga once led Uganda Government as the Chairman Military Commission but shockingly, he wasn’t ambitious for power. He willingly gave it away to Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.
Paulo Muwanga rose from being Ugandan Ambassador in Egypt since 1960s to early 1970s.
He was deployed to Egypt by Obote 1 Government.
When Idi Amin Dada toppled Obote in 1971, Paulo Muwanga was among the prominent conveners of the Moshi (Tanzania) conference in early 1979 just a few months to unseat Idi Amin in April, same year.
According to information got from the Moshi conference attended by Milton Obote, Paulo Muwanga had a big say. He was in touch with Obote. 
In fact the meeting was about scheming on how UPC would bounce back.
During the Moshi conference, then President Julius Nyerere pledged to give out logistics, funds and all needed support to topple stubborn Amin Dada.
Back in Uganda, after the fall of Idi Amin Dada, Yusuf Kironde Lule took over Presidency although the inner circle led by Paulo Muwanga were still plotting on Obote’s return.
In a few weeks, Paulo Muwanga clique threw away Lule and appointed Godfrey Lukonge Binaisa president.
He didn’t also last and Paulo Muwanga took over Government as chairman military Commission. 
It was during Muwanga tenure that General elections in December 1980 were organised. Obote had returned back to the country a few months ago on May 27th 1980.
Insiders say, when Obote was again toppled in 1985 by Okello Lutwa and Bazilio Okello after the death of Oyite Ojok, still Paulo Muwanga who was appointed Prime Minister, was the chief strategist.
The rest will be a story for another day.
This however shows how Muwanga’s family has been so influencial in Ugandan politics.
By his daughter coming out to contest against Hon. Amelia Kyambadde, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Paulo Muwanga’s family is very famous. Some of the members are working in Hollywood
His grand daughter Zawe Ashton has acted in many movies.
Other family members are doctors and lawyers. Dr Muwanga is bound to give Hon. Amelia Kyambadde a run for her money.

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