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A RIFT between Banyarwanda, a community of Rwandan origin living in Uganda and the immigration offices at the Ministry of internal Affairs over passport issuance has depeened.
Their war has now reached High Court in Kampala where the principal immigration officer one Deborah  Amanya filed a case in court blocking Mr. Frank Gashumba who is the Chairperson of the council of Banyarwanda community in Uganda  blocking him from talking about  the continued discrimination of Banyarwanda at the immigration offices.
Banyarwanda accuse immigration offices for denying them passports.
For starters, Banyarwanda are named as number 24 under the tribes listed in the Constitution of The Republic of Uganda.
Speaking to the press in Kampala on Monday, Mr. Gashumba said Ms Deborah Amanya’s motive is to tight lip them so that they do not talk about the continued  discrimination of Banyarwanda at the immigration offices.
“We wonder why the Banyarwanda are so much considered as Ugandans during election time and given voter slips but later denied passports at the ministry of internal affairs. These days, export  labour companies have stoped them from applying for jobs abroad knowing that they will not be given passports. What is the motive behind this circus?” Asked Frank Gashumba who wanted the Banyarwanda community in Uganda to be given a new name of Abavandimwe.
On Monday, Frank Gashumba went to the High court expecting the matter to be heard, but unfortunately court did not sit. The High court registrar Jameson Katemsni had an engagement thus adjourning the matter up to Monday 30th August 2021.

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