PHOTO: Eng. Ssewava introduces NRM youth leaders to then newly elected Speaker of Parliament at a thanksgiving function in Seguku late last year

● He talked about people he will not forget although dead
● Directed that his body should be prayed for even in Catholic Church 
● What happened the day NRM’s Joseph Ssewava organised a thanksgiving fete for Oulanyah on winning Speakership
● Here is what Ugandans will remember about this great peacemaker, who loved President Museveni to the marrow


A FEW weeks ago, fallen Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah sent a three short word message to his confidant Eng. Joseph Ssewava who is President Museveni’s blue eyed boy and asked him to, “PRAY FOR ME!”
By then, Oulanyah had been flown to Seattle, USA for specialised medication. The two, Oulanyah and Ssewava have been so close to the extent that, late last year, Ssewava organised a mega function at his palatial home in Seguku on Entebbe road, to congratulate Rt. Hon. Oulanyah upon his victory as Speaker Parliament of Uganda.
This mega function was attended by Members of Parliament, top NRM bosses, businessmen, religious leaders and NRM youth leaders.
We shall come back to this function from where Speaker Oulanyah talked about his death!

After sending Ssewava a message to pray for him, Oulanyah never again answered calls or replied Ssewava’s messages.
We are reliably informed, when he sent him a message to inquire about his condition,he didn’t get a reply.
“I reached an extent of sending a message requesting him atleast to record for me a video while on his sick-bed. He didnt reply. Since then, we never talked again. On Sunday morning, I was deeply saddened to read an announcement from the Head of State that Speaker Oulanyah had passed away.” Eng. Joseph Ssewava, the National communications Assistant in the office of the National Chairman NRM, revealed to this news website.

To Eng. Joseph Ssewava, that day he organised a function at his Seguku home to congratulate Rt. Hon. Oulanyah for winning the Speaker seat, was his last supper.
“I believe, that was the last party Speaker Oulanyah attended, dined and cracked jokes with Members of Parliament, religious leaders and NRM leaders. We shared, enjoyed and danced together. I have not seen Oulanyah attending such a function.”
After a Mass which was presided over by The Most Rev. Fr. Kasibante, Rt Hon. Oulanyah talked about how Sewava is a true friend who even stood with him during the heated election of the Speaker of the 11th parliament.
“Even when I die, I will still remember Ssewava.” Said Oulanyah, leaving fellow Mps asking themselves why their colleague was talking about his death yet they had just elected him Speaker.
At this function, Oulanyah was so excited to see Adam Luzinda Buyinza, former Amama Mabazi’s boy commonly remembered as the the leader of the NRM Poor Youth.
Oulanyah said, “I see my comrade Buyinza, very vibrant in all aspects, am not shocked that he is selling the products he is selling.” which attracted laughter. Adam Buyinza deals in herbal products.
In his address, Rt. Hon. Oulanyah read in the book of 1st Corinthians 13:13 which talks about Faith, Hope and love for one another.
Present were; Hon. John Bosco Lubyayi Sseeguya (NRM chairman Mpigi district, Hon. Kiwanda, Hon. Ssebamala, Hon. Barbra Nekesa, Kellen Kayonga, Hon. Lillian Abber,  Desire Muhooza, Habibu Sseruwagi, youth who included; Frank Aliganyira, Adam Luzindana Buyinza,  Ben Ssebuguzi, Robert Rwakandare, Isaacs Semanyi,  Nava Mastulla and others.
Oulanyah left Ssewava’s home a happy man.

As if he knew that he was passing away soon, when Ssewava visited at his Muyenga home, Speaker Oulanyah shockingly told his guest that, “When i die, there should be a requiem Mass organised by Catholics to pray for me.” 
Ssewava told us, at first he took it casually but when his friend passed away on Sunday, he remembered how he badly wanted a Mass to be organised when he dies.
“He has been a believer who doesn’t discriminate religions. Yes he has been an Anglican but from his mouth, he asked me to make sure I organise a Mass for catholics to pray for his body.” Said Ssewava whom we found at Rubaga Cathedral where he had gone to find a way of organising a requiem Mass for fallen Speaker.

While eulogising Oulanyah, Eng. Ssewava said the fallen Speaker was a peacemaker and loved president Museveni. 
“His heart was fast forgiving. You wrong him in the morning, before day ends, he is already putting on a smile for you. He had no time for enmity. He has been man of peace. What an irreplaceable leader!” Says Ssewava.
He revealed to us how the late Speaker mobilised for rolling NRM in Northern Uganda, defeating enemies of peace and stability.

“I must say, Oulanyah was pivotal in NRM’s 2021 General election victory. He rallied Northern Uganda behind our star President Museveni, a leader he loved so much. Thank you Northern Uganda for giving us Jacob. The country lost its gallant son. Our tears will never dry.” Said Ssewava who broke into tears while telling us memorable moments about Speaker Oulanyah.

In our next story, we will analyse political techniques Oulanyah used to comb Northern Uganda for NRM. 

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