A YOUNG man called Fahim Ndahiro commonly known as Little Faggie from the Ghettos of Mityana has composed a campaign song praising Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi, Vice Chairperson the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) as a dangerous striker who shouldn’t be substituted by Makindye East voters come 2021 polls. 

Little Faggie says, “MP Kasozi has become our role model and whenever we see him squeezing corrupt officials in COSASE, We admire his mode of conduct, serving without favor or fear. We sometime get to think, Mafia will sabotage his work but thank God, he gets stronger each passing day.”

In his song titled ‘Hon. Kasozi ggwe asinga’, Little Faggie lists MP Kasozi’s over 50 achievements in just 4 years he has represented Makindye East in Parliament saying, such dangerous strikers are indispensable, those thinking of uprooting him in 2021 should stop day dreaming.

Hon. Kasozi was so excited  by this song and asked Little Faggie how he managed to compile both constituency and Parliament activities that the MP has carried out since being sworn in. 

He said, “In fact I need to give you all that you need to shoot a video in the constituency and at Parliament so that we showcase all that has been done. For us in Makindye East, we talk less and work more.”

The old adage ‘When you do good, you feel good’ has come true in MP Kasozi’s life when someone unknown to him composed a song about his good works.

The reknown generous MP has given this Ghetto boy a blank cheque to help promote his talent. Kasozi made this pledge after being touched by Little Faggie’s talent.

Faggie though young is able to string words together and put important issues which affect the lives of common people in melody.  In his song he particularly weighs heavy on leaders to give accountability to voters.

Handing him a music flash with this campaign song, Little Faggie thanked MP Kasozi for serving with one heart and accomodating every one without discrimination based on partisan politics.

In response, Hon. Kasozi said, “I am very happy that youth of your age closely follow their members of Parliament and task them to fulfil their promises. We will facilitate you and record videos of such songs to help you develop your talent and also financially benefit from your sweat.”

MP Kasozi interacting with some of Mityana people he is employing at his farm. The one putting hand on the head is Mr. Sebunya, the farm manager (Photo by: New Editor)

The legislator was on Saturday at his farm that sits on over 100 acres in Nambale Mityana where Little Faggie found him. 

This upcomming artist who we are told is the president of D4K Band in Mityana said, “We can compose very good Pro people Music but we lack means to record and sell.”

On hearing his music, Hon. Kasozi pledged to give him whatever he needs to shoot a video.


The composed song talks about Kasozi who has changed lives of Makindye East youth, women and the elderly through Kasozi Foundation. He is supporting different groups in the constituency to fight poverty and unemployment.    

“You have not disappointed your voters. We always see you interrogating thieves and pressing the corrupt in COSASE to vomit tax payer’s money. You have indeed stood on the side of the oppressed.” Little Faggie says in his song. 

Kasozi’s committee is probing into the dubious acquisition or repossession of more than 300 properties from the Departed Asians Properties’ Custodian Board (DAPCB) and he has interrogated many would be untouchables. 

One of them, an FDC top official threatened to hire FDC goons to embarrass Kasozi at Parliament for failing to spare fellow party members. 

Faggie says “when Hon. Kasozi ordered for the arrest of this FDC member, i realised that such calibre of leaders is uncommon.” 

Hon. Kasozi has also given capital to Little Faggie’s manager one Badman Black to start buying and selling coffee so as to pull himself out of the abyss of poverty.


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