YESTERDAY night, Lord mayor Erias Lukwago held a crisis meeting with top Peoples Government leaders to have a pre -election analysis for today’s KCCA Speaker polls and this is when they discovered that their candidate Doreen Nyanjura is heading for a great loss, in favour of People Power candidate Abubaker Kawalya, councilor representing Lubaga North at City Hall.

Scratching their heads on what to do next to evade embarrassment of the century, we are reliably informed, Lukwago and his team looked at waging are a legal battle to block the elections!

However councilors on Team Kawalya whom we have spoken to this morning have said, Lukwago shouldn’t waste time, he better abscond if he doesn’t want to be humiliated because Kampala people have decided, and so the councilors will vote accordingly.

“Yes we are aware that Nyanjura’s camp is panicking after realising that they have only 7 votes out of 32 councilors. They thought would bribe us to vote her but we have rejected their money sacks. Most of us consulted our electorates and directed us to vote Abubaker Kawalya not Nyanjura.  She is very arrogant, dodge council meetings and a lady of too much pride. We rejected her on day one.” Quoted an FDC councilor who headed Kawalya mobilization team.

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He said, “This is a done deal. As Kawalya team, we all slept in one place and I can authoritatively tell, we will win with a landslide. All is set,  tell Greater Kampala people that by today mid day, KCCA will be having an elected Speaker none other than, Haji Kawalya.”

Asked about allegations that Lukwago/Nyanjura camp want to run to court today morning to block the elections after realizing that they are left with no option, Kawalya chief campaigner said they are free to go.

“We can’t stop them.  If it’s true, let them go. It’s their right and have all the means. But this will expose them more. Why should Lukwago be greedy to that level? Is he still an agitator of good governance? And he now wants to block councilors from exercising their rights? But who are his advisers? Any way, let him go, we will cross the bridge if we reach there.” Said Team Kawalya.

According to today’s election program, a court magistrate will convene a council meeting for councilors at 11:00am to elect their Speaker and the deputy.

Those with interests will forward their names, given time to campaign and then elections will let be conducted.

The winners will be declared.The eligible voters are 32, Lukwago and her deputy among.

NRM had fronted Kyambogo councilor Bruhan Byaruhanga for Speaker but later pulled down and it’s alleged, he is sweet talked by Njanyura’s camp.

The Speakership race is likely to have the two FDCs, Kawalya and Nyanjura.For starters, other 5 Kampala divisions will also be electing Speakers and deputies today. 


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