2026 CITY LORDMAYOR hopeful Alhaj Ali Nganda Kasirye Mulyanyama, the incumbent mayor for Makindye Municipality in Kampala has led the Division Executive Committee for an official visit to Kisugu health center in order to ascertain the challenges and positives in this Health center which serves hundreds of patients.

Mayor Mulyanyama accompanied by the Division Executive Committee, engages medical staff at Kisugu Health Centre

His Worship the mayor, had an engagement with the medics and was shocked to learn that this facility has not received supplies of medicine from National Medical Store (NMS). It has been missing out on four times out of the 6 times of supply in this ending financial year.
“It was our recommendation which we shall follow up to ensure supplies are made in regards to the demand from the center.” Said Mayor Mulyanyama.
During his visit, the NUP vocal mayor extended a helping hand to the patients and all expectant mothers by donating basic needs to them.


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