THE race for President in 2026 is pulling more youth in ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) to declare interest.
Already with supporters of Museveni’s son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and in-law Odrek Rwabwogo vowing to front them for the top office in the Country, former Premier John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s boy has also declared, he will contest for President in 2026 come rainfall or sunshine.
Young man Isaac Shakur Walusimbi, one of the politically brilliant boys groomed by JPAM looks to have come for a serious business and prepared to tussle it out with any one be it who, come party primaries.
It is however still confusing, who is that invisible hand pushing Shakur Walusimbi to scratch the leopard’s something something.
From what his aide Jamiru Kazibwe has revealed to this news website, preparations to front Shakur Walusimbi started as far as 2020, two years ago.
“Shakur Walusimbi is unstoppable, he doesn’t mind about who else in the party eyes Presidency. If our party chairman Museveni is returning, no problem, race will be between him and youthful Shakur. If other camps will front candidates like we hear Gen. Muhoozi or Mr. Rwabwogo, very good, we will make them sweat plasma! As NRM youth, we are tired of being used as ladders for leaders, it’s our time and turn to lead and raise the party flag high.” Mr. Jamiru Kazibwe, a youth who is remembered for having started the Muhoozi project about 5 years ago, told this news website.
Asked why he left Muhoozi’s camp for Walusimbi, Kazibwe who was speaking without mincing words clearly stated that NRM youth reached a concensus to front one of their own, who perfectly understands the generational cause, well indoctrinated with the party ideology, nurtured to be a resilient and that is how they endorsed Isaac Shakur Walusimbi.
He said, “We don’t have any problem with other camps within the party, that is democracy. When time come, let them present themselves, we go to the party primaries and party decides. If it is Muzeeyi himself reruning, please let him be aware that he will face it off with none other than Shakur Walusimbi, a young man he verily knows.”
For starters, Shakur Walusimbi is one of the NRM Poor Youth group members who made a declaration at Makerere Guest House in 2014 and rejected the Kyankwanzi declaration to have Mr. Museveni run for president as a sole candidate in the 2016 polls.
Other NRM Poor Youth included Adam Luzindana Buyinza, Isa Kato, Richard Kirekyankuba and Vincent Kaggwa among others who were all JPAM’s blue eyed boys.
They in fact started serious mobilisations country wide to resist Museveni’s sole candidacy and had it not been then Police chief Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura who went after them and many got arrested, their gospel was spreading like bush fire within NRM.

For those who don’t know, after these boys had mounted too much pressure on their party not to close doors for other candidates who wanted to contest for president, axed NRM SG who then doubled as Prime minister Amama Mbabazi announced that he was contesting for the president under the pressure group called Go forward.
Because he knew how these boys had possibility to disorganise his camp, President Museveni did not give them any chance. He invited NRM Poor Youth at State House Entebbe and asked them not to fight him.
He held meetings with these boys on different days until some of them surrendered although their man Amama Mbabazi contested and Muzeeyi had to make alliances to tame JPAM who insiders say, he knew him in out.
This time around, the boys are fronting one of their own and it looks they are very much determined to take on the old man without fear or favour!
But who is behind Shakur Walusimbi and if he insists on running in NRM primaries, won’t it end the Capt. Maguru way who dared the big man during party primaries? This is a developing story. We will keep updating you, dear our esteemed readers.

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