THIS is unbelievable but it’s true! Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and ruling NRM party have entered into a swap deal in the KCCA Speaker elections due March 05th 2020, to share the two elective positions and technically kick out People Power’s endorsed candidate Haji Abubaker Kawalya.

The information on the News Editor desk shows, the deal is coordinated by Mukono Municipality legislator Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke on orders of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord mayor Erias Lukwago who fronted this Makerere University female councilor Doreen Nyanjura for Speakership.

At the beginning of this week, FDC President Eng. Patrick Amuriat Oboi (POA) declared Nyanjura as the party sponsored candidate for KCCA Speaker and Doreen Sabuka, as Party candidate for the deputy Speaker.

However, a section of top FDC officials led by FDC Buganda Vice president Owek. Joyce Juliet Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo, who is also Lubaga Mayor rejected this move saying, the nominations lacked transparency, so she will support Abubaker Kawalya, who is the FDC councilor representing Lubaga North at KCCA.

We shall come back to this later.


According to this deal, our inside sources have revealed to us how MP Nambooze is holding night meetings with NRM’s Kyambogo University councilor Bruhan Byaruhanga who has also been contesting for the Speaker job.

Nambooze is on orders to convince Bruhan Byaruhanga stand down for FDC’s Nyanjura and “We will give you the deputy Speaker job.”

In fact as you read this, Bruhan Byaruhanga has already given up on the Speaker post and now looking for Deputy Speaker votes.

Bruhan Byaruhanga looks to have bought the deal and his party has okayed it. So expect to other announcements, Bruhan and Nyanjura are now in a political bed, thanks to Hon. Nambooze and Peoples Government squad.

News Editor has talked to Bruhan Byaruhanga and confessed how he is no longer interested in Speaker job.

“Yes tell every one,I am contesting for Deputy Speaker. I am meeting councilors to vote for me.” Said Bruhan Byaruhanga. However, when we asked him about Nambooze deal, he just switched off his phone!

We can authoritatively state that, Lord mayor Lukwago met Bruhan Byaruhanga over the same deal. If Bruhan Byaruhanga and Nyanjura go for an alliance like it is expected, Kawalya will be finished!

For Starters, 32 councilors will cast their votes for Speaker and deputy Speaker. The winner must get 50%, meaning, he or she must get over 16 votes. Now, out of these 32 councilors, 18 are FDC members, NRM has 7 and DP has 3. Four are independents.

According to the calculation, Kawalya is comfortably having 13 FDC votes, while Nyanjura has 5 votes, plus 3 DP votes totaling to 8 votes. Now if the alliance is a success, she will be having the 7 NRM votes. With 15 votes in her bag, Nyanjura will only need to independents, and she will be announced KCCA Speaker.

Speaking to this Online site, Asuman Ssemakula, who is Dr. Besigye’s driver, he said, “Nyanjura is unstopped! She has already won. We are masters in such political games. Wait for the election day, she will be declared the winner.”

Asked why Nyanjura camp is too confident, Ssemakula said FDC is doing everything to make sure, their candidate carries the day.


Ssebuggwawo isn’t the only top FDC official to defy Peoples’ government candidate Doreen Nyanjura.

We are reliably informed, FDC Party Spokesman Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, who doubles as Kira Municipality MP is a Kawalya man.

In fact during the Monday FDC press conference, Hon. Nganda arrived at the Najjanankumbi party headquarters to address the press but on learning that Eng. Amuriat and Party Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi had plotted to use this press conference announce Nyanjura as the party flag bearer for KCCA Speaker race, he got so
annoyed and asked the two, why they want FDC to be a laughing stock!

“Who nominated Nyanjura? Which criteria did you use? Don’t expect me to be part of this drama. Let me even go away.” Ssemujju left.

Journalists who had come to cover the Monday Party presser left, only to be called back three hours later that Amuriat and Mafabi were going to address the Country about KCCA and Kampala division flag bearer for Speakers and deputy speakers.

We are also told, the KCCA Speaker contest has divided FDC party as a good number of top leaders are rallying behind Kawalya, while others are team Nyanjura.


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