HERE IT IS: Omuk. John Fred Kiyimba ‘Freeman’ who chaired a committee that restored Kabaka’s Rolls-Royce Phantom car, hands it over to Katikkiro Mayiga. It was presented as a birthday gift to Kabaka.


YESTERDAY Sunday July 31,  2022, Buganda Kingdom and friends celebrated Kabaka Mutebi’s 29th Coronation. Function was held in Memgo-Lubiri Palace.
Before this, two weeks back, on July 17, 2021, Buganda Kingdom, through Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga presented to His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda, a refurbished Rolls Royce Phantom IV as a birthday gift. Thanks to the committee set up by Kabaka through Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga to oversee refurbishment of Rolls Royce vintage, for the job well done.

This historic function took place at the Kingdom Headquarters, in Bulange Mengo and was attended by a few invited guests.
While unveiling Rolls Royce Phantom IV that day and handing it over to Kabaka, the Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga said, bringing it back to life costed UGX 500M.

Some of the money came from the Kingdom treasurery while UGX 300M was fundraised by a committee set up on Thursday December 12, 2020 that oversaw refurbishment of 1st President of Uganda Sir Edward Muteesa II’s official car. While launching this committee, Katikkiro said Muteesa’s car was in a sorry state, the Kingdom had decided to repair and return it in its original form, the way it looked before the 1966 Buganda Crisis.
The committee was given a task of verifying what was needed to repair the Rolls Royce and fundraise for the required sums of money. In fact Mayiga said, this assignment was harder than the reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs or even Masengere.
In our story today, News Editor Media, an investigative News Website brings you a seven people committee, rather eight, who worked tirelessly and injected in money to bring back to life Rolls-Royce Phantom IV. Who is who;

As the Buganda Kingdom minister in charge of Culture, Palaces, Tombs, Tourism, Conservation and Security, the refurbishment of Ssekabaka Muteesa’s car automatically falls in his docket.
The appointed committee directly worked under Minister Kyewalabye Male.
Born in Ssingo County, Owek. Male holds a Master’s of Science degree in management and implementation of Development projects from Manchester University in UK. 
He also holds a Bachelors degree in Library and Information Sciences from Makerere University, Kampala. He has a Diploma in project planning and Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

He worked with Uganda Hign Court Library as the expert Librarian on the British High Commission-funded reorganisation of the library. 
He served as the Pioneer chief University Librarian at Ndejje University and later joined Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation (BUCADEF), an NGO of Buganda Kingdom where he rose to the level of Chief Executive Officer. Some people believe, he was the brain behind BUCADEF, a successful organisation in the Kingdom of Buganda.
He also served as the Royal Treasurer of the Kabaka of Buganda (Omuwanika w’Enkuluze). 
Before His Majesty identified him for redeployment as a Minister, the workaholic Kyewalabye was the reigning Managing Director Buganda Land since 2007, an organisation set up by Kabaka to manage Kingdom land and other properties. 
At BLB, Owek. Male set up a wonderful system where all Kabaka’s land and properties can easily be located, surveyed and secured. 
Kabaka’s subjects on Kingdom land were sensitised about dangers of not registering their tenancy and during his regime, ‘Kyapa mungalo’ program was introduced, where willing tenants were given titles. This was sanctioned by the Landlord himself, Kabaka Mutebi.
Hundreds of tenants got titles and can easily get loans to develop their land now that they have titles. Those who didn’t want to get titles, were advised to continue paying busuulu to the land lord, to protect their bibanja.
Through annual revenue collectons from Kabaka’s land, Owek. Kyewalabye Male as MD BLB, constructed a magnificent building in Katwe, Kampala at a whooping UGX 11B and named it, ‘Muganzilwazza’. He handed it to Kabaka as a gift! 
He recruited into BLB fresh graduates from the University and made sure they serve the Kingdom with one heart. 
Those knowing Owek. Male, at BLB, he didnt tolerate laziness, embezzlement of funds and corruption. In fact insiders say, that is why Kabaka trusts him so much. 
He is transparent, a man of his word and very competent. 
Kabaka once assigned him to manage Ssingo FC when this county had issues with management. That year, Ssingo lifted the Masaza Cup. Unfortunately he left due to his busy schedule at Bulange.
He is the brain behind the reconstruction of Kasubi Tombs, he has devoted his time and expertise to put up a State-of-the-art cultural site.
He is also working on other Tombs and Palaces, and Kabaka’s lake. Palace sources told us, Kabaka talks to Owek. Kyewalabye Male almost on daily basis. He is a renown educationalist, owning Schools.
That is the man who supervised the refurbishment of Rolls Royce Phantom IV. 

Commonly known as Kiyimba Freeman, this son of Mityana, also from Ssingo County is one of the youngest genuine billionaires in Kampala. A very humble and non-showbiz businessman, John Fred Kiyimba has been the Chairman of the committee appointed by the Katikkiro to refurbish Ssekabaka Muteesa’s Rolls Royce. 
He is the Chairman of Buganda Twezimbe, a committee working under Katikkiro Mayiga to rebuild Buganda Kingdom. 
This was the committee which fundraised money during ‘ettoffaali’ campaign in Buganda, other parts of the country and in diaspora.
Using his connections among fellow businessmen and other tycoons, Omuk. Freeman managed to collect enough funds for the reconstruction of Masengere building and on its completion, it was handed over to Kabaka Mutebi II. Masengere houses CBS radios, BBS Terefayina, Buganda Land Board (BLB) and other offices.
The Buganda Twezimbe under the leadership of Kiyimba Freeman also refurbished Bulange and Katikkiro’s official residence. 
Because of his hardworking and selfless service, Kiyimba Freeman was appointed to head different committees. 

His being an Anglican did not stop him from being appointed the chairman organising committee of the consecration of Bishop Serverus Jjumba of Masaka Diocese on July 6, 2019. He also chaired the organising committee of the consecration and enthronement of Dr. James Bukomeko as the 5th Anglican Bishop of Mityana Diocese, Church of Uganda.
Kiyimba Freeman was very influential in the committee that organised  the enthronement of Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Dr. Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu.
He was pivotal in the formation of BBS Terefayina, a fast growing Buganda Kingdom owned TV station and has an upper hand in its day to day management.
As mentioned earlier, Omuk. Kiyimba Freeman was born in Mityana in a village called Buswabulongo as you are heading to Central College Mityana.
His late father was buried at a village called Ttamu in Mityana while his mother who died during Covid-19 lockdown was buried in Masaka, Buddu county. 
A graduate from Makerere University, Kiyimba Freeman, in all his life, has never looked for a job. Since he left campus, he has been doing business, dealing in General merchandise. 

In Kikuubo, Kampala, he is among the leading dealers of Sugar and the official agent of Bidco products.

He owns hotels, apartments, Estates, and Fabulous Freeman Hyper market at the New Taxi Park in Kampala which was opened up by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga, two years ago.
Freeman owns a state-of-the-art home in Lungujja expected to be worth billions of shillings. 
When he organised a party to enter this house, he invited hundreds of people who ate and drank, majority packed food to their homes. 

Kiyimba Freeman is very loyal to Kabaka, when ever called to serve the Kingdom, he doesn’t give excuses.  
Analysts say, by Kabaka identifying him to chair a committee that worked on his father’s prestigious Rolls Royce, shows the King trusts his man. Indeed, he fulfilled the assignment. 

Some call him Bagale. A filthy rich and jolly man, Godfrey Kirumira is the all times chairman of Bagagga Kwagalana, an association of richest businessmen in Kampala, Uganda. 

For those who didn’t know, Kirumira is among a few people in Kampala who have never separated with their riches, for years. He is a very generous man, and if Kirumira likes you and brings you closer, you will never test poverty again.
Insiders say, Kirumira entered business as far as Idi Amin era and was dealing in new bicycles and spare parts in present day Kiyembe, near old tax park.
Kirumira was very close to the late Archbishop of Kampala Cardinal Nsubuga and some people think, his riches are a result of the blessings of the fallen Catholic Church leader. Since then, Godfrey Kirumira has been rich.
He owns arcades in Kampala, petrol stations, hotels, estates and so much more. He has a fleet of expensive cars and if you enter his Buziga magnificent home compound, one may mistake it to be a car bond! He keeps on changing cars like clothes! 
In fact his Buziga house is a replica of Entebbe Presidential State House. Before shifting to his Buziga palatial home, he was living in his Muyenga multi billion mansion. 
With other celebrated businessmen like Mansool Yanga, Moses Kalungi ‘Bill Gates’ and the late Haji Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige (BMK), he was among the first local citizens to build and own powerful arcades in Ndeeba, Kampala. 
At Mengo, Kabaka has deployed Kirumira on many assignments. He was the chairman of the committee that refurbished ‘Twekobe ejjudde’, Kabaka’s Lubiri Palace which had been destroyed by Uganda armies of the past regimes. Kirumira’s committee imported expensive furniture for Twekobe that fits the diginity of His Majesty Kabaka.
On the Rolls Royce committee, Kirumira served as the second chairperson. Insiders say, this loyal subject was put on this committee majorly because he drives  expensive cars so he knew what it could take to bring Rolls Royce back to life.

On the committee, he was the treasurer. His name isn’t so much into media but he is filthy rich! 
He owns Steel and Tube company in Nakawa near Pepsi Cola. His company deals in steel bars, water tanks, etc. Yiga an Old boy of St. ‘s College Kisubi (SMACK), in 2016 single handedly bankrolled replacement of sheets on College Chapel.

Speaking about his industry of Steel & Tube’s journey over the years, he said it has been based on its vision to become the leading and most reliable manufacturer and supplier of steel profiles in East Africa and beyond.
Yiga says, it is this goal that has driven the company to recognition as one of Uganda’s most reputable suppliers of steel building materials.
“It has been 20 years since the company went from being a retailer to opening it’s first manufacturing plant, and there has been a lot of advancement – we now have a more diversified product portfolio with the introduction of new products to the Ugandan market such as the matte tile sheets trademarked MAT Tile, our flagship SMART Tanks, Ribbed BRC, the STIL TMX which is a higher grade of re-bars and now the D-Pipe Sections.” Revealed Tycoon JosephYiga.
He proudly said that the upward trend they keep seeing in their sales analytics is a testament to the market adoption of, and therefore positive sentiment towards their product offerings.
“Steel & Tube’s growth is largely attributable to its highly skilled workforce, and the incorporation of modern technologies and methodologies in the manufacturing processes we employ. This combination has allowed us to identify and respond to the economy’s changing demand structures while at the same time supporting the communities we work in.” Said Money magnet Joseph Yiga.
Him and Godfrey Kirumira fall under the same age bracket. 
Joseph Yiga is a cool man, a man of very few words but very intelligent if it comes to making money. 
A staunch Catholic who gives generously towards church projects, if you want easy connection to him, say anything good about Catholicism.
Joseph Yiga has been very active in all Kingdom programs, known for injecting in cash with one heart. 
Because he had the knowledge to do it, the committee relied on him in looking for the money to work on the Rolls Royce, he didn’t disappoint the appointing authority. 

The young brother to Kabaka Mutebi II, sat on the committee to represent the royal family in that, anything done on his father’s car, had to have his blessing.

Because of their too much connection to this car, Prince David Wasajja represented the Princes and Princesses.
When Central government was returning Sir Edward Muteesa’s Rolls Royce, Prince David Wasajja was at the Uganda Museum to receive the car. He was accompanied by Kingdom ministers who included Owek. Noah Kiyimba (Minister of Information) and Counsel Denis Bugaya (Communications manager Buganda Land Board), among others. (For those who don’t know, some of the money which worked on the Rolls Royce came from Buganda Land Board treasury).
Prince Wasajja was on a team sent to South Africa and England by His Majesty the Kabaka to find out details on the whereabouts of his father’s prestigious cars and facts about these car manufacturers. Some of the findings are still kept by Kabaka as confidentials.
Prince Wasajja, therefore, automatically had to be a member on a committee that refurbished his father’s Rolls Royce Phantom IV.

On the committee, he was the chief advisor, a responsibility he carried out diligently. Kabaka awarded him!

In Uganda, there is no way you can talk about expensive cars driven by high profile people and you don’t mention the name Gordon Wavamunno. 
His renown company of Spear Motors has the monopoly to import Benz and other special cars falling in this class! 
He sells brand new Benz cars and spare parts at Nakawa Spear Motors depot. 

Because he deals in brand new cars, there was no way, the Munyonyo tycoon couldn’t be in the know about which Spear parts were needed to fix Muteesa’s Rolls Royce and where to get it from so that this prestigious car hits the road after over 58 years! 
Wavamunno is a trusted Kabaka’s man and a hard working fellow. He owned WBS TV. 
His ancestral home is in Rakai, Kooki county of Buganda.

He was a committee member. Katongole is one of the owners of Quality Chemicals in Luzira, manufacturers of drugs. He was born in August 27, 1960.
He started working with Sembule Electronics Ltd in 1986 heading marketing department and later promoted.
In 1997, he founded Quality Chemicals Limited.  For 10 years, he was the head of this company. 

Quality Chemicals and an Indian company Cipla Limited, entered into a joint venture Company to manufacture drugs.
Emmanuel Katongole was made CEO Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd until 2013 when he was elevated.
He sits on Boards of a number of organizations and has travelled to many countries. A very educated and brilliant man, Like Joseph Yiga, Emmanuel Katongole is a staunch Catholic.
We were told, Katongole was appointed on Rolls Royce’s committee for his experience in importation of goods and raw materials.

She is very competent and hardworking young lady. Nnaalinnya served as Personal Assistant to Owek. David Kyewalabye Male.
By the time of her appointment as Secretary of the Rolls Royce committee, she was the CEO of the Tourism Board in Buganda Kingdom. 

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