READY TO GO: Kalungu district woman MP Hopeful Susan Namata


AS the old adage goes…”The early bird, catches the worm….,” those planing to contest for political offices in 2026 have already started strategising!
In Kalungu district, Susan Namata, a graduate from Makerere is already warming up for the district woman Member of Parliament seat, she wants the incumbent Aisha Ssekindi seat, saying by 2026, terms the incumbent has served will have been enough for this State minister in charge of water.
For record purposes, Hon. Aisha Ssekindi is serving as woman member of Parliament for Kalungu district, on ruling NRM ticket. 
Our sources reveal that, Ms. Namata has blessings from elders, opinion leaders and youth of Kalungu district. She has not yet identified with any political party. Her camp says, there is a right time for that.
We can however authoritatively report that, Namata is fully ‘armed’ to send Aisha Ssekindi packing, come 2026 General elections! Better be advised not to waste time contesting again in 2026!
In an exclusive interview with Susan Namata, without mincing words, she told News Editor Media that Aisha Ssekindi can remain with the ministerial deployment but the Member of Parliament seat is going away, come rain, come sunshine.
“Kalungu people want the world to know that they have many qualified ladies that can ably represent the women in  parliament as district woman representative. Iam a born of Kalungu, raised and grew up from Kalungu, educated from Kalungu and am  perfectly aware of the issues affecting our people and the district at large.” Said Ms. Susan Namata, adding that,  “When the right time comes,  yes we will present ourselves and have no doubt that we will make it to the 12th Parliament.” 

Aisha Ssekindi is accused of totally failing to raise in Parliament issues affecting the girl child and women of Kalungu, girls walk long distances to school and many have dropped out of schools and the Member of Parliament is mute on this and other issues affecting the district.
“Only two voices are heard. One is NUP Hon. Gonzaga Ssewungu the MP Kalungu West and Hon. Francis Katabaazi, MP Kalungu East. The voice of a woman member of Parliament for Kalungu district is missing. I will offer myself to fill that gap, i will be a bold voice which will never disappoint my people of Kalungu district.” Pledged Ms. Namata.
Asked why elders have identified her to replace Aisha Ssekindi in 2026, Susan Namata revealed that there is need and urge to inspire the youth and women, one of the incentives that drive her into leadership.
Also, the need to uplift the hopeless elderly in the rural areas, to make sure that at least they get the basics when they go to hospitals, to make sure they find a medical personnel when they visit the hospitals, to lobby for a tarmac road which in turn changes the day to day running of businesses in an area, to deal with climate change and its effects by imploring the electorate to plant trees, preserve wetlands and incinerate or recycle plastics.
Susan Namata believes that with the right leadership and mindset, anything can possibly be achieved.
We asked her, if she breaksthrough and enters Parliament in 2026, where will she begin from,  Susan Namata said she is thinking about presenting a private member’s bill on an extensive and all inclusive education program saying she believes a skilled and educated citizenry is a sustaining population.
We wanted Namata to tell us a female member of Parliament who inspires her to join politics and why.
Susan Namata names Rt. Hon. Winnie Kiiza, 10th Parliament Leader of Opposition also former Kasese district woman Member of Parliament.
“Although she isnt a member of the 11th Parliament, Rt. Hon. Winnie Kiiza is my role model. Her voice and mode of working still echoes in my head. Her strength and vigour and the fact that she willingly quit elective politics, something which has proved to be so hard for politicians to consider.” Ms. Susan Namata told us In an interview.
After Winnie Kiiza, Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda comes second, according to Namata. She says, Ssemujju articulates issues very well and the FDC man is a committed legislator.
“If we had about ten legislators in the House who are superb like Hon. Ssemujju, the mode of operation of the legislature would be commendable.” Said Namata.
She noted that, The 11th parliament has an influx of new members so it’s only logical that they are still finding their way in. 
“So we can’t blame them for not delivering as expected but the time is still early to judge, I believe they will work to deliver because they have the zeal and they are still youthful. I can’t ignore the fact that the house tends to prioritise issues that don’t deserve immediate attention and sideline issues of at most importance.” Says Namata.
About Parish development model, a newly unveiled government program to uplift house hold income, Susan Namata says it wouldn’t be a bad idea, “But it will still fail because the problems that hindered the success of its predecessors were not addressed and am pretty sure they are the same problems that are going to haunt the parish model as well.”

Daughter of the late Lugemwa Kizito and Robinah Nalwadda, Susan Namata is a born of Kamutuuza, Vvuma in Kalungu district.
She started her education at Kasaali primary school and later taken to Masaka Baptist Primary School for her upper primary.
Namata joined Masaka Parents Secondary School for O’ level and sat S.6 at Kijjabwemi SS.
She was admitted at Makerere University for Bachelors in arts and graduated professionally as a teacher.
Susan Namata is an entrepreneur and a farmer, specialising in bananas and coffee. 
She is a Rotarian who interests herself in community work, doing community cleanups, painting faded zebra crossings and planting trees with an aim of dealing with climate change. 
She is currently running a psychosocial program for learners in rural schools considering the two year lock down that was brought by the deadly Covid 19 pandemic.
Political Analysts say, if Susan Namata contests for Woman Member of Parliament Kalungu district in 2026, she will be a formidable force and Hon. Aisha Ssekindi should be ready to sweat plasma! All Ods are likely to favour  this young girl.

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