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By Waswa Tenywa

THE Uganda Thanawi and Idad examinations board yesterday Thursday morning released the 2019 Idad and Thanawi results which showed that boys out competed girls.
The ceremony presided over by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Secretary General Hajji Ramadhan Mugalu took place at Tagy hotel in Kampala.

Out of the 1,393 candidates who sat for the final exams, 1013 were idad students (Islamic S.4) and 380 were Thanawi students ( S.6) from 83 schools in which 57 schools did Idad exams and 26 schools did Thanawi exams.
While releasing exams, Dr. Ziad Swaleh Lubanga the Idad and Thanawi examinations board secretary said there was an increase in the overall performance and in the number of students who sat for the exams saying in the year 2018, 849 students sat for idad exams compared to 2019 were 1013 students sat for the exams, in thanawi.

Dr. Ziad said, in 2018, 271 students sat for the exams yet in 2019, 380 students sat for the exams which showed tremendous increase in the number of students doing the exams.
He saI’d, the students who did the exams and passed on the Idad level (S.4) where 849 of which 636 were boys and 213 were girls, 161 were boys and 33 were girls and on the Thanawi level ( S. 6) 278 boys and 65 girls passed the exams of which 95 boys and 15 girls passed the exams.
On the idad level the students who failed the exams were 163 of these 111 were boys and 52 were girls while 7 students all boys failed.
According to Dr. Ziad on the idad level 14 students didn’t turn up for the exams of whom 8 were boys and 6 were girls and for the case of thanawi, only 6 students didin’t turn up for the exams.In his speech as the guest of honor during the releasing of the Islamic results, Hajji Mugalu thanked the idad and thanawi examinations board for the tremendous work done to stremeline the Islamic education.
“I want to appeal to the Muslim to stop putting hatred first instead of concentrating on the general programs that benefit the entire Muslim fraternity. I argue all muslims in Uganda to adhire to the unified Islamic examination boards and curriculum to set a common goal.” Said Mugalu.
He want the muslim education stakeholders to support and attach themselves to the idad and thanawi examinations board. Again hajji mugalu appealed to the muslims to keep a keen aye on the girl child whom he say are very vital to the world.

This was after the information that girls did well in the released exams.
Meanwhile the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Secretary for education Sheikh Juma Bakhit Cucu said they are determined to control the quality of education for muslim in the country and that they have embarked on streamlining the educational programs of the country
He also appealed to the muslims to adopt developmental programs instead of sowing problems which he says have profoundly affected muslims in the country and releaved that there is need to train Islamic teachers who are putting the Islamic curriculum in use.


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