SEXY Sheeba Natukunda, a reknown chear leader of The Purple Sharks has been today banned from the stands as her beloved Wakiso Giants will be taking on MYNG FC in Stanbic Kakungulu cup round of 32 due to her indiscipline.

Sheeba Natukunda cheering up her team.

According to a letter signed by Sinani Waiswa Chairman Wakiso Giants Fans Committee on behalf of Arafat Kasolo the club fans Cordinator, Natukunda has been found guilty of total misbehaviour during Tooro FC Vs Wakiso FC and because of that,  she has been suspended in today’s match.

The letter suspending Natukunda reads;  “Having gathered the evidence and critically analysed the situation, it was found that you misbehaved as a fan of Wakiso Giants on the away match against Tooro United FC contrary to our rules and regulations of Wakiso Giants fans.”

“It was found that you abused our players and you supported Tooro fans in an attempt to beat Wakiso Giants fans and you also abused your fellow Wakiso Giants fans.” Suspension letter reads.

It was resolved therefore that;

1.  Natukunda will be suspended for one match and in this case, she will miss Wakiso Giants Vs MYNG FC today  on 11th February 2020 in Stanbic Uganda Cup 

2. She will write a formal apology to the fans committee

PROOF: Suspension letter

3. Natukunda is warned that if she commit the same offence,  will be suspended for three Wakiso Giants home games or suspended in definately.

On her facebook page, Natukunda wrote yesterday, “quote from the supporter …….’Tomorrow I will miss our game naye I will be back next game naye nange sibitegende walai but I wish my team the best of luck always fan’s please go and represent me, …’.”

Diego Galiwango another fan wrote, “Next time better dia, please serve the punishment for good football and Wakiso Giants. Never do it again. Be patient only one game u will come back in action. Displine and behaviors are matters to fans not only players. Sheeba, thank u for respecting rules and regulations. Ku luno amateeka gakukute yarabi.”


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