Sam Lubega Mukaaku commits himself to work with Dr. Besigye’s People’s Front today in Mengo. DP says, Mukaaku is one of the masqueraders


THE opposition Democratic Party (DP) has strongly distanced itself from being part of Dr. Kizza Besigye’s newly formed pressure group codenamed ‘The FRONT Red Card’ saying those calling themselves DP BLOC are politically stranded masqueraders who can’t be trusted by public.
In a press statement released on Thursday evening, hours after the launch of this pressure group and JEEMA headquarters in Mengo, DP has said, these named fellas are shamelessly masquerading as representatives of the DP Bloc.

The Democratic Party has noted with sadness, concern and amusement the attempt by one Kalinge Nyago and some former members of the Democratic Party namely Sam Lubega Mukaaku, Sulaiman Kidandala, Kenneth Paul Kakande, Vincent Mayanja and Christine Ikiria purporting to be leaders in Dr. Besigye’s People’s Front and claiming to be representing the DP Bloc. Some of these self-seeking individuals whose trademark is indiscipline and opportunism once claimed that they had joined the National Unity Platform (NUP) as members of the DP Bloc. We warned NUP about them and their disruptive tendencies. Fortunately, NUP distanced itself from them and even denied them their party ticket in the last elections. These are the individuals that undermined any attempt at cooperation between People Power/NUP and DP!
Now they are at it again, shamelessly masquerading as representatives of the DP Bloc. We wish to warn the People’s Front against allowing these individuals to claim any association with the DP Bloc. That would be deceptive and fraudulent. These politically stranded individuals are free to pursue efforts to resuscitate their failing political careers but DP will not allow them to do it at its expense. 
If indeed the People’s Front is honest in the pursuit of its stated objectives then it should take our objections seriously. These are the kind of manipulative maneuvers that have undermined and continue to undermine the building of a viable coalition of democracy seeking forces that can create the leverage to bring about a democratic transition in Uganda. We expect that these individuals will be part of the People’s Front in their capacity but certainly not as DP Bloc. Claiming to have DP Bloc without DP is like claiming to have Christianity without Christ! 
To avoid dying in its infancy, like previous similar initiatives, the People’s Front must form principled alliances and focus beyond the political ambitions of individuals. DP welcomes the new platform and remains committed to principled cooperation with any formation that is committed to building the post-Museveni Uganda. That task requires putting Uganda first! Indeed, the record shows that the Democratic Party remains the chief proponent and most consistent supporter of principled unity amongst change 

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