People Speak out, Doubt DNA Tests


AMAZING things will never cease to happen in the world! Sometime back, a Nigerian married Black couple of Ben and Angela Ihegboro gave birth to a bouncing White, blue-eyed blonde baby, leaving the world with un answered questions and up to now, Genetic experts are still scratching heads over the incident. 
The couple lives in Woolwich, South London and by the time they got a White Blonde baby Nmanchi, they had other children: Chisom and sister, Dumebi.
Nmachi, whose name means ‘Beauty of God’ in Nigerian parlance, was born at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, Kent, where doctors there told them she is not an albino.
According to a report in the Sun of London, Ben, a railway customer services adviser, said: he and his wife just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages – not saying anything.
When husband got to the hospital, he was upset by what he saw, thinking that his wife had cheated on him, this can not be his baby.
Ben, who went to Britain with Angela years ago and works with South Eastern trains said, “She doesn’t look like an albino child anyway – not like the ones I have seen back in Nigeria or in books. She just looks like a healthy White baby.”
He wanted answers from the mother of his children on what went wrong.
The doctors intervened, explaining to him that it was indeed possible for two black parents to give birth to a white child but it was 1 in a million chance!
He rejected this school of thought until the DNA test was carried out and confirmed. 
Ben was was the real biological father of the white baby. 
There’s surely more to Ben and Angella’s miracle than meets the eye!
What would you do if you were Ben?

Noor Nalwadda: Its very possible if you understood very well Genetics.
Edrine Bulime: Nalwadda, which Genetics did u understand? Get a pen and all your books, put on your school uniform, you need to go back to school for 16 years then u will comment about science.
Puma Ankie Blair: The lady knows the truth at her heart with or without the DNA test. So Ben should think twice genetically.
Kiiza Frederick Crawford: If Pawpaw and Sheep tested positive for Covid 19 in Tanzania how about DNA which involves breaking a marriage, more especially after seeing the man’s reaction?
Ajulo Joshua: My dear Ben, do several DNA tests from elsewhere. She lured u to her family doctor who she could have bribed.
Wesley Nants: Let it be me lord, next one in line.
Peter Nsamba: I would only sue the one responsible fo the DNA test results period.
Harold Kawili: He was cheated but the doctor was smart enough to cool down the situation.
Julius Abaaho: Stop fooling, understanding  people can’t take such lies. The baby is Albino but not White. So let’s not get taken down. If not then the lady cheated period.
Muzoora Simpson: Julius Abaaho, did u study Genetics before u write that? Albinos don’t have blonde hair I think you should understand that too.
David Kiwumulo: Muzoora Simpson I guess you are right but I can only believe after a series of DNA tests,  otherwise i smell cheating.
Julius Abaaho: Muzoora Simpson in your so called study how impossible is it for a baby to have blonde hair if it’s possible to have a none black colour. Anyway we cant be fooled. Because if you’re asked to bring evidence if there is any black couples ever produced a white kid am not sure if you can produce that evidence, you guys stop fooling people (Africans) that much . Who determines that DNA?
Muzoora Simpson: Julius Abaaho you need to go back to Genetics class and enhance your understanding. Albinos lack the cells responsible for melanin pigment that is responsible for skin colour. But its clear that kid is total white with blonde hair and its possible for black couples to have such a baby but it’s a rare case and its about 1 kid out of 10,000 kids who can be of the same traits.
James Ukwir: I have done some Genetics but this one goes against all Mendelian laws. The woman must explain very well!
Robert Kelly: I may accept the baby but I can not believe those DNA results.
Isadat Kassim: The doctors in that hospital didn’t want chaos to erupt otherwise the White kid is not for that man.
Wizzy Brian Khalifan: Two sperms from two different people can be combined if sex was done on the same day.  So she cheated.   And the child can have both men DNA’s.
Twinomujuni Dickson: Doctor saw Ben’ s reaction but he cooled Ben as a counsellor but this is real cheating I can’t believe.
Bienvemu Bienvenu Ndivyariye: Its impossible unless the kid is an albino. But muzungu i say NO.
Marc Yao: That means White people actually came from us then. Why are they offended when I tell them, ‘I’m your Daddy’?
Alexander Komakech: Black is the mother colour, check your colour formation mode scientific theories.
Waisinde Kalulu Samuel: It means that DNA results are nolonger dependable.
Ayaa Grace: It happens, could be pigmentation disorder or diet.
Atuheire Joseph: Now, the baby is from which country of whites?


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