BY the rivers of Aswa, we always sat, with Piety and sobriety, listening to the infinite treasures as imparted from our leader, Jacob Lokori Oulanyah.
By the beautiful cedars of Palaro, we always stood, watching countless crowds waving, at the graceful and majestic movement of our senior Lokori, as he passionately inspired the hearts and minds of the young.
By the serene atmosphere of Odek, we surely loved hosting, Jacob Lokori Oulanyah, with pomp and glamour, dancing the Bwola tunes, to the acclamation of our Acholi mothers.
By the heavenly summation of Laliya, we ever quickened our footsteps, in anticipation of the well known philanthropist, Jacob Oulanyah, who fathered so many opharns, with social welfare and clan comfort, granting them a new dawn of life.
By that Paradise of Owalo, we raised up our alms in thanks giving, on learning with empirical evidence, that Jacob Oulanyah impacted Nations, from Asia to the Pacific, from London to Mary Land, well admired for his virtuosity, in world statesmanship.

By that Citadel of Awach, Ker Kwaro Acholi, we surely sat with our elders, beholding the armour of Justice, Jacob Oulanyah, dissolving Clan conflicts with Precision and Concision, just with clarity and ease.
By the living wells of Palaro, we recall with sacred memories , the angelic tones of women and girls, in Praise of male dominion and fatherly embrace, well exercised by Jacob Lokori Oulanyah. 

By the tedious gardens of Unyama, indeed we harvested our soghurm and maize, with fond memories of paternal reverence, for such a man of Prowess and eminence, Ladit Jacob Speaker Oulanyah. 
Fare thee well banner of Perpetual Sanctity, Jacob Lokori Oulanyah! This is all, from Gulu, with awesome love. 

The author Mathias Lutwama Africa is the newly appointed Deputy RDC for Gulu district. He is also a renown NRM media activist and a radio talkshow panelist

WhatsApp editor on 0772523039 or email


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