Whistle blower wants to petition IGG to intervene over abuse of office


JUST a few days since President Museveni warned parasites and corrupt officials in his government vowing to send them to hell, his Works and Transport Minister Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala is in trouble over government property hired to Charles Nsereko Kavuma, the NRM Nakaseke South aspiring member of Parliament to use them for his early campaigns.

INFLUENCED? NRM Treasurer Rose Namayanja Nsereko

Some of the graders and tractors hired to Nsereko Kawuma have No. Plates UG 2148 W and UG 1721W
A Whistle blower wants the intervention of Inspector General of Government  (IGG) to investigate and ascertain under which circumstance did the Ministry hire out tractors and graders used in road construction to Nsereko who already declared his intentions to run for Member of Parliament Nakaseke South Constituency during NRM Party primaries.

Namayanja hubby in early campaigns

Nsereko is husband to ruling NRM treasurer Rose Namayanja Nsereko and there are allegations that she had an influence in this.
We are reliably informed that Parliament has also picked interest in this and want Gen. Katumba to be quizzed on what Members of Parliament  refer to as abuse of office. 

WANTED TO EXPLAIN: Works and Transport Minister Katumba Wamala

Nsereko proudly informed media that, “I thank the Works and Transport ministry who gave me these tractors. We pay allowances to Ministry drivers and other operators, look after them for the period they spend here and also fix their mechanical problems. The Ministry remains with only one responsibility, to come over and see the work done.”

Charles Nsereko Kawuma with hired government tractors and graders

The roads worked upon include; Kalagala – Kansiri, Namirembe, Bugala, Segalye – Kasana, Kololo in Kapeeka, Kirema – Kabere, Kasiga – Kyererezi, Namirembe – Bukakata, etc.
Members of Parliament however say, “These roads were passed by parliament but these people used an opportunity to buy their schedule from ministry of works. They are using them to campeign. This is unacceptable, it is abuse of office. The Works and Roads minister Gen. Katumba must explain.”

EVIDENCE: One of the graders hired to Namayanja Nsereko’s husband

MPs want to know, how roads which were passed and meant to be worked upon by the government are now given to aspiring politicians to take them over saying, something fishy worth investigations must have taken place.
Whistle blower says, it is unacceptable for a ministry to hire out government property to politicians and give them permission to repair them if they get mechanical problems.
“What if they repair them with substandard spare parts? Did Minister Katumba himself sanction this? This is what we expect IGG to investigate about.” Says the whistle blower.

IN NAKASEKE: Ministry of Works and Transport tractors

Asked what his take is, when his would be competitor Kawuma Nsereko is now using government property to campaign,  incumbent MP for Nakaseke South Hon. Paul Ssemakula Luttamaguzi said, he doesn’t have time for such, “Namayanja is plotting for her lover but voters are not fools.” 
“These roads are supposed to be worked upon by government because our people pay taxes. As Parliament, we passed and allocated money for those roads. How come it is Namayanja’s husband working on them? Who is he in the Ministry of Works and Transport? Let her withdraw tax payers’ money and use it to fund her lover’s campaigns, voters will teach her a lesson.” Said  Hon. Luttamaguzi.

MP Hon. Luttamaguzi swearing in at Parliament four years ago

In an interview with The News Editor Media recently, Hon. Luttamaguzi said, Namayanja is a day dreamer,  Nakaseke South people can’t substitute their danger man with her weak husband.
He said, “Personally i dont have time to fight her. She was Nakaseke MP for three terms,  once a minister and now NRM treasurer. Go and ask her, what did she do for Nakaseke? How did our people benefit from her?”
“Namayanja has now brought her husband to stand against me in the forth coming elections.How has her foundation benefited Nakaseke. Even the road going to her husband’s home, it is me who lobbied government to work on it.” Hon. Luttamaguzi told us in an exclusive interview.
Last year, MP Luttamaguzi ambushed Hon. Namayanja’s function in Nakaseke and hundreds of his supportes disorganized it. 
Luttamaguzi said, “I don’t fear NRM. I floored them in 2016, they can’t manage me. Namayanja organized a function at Kaddunda to launch her husband’s campaigns but when I ambushed her, she fell short of words. They thought I would not attend.”
“They hired about 10 bodabodas to accompany him, but me i came with a forest of bodabodas. The function came to a standstill and groups of both male and female youth accompanied their MP. I received a wonderful welcome and Namayanja almost took off.” Said Luttamaguzi adding that, “Namayanja  wanted her husband to contest unopposed in NRM. They must be targetting billions of Museveni money. Go and tell them, they are day dreamers. They will be humiliated.”
Luttamaguzi’s 2016 win in Nakaseke South, shocked many. He is the only DP MP voted during a general election in Luweero Triangle.

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A very hardworking and Pro people MP, Luttamaguzi has continued to consolidate his support. 
One of the most vocal legislators among the new MPs, Luttamaguzi is a voice of the voiceless in Nakaseke, always on frontline to fight land grabbers.  
Luttamaguzi has continously supported youth, women, church projects, farmers and religious affliations.
Analysts say, his 2021 win is guaranteed. He commands support not only from opposition but even in the ruling NRM.
He is a very active and generous legislator. 
The award winner for the most active MP in the 10th Parliament, all signs show, will bounce back in 2021. 


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