● Write tough letter to Economic Monitoring Minister Peter Ogwang 


WHISTLE BLOWERS from the National Media-Team Uganda (NAMETU), an organisation fully registered, with objectives among others, to fight corruption have petitioned Economic Montoring Minister Hon. Peter Ogwang about civil servants stealing money from local government districts which includes Luweero, Mukono, Kampala, Wakiso and Mpigi.
In their letter dated June 29, 2022 which was copied to The Anti Corruption Unit of State House, to the Local government minister, Minister for finance, Minister for works of Housing, RDCs and CAOs, NAMETU told minister Egwang that the big source of Revenue collection in the above districts is from buildings and constructions but money is stolen and eaten through corruption and embezzlement.
“So many houses have been built, petrol stations, factories, private schools, storage houses, Residentials, apartments and commercial houses in the districts of Luweero, Kampala, Wakiso, Mpigi and Mukono. Each and every construction has been paying effectively. Surprisingly, we have evidence that very little money is remitted to the accounts of the districts or at the subcounty.”
Reads petiton to the economic monitoring minister signed by Mr. Moses Kaziba, NAMETU Director.
NAMETU says, physical planers, healthy inspectors, parish chiefs and subcounty chiefs are the ones who collect the money on the ground and it’s ends up in their pockets. 
“The collected money is stolen and eaten during broad day light. A lot of buildings which have been constructed, government is not benefitting from them. Something must be done to save this situation.” NAMETU told minister Ogwang.
They said, they have a lot of information about this and we are ready to give it to the minister. 
“We need services, people are paying money but it is stolen by these people. We are worried, the same thing will happen to parish development model, a newly unveiled government project to fight poverty.” Says NAMETU.
Asking the minister to urgently intervene, NAMETU recommended the following;
● Collecting money from buildings should be changed from manual to direct banking 
● Proper assessment of plans should be made by technical people not parish chiefs.
● Building Regulation should be followed. Seriously, to avoid slums, construction in the road reserves in wet lands etc.
● Regular supervision should be put in place
For starters, National Media Team-Uganda main objectives are; 
• To popularise Government programs through media
• To act as whistle blowers for any bad activities with tarnish the good image of government 
• To counter propaganda and false information spread by enemies of the government 
• Figating and campaigning agsinst corruption and embezzlement of public funds
• Effective monitoring of Government programs 
• Fighting against Land grabbing and evections
It is in this spirit that NAMETU has petitioned Minister Ogwang over government officials who swindle revenue collections.

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