PHOTO: Excited residents salute Speaker Anita Among on receiving 200 iron sheets for Kajamaka Primary School in Kidongole Subcounty


THE Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among has directed the committee on Presidential affairs to investigate the Karamoja iron sheets, goats and food saga and report back to Parliament for action! 
In spotlight are the two Karamoja Affairs ministers, Hon. Mary Gorreti Kitutu and her junior Hon. Agnes Nandutu. Karamoja MPs want the two Ministers to first step aside and be investigated on alleations that the two mismanaged relief intended for the people in Karamoja and those displaced to neighboring districts like Bukedea.
This follows a letter  drafted and duly signed by eight Members of Parliament from Karamoja under their association Karamoja Parliamentary Group (KPG) petitioning the Speaker of Parliament to investigate over the mismanagement of relief items includes 100,000 iron sheets, maize and goats by the Ministry of Karamoja Affairs.
The petitioners are; Hon. Achia Remigio (Pian County), Hon. Nakut Faith Chyna (Woman MP Napak District), Hon. Okori-moe Janet Akech (Woman MP Abim District), Hon. Lokwang Hillary (MP Ik County), Hon. Baaton Ben Koryang (MP Dodoth West), Hon. Komol Joseph Miidi (MP Dodoth North), Hon. Aleper Moses (MP Chekwi) and Hon. Ngoya John Bosco (MP Bokora)
In their three page petition to Speaker Anita Among, Karamoja MPs demand for a forensic audit on both the procurement and distribution of goats and iron sheets to intended beneficiaries as well as the audit of food stores in Namalu Prison Farm, which food was meant to feed the hungry primary school children in Karamoja and schools in neigbouring districts like Bukedea, where hundreds of displaced Karimajongs are studying from.
In fact in Bukedea, three dilapidated schools received 500 iron sheets courtesy of Speaker Anita Among. We shall come back to this later and see how Bukedea schools, each got the iron sheets.
For starters, over the last three years, Karamoja region has suffered the ravages of insecurity and famine that has claimed lives and still counting.
These factors have also led to the displacement of many vulnerable families from their homes, including to the neighboring districts.
Karamoja MPs’ petition to the Speaker reads, “Numerous engagements were held with the central government, development partners and even the Head of State Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to find lasting solutions to the numerous ills that bedvil the region, leading to passing of the 39BN Supplementary budget towards the pacification of Karamoja region and another 135Bn for the procurement of relief food.”
“Of the UGX 39Bn, UGX 22Bn was for procurement of goats, UGX 5Bn was for procurement of 100,000 iron sheets for disarmed youths across the region. To-date, no vulnerable or disarmed youth has received even a single iron sheet!” Reads the petition

Karamoja MPs told Speaker Anita how they learnt with shock from media reports, that the Cabinet minister in charge of Karamoja Affairs Hon. Kitutu and her deputy Hon. Nandutu have already served themselves with over 22,000 iron sheets worth more than UGX 1.7Bn! 
Furthermore, although UGX 22bn had been planned to buy goats, Karamoja MPs say, Minister Kitutu went ahead to spend UGX 25Bn on buying goats. 
“But today, less than 35% of the goats have been supplied and many beneficiaries identified by the Districts are still waiting for the same. Unfortunately, we are told that all the money has been spent; the financial year is coming to an end. The rot is massive and may be, in many other programs under the Ministry. The matter is shameful and emotionally exhausting.” Karamoja MPs revealed to the Speaker.
They said, under ‘Feed Karamoja’ Project which was initiated by The First Lady Hon. Janat Kataha Museveni in Partnership with Namalu Prison Farm, where 3500 bags of maize seed was harvested in Financial Year 2020/2021 and stored in Namalu Prison Stores, the minister for Karamoja Affairs picked 500 bags of the same on pretext that she was giving to the UPDF who were allegedly starving. 
“This food was meant to feed children in Primary Schools across Karamoja region but because of lockdown during Covid 19, this food wasn’t used. What we learn now is that 200 bags of that food have ended in the Minister’s house. We are now told that the old stock of 3500 bags is no more! It is only 200 bags of maize of the new harvest of FY 2022 that is still in the store. Who has stolen this? Is it true the UPDF received 3500 bags of maize meant for starving Karamoja people?” Karamoja MPs want answers.

Kajamaka primary school in kidongole sub county got 200 iron sheets. This is one of the traditional schools in Teso Subregion with dilapidated school structures. It is in Bukedea district and was founded by the Catholic Church in 1924. With over 1000 pupils, this school which educates even Karimajongs, has been in a sorry state, learners always interrupted by heavy rains. It is against this background that Spaker Anita donated 200 iron sheets to change the face lift of Kajamaka Primary School. Madam Speaker is renovating this school.
The second school which benefited is Kadacar primary school in Kangole subcounty. It got 150 Iron sheets. Kalou primary school in Kabarwa subcounty got 150 iron sheets all together totalling to 500 iron sheets.

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