THE National intercession held at State House Entebbe, a week ago over Covid-19 pandemic where President Museveni and First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni were joined by different religious leaders was not futile!

God is answering our prayers, we should not ceasefire!

Top religious leaders in Uganda attending Prayers in State House over Covid 19

Latest from church, God has sent Pastor Frank Nsubuga of the Worshippers Palace Church (WPC) Ndejje in Makindye Ssaabagabo Municipality to deliver a message to Mutundwe Christian Fellowship (MCF) Pastor Tom Mugerwa, about His stand on Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda!

“As our church, we continued travailing in prayers and intercessions asking God to end the COVID-19 scourge in our country and the world at large, The Holy Spirit spoke this message to us and it must be taken seriously and urgently. The voice ordered me to immediately deliver this message to you.” Pr. Nsubuga told Pr. Tom Mugerwa.

Tanzanian President in isolation, crying out to the Lord to save his Country from this Pandemic

The Holy Spirit sent Pr. Nsubuga to deliver this message: “God loves Uganda because Uganda seeks after Him and recognizes Him as their God. However Uganda MUST do two things to escape my wrath. Fully trusting in Me and to go deeper in worshiping Me.”

Pr. Nsubuga received this message during a prayer closet on March 22nd 2020.

After National prayers on March 21st 2020 at State House Entebbe, His Excellency the President posted this on his Facebook page:

“The idea of these national prayers I accepted it because from my experience, prayer has always worked even in the past, according to scripture.”

Museveni wrote, “I believe in God because of my experience, I believe that there is God and I have given that testimony even in the books I have written. I have seen in my life that there are things not done by me, but another power- God.”

“I am glad we are praying, but even as we pray, we must also continue doing as much to battle coronavirus. God created us in his own image and gave us the power to establish dominion over nature. Eventually, we shall defeat COVID-19.” Museveni posted.

In neighbouring Tanzania, President John Amos Pombe Magufuli (JPAM) has isolated himself in intercession to seek for God’s help and save his Country from deadly Coronavirus.


Just a day after the National prayers, the Holly Spirit told Pr. Nsubuga, “I would have already stopped the COVID-19 plague but what i command the World to do is NOT what is done. You are still disobedient to my Holy instructions.”

Pr. Nsubuga who delivered God’s message to Pr. Tom Mugerwa

“I demand that people should leave their evil ways and turn to me otherwise my anger has risen against the entire humanity.” The voice talked to Pr. Nsubuga during intercession.

On asking God to save the western world, the Holy Spirit said: “God intends to leave them to continue dying because they don’t recognize God as their Maker. They worship their wealth and Technology.”

With over thousands of deaths rising by the hour, European countries have been affected the most.

Pr. Nsubuga said, the voice was harsh on this: ‘Bagira bafa okutuusa nga bategedde nti nze Katonda.”

Citing Jeremiah 12:12  and Isaiah 2:14-22, Ezekiel 7 Nsubuga urged Ugandans to turn fully to God and forsake witchcraft, homosexuality, envy and all sorts of evils Ezekiel 7. 

“May God bless Uganda and make tnis country the remnant nation Psalms 91, Psalms 33:12.” Said Pr. Nsubuga.

Mutundwe Christian Fellowship Pastor Tom Mugerwa thanked Nsubuga for being a humble servant of God.

Youthful Nsubuga is an Accountant by profession, former Guild President Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda.


  1. I thank God for replying to our prayers and that He has fully reviled to us what’s supposed to be done so that to be healthy. That’s Holy Spirit, glory and honor belong to you Jesus Christ

  2. My brother you just repeat this prayer after me, you say that my lord Jesus, I welcome you in my life to day, take away all my sins, cleanse me lord and make me worthy before you, remove my name from the book of the dead and write it in the book of life. And you Satan, I deny you with all your deeds and from today onwards, iam a child of God and aborn again in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏🙏


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