● Manafwa Deputy RDC Lukka Kagenyi Deploys Them To ‘Debunk Opposition Lies’ In Bugishu Subregion, saying NRM will continue welcoming home opposition members who are ‘weary and burdened’
● ‘We Want To meet President Museveni To Confess Our Sins’, Begs Defectors

PHOTO: Defectors listening to Deputy RDC Kagenyi


MANAFWA Deputy Resident District Commissioner Mr. Kagenyi Lukka has organised a function at the District Hall to welcome to the ruling NRM party, 213 defectors from the two leading opposition political parties National Unity Platform (NUP) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).
Led by Kenneth Sibeke, Sam Wetete and Martin Waniala, the defectors said they are tired of feeding on lies and hatred, saying they have come out during broad day light to cross to the mass party and celebrate together the achievements of National Resistance Movement. 
“We have come in peace, we also want to be members of the big ruling party NRM, allow us in we are tired of feeding and spreading of opposition lies. Enough is enough.” Said defectors before cameras.
Addressing them, Deputy RDC Kagenyi assured them of a warm reception saying, “Just like the Holly Bible says, ‘Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest’, NRM, the mighty party will indeed give you a rest. Than you for choosing peace, steady progress and unity.”

We are reliably informed, these defectors worked so hard to deny NRM camp 100% victory in Manafwa district in the recently concluded 2021 presidential elections. Majority of them were Team Ssentamu Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) while others campaigned and supported FDC candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA). 
Their crossing to the ruling NRM according to Deputy RDC Lukka Kagenyi, is a big achievement. He says, these converts will help in consolidating NRM’S dominance in the politics of Manafwa district and of course the whole Bugishu Subregion.
Kagenyi urged them to debunk what he called opposition lies and advised them to work so closely with NRM leaders and all other members.
He asked them to form SACCOs so that they tap on government’s developmental projects as they access PDM and Emyoga cash for the social economic transformation.
They got excited when RDC promised to take them to the president, saying on meeting The party Chairman, they will spill opposition top secrets.
The defectors mainly came from the greater Butiru and great Buwagogo subcounties.
The greater Buwagogo is comprised of Buwagogo Subcounty, Manafa town council, Sibanga town council, Buta town council, Bukewa Subcounty, Buweswa subcounty, Buwangani town council and Mayanza subcounty. These are some of the areas making up Buburo West. 
Greater Butiru is comprised of Bukadara Subcounty, Butiru Subcounty, Lwanjisi subcounty, Bukusu subcounty and others making up Butiru Constituency.
Curved from Mbale district in 2005, Manafwa district is comprised of 32 lower administrative units. Subcounties are 27 are 5 town councils.  It has 156 parishes. 
Hon. Dr. Grace Kitutu Kimono is the district woman member of Parliament. She also doubles as Karamoja subregion Affairs’ minister.
Hon. Peter Christopher Werikhe is the MP representing Buburo West while Hon. Godfrey Matembu Wakooli represents Butiru constituency.

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