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● Commonly known as Dr. PK, a few years ago, Dr. Peter Kimbowa was named one of the 101 World’s best Corporate coaches by the World Human Resource Development Congress that is celebrated in USA, UK, Europe, Africa, GCC and Asia.
● Tondeka was name and awarded by Gen. Katumba Wamala, Best Passenger Transport Company of the Year 2022 Award.


FORMER workers MP Dr. Sam Lyomoki together with a clique of disgruntled elements have been cited in a blackmail drive to taint National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Board Chairman Dr. Peter Kimbowa and Tondeka Bus, a Company working hand in hand with Kiira Motors Corporation Uganda on the directives of President Museveni to make new buses.
Kiira Motors Corporation is a State Enterprise in Uganda established to champion the Development of the Domestic Automotive Value Chain for job and wealth creation and commercialize the Kiira Electric Vehicle Project. 

President Museveni cleared Tondeka buses to end traffic jam caused by private cars in and around Kampala

This leading investigative news website has landed on an anonymous letter said to have been crafted by the Lyomoki clique petitioning The Insepector General of Governm Attorney General of Government requesting to investigate Mr. Peter Kimbowa alleging that no sooner had he been appointed Chairman Board of Directors NSSF, than, Tondeka bus company was able to put 10 new buses on Kampala street on guesswork that, he might have used workers money to buy, the 10 new Tondeka buses on the street”.
Meanwhile, this anonymous letter dated January 18 2023 has been rubbished by sources in both Tondeka bus company and NSSF saying the allegations don’t add up, doesnt have any iota of truth and letter is good for dustbin.
“If it is true that it is Dr. Sam Lyomoki and his clique behind these baseless allegations, we advise him to find something meaningful to do and stop being idle. We can all imagine how he feels after losing an MP seat. We advise him to try farming or rearing goats, it is good business. Let him desist from spreading lies and blackmailing people.”
Said our source in NSSF asking public to disregard that rubbish.
Our reliable sources in Tondeka have told us, “In Tondeka, we dont have time to respond to lazy minds. Actions will speak for us. Mr. Kimbowa was once our Chairman, and when he got a job at NSSF, we congratulated him and he resigned. At Tondeka, we moved on. So there is nolonger anything like that attachment between Tondeka and Mr. Kimbowa.”
Showing gaps in the anonymous letter said to have been received by the office of The IGG, sources in Tondeka say, it is not true that the company brought 10 buses as alleged.
“Fact is, we have so far boought 5 buses from Kiira Motors Corporation. Those are the buses you see, giving service to our people in and around Kampala. We entered into parternship with Kiira Motors who are making the buses for us.”
Said sources in Tondeka.
They said, Tondeka is a private company and its owners have never got even a single coin from government or any government parastatal. 

Free Wifi, cheap, effective and clean Tondeka buses

“Its true we have a target of over 1000 buses to simplify transport and traffic jam issues in Kampala. The Head of State welcomed the idea and he was grateful to learn that we are buying our buses from Kiiro Motors Uganda, locally made buses.” Sources who preferred not to mention their names, told us.
This clears Mr. Kimbowa’s name and those spreading lies to tarnish his clean name are just logging a dead horse.

Commonly known as Dr. PK, a few years ago was named one of the 101 World’s best Corporate coaches by the World Human Resource Development Congress that is celebrated in USA, UK, Europe, Africa, GCC and Asia.
Kimbowa received the citation at Celebrations to mark 28 years of the World HRD congress that took place at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India.
Dr. R. Bhatia the founder of the world sustainability Congress said that the awardees were identified after an international research process undertaken by the research cell which consists of Post Graduates in History & Management with over 5 years research experience, an iconic job that produced a shortlist of Individuals who are doing extraordinary work. The shortlist was then reviewed by a Jury comprising of senior professionals from all over the globe. Chairman of the jury, Professor Indira Parikh, Ex Dean of IIM Ahmedabad & President – Antardisha, spoke of Dr. Peter Kimbowa as a leader who has set a big example for transformation and change not only in Africa but also around the globe. Dr. Kimbowa is a corporate Board member and advisor to several Boards including but not limited to; ESKOM (U), Equity Bank, Baylor College of Medicine which is based both in Mulago Hospital and Houston Texas, Kampala Archdiocese and advisor to the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU). He is the reigining Board of Directors NSSF.
A soft speaking gentleman, well educated, down to earth, approachable and a man of his word. You need to work under Dr. Kimbowa, then you will know how transparent managers behave. 

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