PHOTO: Kilak South Constituency MP Gilbert Oulanya (left) and other Acholi MPs have disassociated themselves from threats made by their colleagues yesterday to block NUP from accessing Acholi Subregion


SIX members of Parliament who held a presser at Parliament yesterday and threatened to block opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party leaders from accessing Acholi Subregion, are in hot soup!
A group of Acholi Members of Parliament have reacted strongly, disassociating from threats made by their colleagues against NUP Party. They have accused Kilak North consitituency MP. Anthony Akol and his team for playing partisan and tribal politics which they have vowed never to be part of.
Acholi MPs have demanded that Akol, as the Chairman Acholi Parliamentary Group apologises to the country and NUP party or they force him to resign. 
In a Statement released by Kilak South Constituency MP Gilbert Oulanya, who is on frontline in a campaign against abduction, detention, torture and killing of Ugandans, has categorically put it clear that the views and opinions expressed by a fraction of ‘Acholi MPs’ during a press conference on Tuesday does not in any way reflect the position of all  MPs from Acholi subregion and should be treated as individuals’ tale.
Hon. Gilbert Oulanya statement reads, “The alleged demonstration by NUP’s supporters in the US totally had nothing to do with the personality of the Rt. Hon Jacob Oulanyah as an individual but rather a clear message to the Government of Uganda to improve on its healthcare system for all as projected in its national development plan.”
Without mincing words, Hon. Gilbert Oulanya said, “Those MPs headed by Anthony Akol, the chairman Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG) made very ambiguous accusation that taints our external relation goals and well being as Acholi.”
“For not being partisan and tribalistic, I implore the team to refrain from making such unnecessary statements in the name of APG. If they continue, then some of us who are clear minded will have no option but leave and form an independent coalition of right minded people who are objective and focused on the principles of unity and national development.” Reads statement by Kilak South MP.
He applauded all those MPs who refused to join the bandwagon purporting to be speaking for and on behalf of the Acholi people.
“Uganda and Ugandans must act as one. No one has a right of blocking any political party from doing it’s mobilisation work wherever they choose too. Hon. Akol as chairman, APG must apologize to Ugandans and NUP immediately, failure to do so, we shall call for his resignation, immediately.” Writes MP Oulanya Gilbert 
The MP says, “There would be no need of sending high profile dignitaries including MPs, Ministers, Speakers, PS, Ambassadors and  Presidents abroad if the country had invested in equitable and sustainable health care system. The plea now is to at least improve on the existing health care facilities in a move to bridge the realised gaps with huge cost implication levied on the shoulder of innocent and vulnerable tax payers.” 
He noted that, all regional health facilities from North to East, West to South and Central Uganda simply need an upgrade.
He says, with this at hand, all citizens will feel confident and proud of systems in place notwithstanding  the need to pay our doctors well beyond the pocket change they are earning now.
Looking at the labour export market in Uganda today, Hon. Oulanya noted that, Uganda’s highly skilled doctors are on transition to foreign land in search for better pasture.
He stated that, there is need for government to take on a deliberate move and walk the talk as stated by the president time and again about improving the working conditions of scientist  in Uganda. 
“Less of that, we will live in illusion and languish in tears as is and will be.” Writes Kilak South MP.

Another legislator Okin PP Ojara, MP Chua West in Kitgum District, Acholi has weighed in and distanced himself from what Hon. Akol and other Acholi MPs said yesterday.
Hon. Ojara has referred to the threat to block NUP from Acholi Subregion as joke of the year.
He asked how can a registered political party under article 71 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda as amended be blocked  from carrying out its political activities in Acholi Subregion?
“As a National Political figure from Acholi Subregion, I find this statement sensational, emotional and recklessly driven. Given the fact that as Acholi Mps we can’t determine the conduct of any political party in our Subregion.” Revealed Chua West MP.
He reminded Hon. Akol and his colleagues that all registered political parties are legally binding. 
“Therefore, I strongly disassociate myself from that statement and inform NUP leadership and any other political parties in the country that Acholi Subregion is part and parcel of Uganda.” Writes Hon. Ojara.
He told NUP that the statement issued by the members led by Akol is not a true representation of all the views of the MPs but rather for those who subscribe to that school of thought.
Ojara says, “I am  also cognizant of the fact that all political parties by law are required to operate anywhere and everywhere in the country so as  to ascertain a National character.”

Aruu North Constituency legislator in Pader Sant Okok shares the same school of thought with colleagues who demand an apology from MP Akol and group.
Hon. Okot believes Acholi MP must behave as National leaders but not Acholinizing everything.
“The campaign and condemnation on torture in general and human right violation should continue by all including  those in Apaa without diversion.” Writes MP Santa Okot.

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