DONE: Mr. Kagenyi leaving after talking to school students about patriotism and supporting President Museveni


MANAFWA district Deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) Kagenyi Lukka has today rallied over 2000 students to support ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and make President Museveni their darling because he is the only leader who can secure their future. 
Addressing students in three different schools found in Butiru Constituency, Manafwa district, Deputy RDC Kagenyi told them that what can help them in future is supporting NRM for the ruling government to secure their future.
The three schools whose students Kagenyi Lukka met are; Butiru Christian Comprehensive SS, Buwagogo SS and Buwakoro Seed Secondary School.
In an interview with News Editor Media shortly after his visit today, Mr. Kagenyi said, “I went to these schools to teach students about Patriotism under the theme; The Role of the Youth in the Social Economic Transformation.”
In each school where Kagenyi visited,  he first thanked girls for ptotecting themselves during Covid-19 Lockdown overcoming temptations like pregnancies and early marriages.
He then lectured them about the economy of the country. “I have told students that Uganda falls under the category of Least Developing Countries (LDCs). Such countries are many in Africa, almost all, apart from South Africa and Egypt.”

He told students that LDCs have common characteristics which unites them all and that is Poverty, Disease, Ignorance, etc.
One of the signsame of an LDC is the use of hoes in farming saying this is the Traditional stage of economic development. 
Talking about the five stages of Rostow’s theory of economic development, Deputy RDC Kagenyi said most Least Development Countries are at the first stage which is traditional stage. 
Other stages he talked about are; Precondition for takeoff stage, takeoff stage, Drive to maturity and maturity stage.
“In this category, Uganda is still at stage two; precondition for take off. Meaning we are still a developing country. We can only advance to the next stages if we embrace modernised Agriculture, from traditional to modern commercial farming.”
Mr. Kagenyi explained to secondary students that,  “If we end substance farming, farming only to feed our homes and engage in commercial farming, development will be inevitable since we will be having surplus.”
He urged students to get involved in other developmental activities like in service sector, ICT sector, Industrial sector above all, transport sector because jobs are available.
“I have told them about social sector transformation and reminded them that world over, Uganda has the biggest young population. So if we are to chase poverty, we must do it ourself, help will find us on the way.” Said Mr. Kagenyi about his meeting with students. 
He urged them embrace President Museveni’s initiatives like; Embracing Sciences if they are to be innovative and creative.

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