ST. ANDREW KAGGWA Gombe High School located in Kawaala, Lubaga Division Kampala has outcompeted traditional schools in the country to be ranked among the very first top schools which performed excellently in last year’s S4 final examinations.
According to 2020 U.C.E results released on Friday last week by the Education and Sports minister, in Kampala alone, out of over 200 secondary schools, St. Andrew Kagwa Gombe High School was ranked among the Top 12 best Schools! Thanks be to God, the School Management, the principal, teachers and students for this wonderful performance.
St. Andrew Kaggwa Gombe High School-Kawaala falls under Gombe Education  Service (GES). Other schools under this brand include; Scooby-doo Day Care and Nursery (International) School and Gombe Junior School (Gojus) in Kikajjo-Nateete.
The three schools were founded by Owek. David Kyewalabye Male the Buganda Kingdom minister in charge of Culture, Palaces, Tombs, Tourism, Conservation and Security also former Buganda Land Board (BLB) Managing Director.

Out of 100 S4 students, 77 students passed in Division l (One), 21 in Division II (Two) and only 1 student got a Division III (Three).

The 2020 UCE Giants include:

  1. Nabisubi Roy Oliva Agg. 10
  2. Feni Francis  Agg. 10
  3. Jorryn Nalwadda Agg. 10
  4. Moses Mungudit Agg. 12
  5. Katisi Amelia Agg. 14
  6. Nakalaala Zaitun Agg. 14
  7. Mbabazi Patience Agg. 15
  8. Abayo Fideri Agg. 15
  9. Ssempijja Daglous Agg. 16
  10. Kyomugisha Anita Agg. 16

On getting good news about how their 2020 U.C.E class excelled, the principal said, “God, we shall always glorify your name. Covid-19 candidates have made it. Congratulations and may God’s Grace continue to shine on you as you Light the lamp of Wisdom.”

He noted that, “Because our core values, vision and mission, we automatically had to fly high. Our students are always reminded to be the heads in every thing not the tails. Here are the fruits.”
The school’s six core values are; Fearing God, Respect, Integrity, Team work, Excellence and Time management.
The school’s Mission is to provide quality holistic education that fosters creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to produce competent global citizens.
“Our vision is to produce competent, responsible, self reliant and flexible citizens.” Says Principal Gombe High School.
The school has enough space and good reading environment to enable students study without any disturbance, qualified teaching staff, well equipped Science laboratories, Libraries with all required text books and above all, the affordable school fees.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some classes haven’t been at school since March last year. And schools may be not opened soon. 
Gombe Education Service did not have to wait for the Government to reopen up schools.
“Our children must continue learning even when they are at home. Because without proper education, their future is at stake.” Says management of the three schools.
We are reliably informed that, they have put in place Gombe Education Services online school which offers online lessons for children right from Nursery to High School. Learners receive daily life interaction lessons, daily assignments, monthly tests and examinations. 
“Your child too, can learn and progress from home.” Says management.
Their online school also offers assemblies, guidance and counselling sessions plus co-curricular activities like Bakery, cookery, creative arts, etc.
To Parents who don’t have enough gadgets for children at home and those who don’t have enough time to monitor their children on the online lessons, Gombe Education Service have another program called, ‘GES long Distance School.’ 
According to  Mr Kiyimba a teacher on site, “In this program, your child receives recorded lesson videos and daily assignments in addition to Monthly tests and examinations. They watch these videos and do daily assignments at any place and time of their comfort.”
“All our online programs are facilitated by our Schools which are the Scooby-doo Day Care and Nursery (International) School, Gombe Junior School and Gombe High School.” Says management. 
Those who want to enrol for this online program, can contact management on, 0708800001/0708800002.


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