NAKASEKE Central legislator Allan Mayanja Sebunya has written to Ms. Allen Kagina, Executive Director Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), demanding with immediate effect, return of titles and compansation of people who will be affected by Luweero-Kiwoko-Butalangu road project.
In a letter dated June 4, 2023 to ED Kagina, MP Allan Mayanja wants the list of all those who have been compensated, those whose titles have been returned and UNRA to tell the whereabout of other titles.
Mayanja who last week raised this matter on floor of Parliament is inquiring on status of compensation and return of land titles to their rightful project affected persons along Liuweero-Kiwoko-Butalangu Road (29.72kms). 
His letter to Kagina reads, “Whereas Rt. Hon. Prime minister Robinah Nabbanja on June 9th 2023 flagged off the construction of Luweero-Kiwoko-Butalangu road project, i have been reliably informed by a number of people in Nakaseke Central Constituency that compensation and return of land titles to their rightful project afected persons along Luweero-Kiwoko-Bukalangu has not been made yet.”
As a matter of clarification, Mayanja says, “Kindly avail me with a statement detailing the status of those who have been compensated and returned their land titles and for those who have not yet compensated and their titles not returned, may i know,when will they be compensated and their titles returned.”
By press time, Kagina had not responded to Nakaseke Central MP who looks to leave no stone unturned.
On Thursday last week, hardworking legislator Allan Mayanja Sebunya (AMS), took on the floor of Parliament and raised a matter of National importance concerning the delayed compensation and return of land titles to their rightful Project Affected Persons along Luweero-Kiwoko-Butalangu Road, which is currently under construction by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) which falls under Ministry of Works and Transport. 
Hon. Mayanja Sebunya commonly known as ‘MP Allan afaayo’ told Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament and Hon. Members that there is a potential risk that some of the land titles initially surrendered to UNRA might be untraceable.
“Dont be shocked if my people, title owners drag UNRA to courts of law for the business opportunities foregone by denying them access to funds from commercial ban.” Hon. Mayanja told Parliament.
For starters, Mayanja who is one of the most trusted legislators by NUP boss Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, trounced former Finance Minister Syda Bumba. 
Before entering Parliament, Mayaja served Mengo as Speaker Buganda Youth Council (BYC), for four years.
In an interview on Dream tv last week, Hon. Mayanja Sebunya who is one of the youngest legislators in the 11th Parliament but very vocal, assured viewers how he wil fight to the end, for his people to get back their land titles and be compensated.
Let’s watch the space! 

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