PHOTO: Julius Katongole who is accused of pocketing NUP Political Prisoners’ money


LUBAGA based National Unity Platform (NUP) sex siren Julius Katongole who was few months back released from Kitalya government prison on rape charges, is again in hot soup.
A group of NUP youths want party top brass to force him vomit millions he has been soliciting from party friends and supporters meant for reaching out to the families of political prisoners, something he did not fulfil.
Katongole is accused of pocketing this money and spending it exavangantly on daughters of Eve, a game this guy is said to enjoy so much!

The whistleblower is none other than Bobi Wine’s blue eyed boy commonly known as ‘Sky Soljah Uganda‘ who busted Julius Katongole for conning NUP supporters especially from the Diaspora of millions pretending he was going to support starving families of People Power political prisoners.

Through his face book post on his page, Sky Soljah said Julius Katongole is a conman who shouldn’t be trusted by any one, for he ate money that was intended to be for the families of political prisoners.
Sky Soljah was on June 14th 2021 released on bail by Court Martial chaired by Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti alongside Bobi’s body guard Eddy Ssebufu alias Eddie Mutwe, Ali Bukeni also known as Nubian Li, producer Daniel Brenny Oyerwot alias Dan Magic and 14 others. They had spent about six months on remand following their arrest in December last year in Kalangala where they had accompanied the National Unity Platform (NUP) president, Mr Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, on a campaign trail. Sky says, Julius Katongole approached NUP supporters and asked for financial contribution to, “Help us and our starving families which money he got from our generous friends but he instead pocketed it.” Katongole also accused of eating money he collected on behalf of journalist Ashraf Kasirye. We are told he has been promising empty air to family members that he will deliver the money, to date. “We gave up on him, he is a liar. Who ever sent money through Katongole to Ashraf Kasirye just know, that money got lost on the way.” Said family member.

This is Katongole (posting his photo). We always prayed for him when he was in (Kitalya) Prison. We never knew the details of the rape case he was charged of but just because is one of the Revolutionarists we had to be there for him.
But ever since he came out of Kitalya, after the elections, he has been soliciting money from supporters and friends of NUP saying he was going to help political prisoners and their families. He lied!
Of the 49 political prisoners, none of us has ever received even a single token from Julius Katongole. 
So Mr. gundi, I remember people saying that it was your bufere which landed you into problems hence being imprisoned on charges of rape.
Behave like a man, don’t use our names to earn a living. Many of our comrades are still in jail and you are enjoying money using their names. Sorry, for you, we have got all evidence and information that people sent you money to help us which help we never received.

Personally, i have never received even a coin. I am not saying all this because i want money but because of people like Katongole hiding in the struggle to make money using names of suffering comrades. 
When we got out of Kitalya, some people have been asking us about financial help sent through Julius Katongole. We couldnt thank them because we did not recieve what they sent. Katongole you are a shame for stealing in the names of political prisoners

Last year, Security teams lead by Flying squad numbering  over 100 were deployed a house in Kyebando where this Julius Katongole was hiding. He was smoked out and arrested like a chicken thief on allegations of raping a one Aisha.
Katongole on realizing that the game was over, tried to plead with Aisha not to take issues that far and opted to settle them out of court and pay her all sums of money she wanted but the young girl refused. 
“I want justice to prevail. You raped me and stole my belongings including money and phones, ran out of your muzigo very late night, barefooted and very helpless. Katongole you must be taught a lesson never again to rape other girls.” Vowed Aisha as on his arrest.
Aisha who spoke to journalists later said, Julius Katongole tricked her, impersonated himself to be one of the MP aspirants who was ready to bankroll the recording of her campaign song.
“Julius Katongole played on my head,  calling himself MP aspirant Aloysius Mukasa so that my conscience is corrupted to think that he is the one and I couldn’t hesitate meeting ‘the MP hopeful’ to pay for his would be campaign song. He is a liar, a criminal and impersonator. Let him pay for his sins.” Aisha told journalists insisting she was was later raped by Julius Katongole.

I came to Ndeeba in Lubaga South to visit my mother who is a resident. I live in Seguku on Entebbe Road.
At my mother’s home, a certain lady who is our neighbor heard me singing for family members.
She came closer and asked me if I can compose a campaign song for one Aloysius Mukasa who was then aspiring for MP Lubaga South. I said yes, provided he pays me because composing and singing is one of my sources of income.
That lady who introduced herself as a Mukasa supporter there and then called someone who when i talked to him said he was Hon. Mukasa (i later realized that it was Julius Katongole the impersonator).
On phone he asked me whether I can get him a very good campaign song listing all he has done for Lubaga South and what his manifesto has. I said yes.
“Ok tell that lady to give you my phone contacts, call me tomorrow and we make an appointment so that we discuss what is needed from me.” He told me on phone. I however asked him to instead talk to the lady himself and communicate what he wanted me to do.

After composing the song, Aisha called Julius Katongole to fix an appointment. He directed her to Tri Star Hotel in Ndeeba – Kabowa from where the two were to meet so that Katongole (calling himself Aloysius Mukasa) listens to the song and see how to record it.
Shockingly, all this was happening behind Hon. Aloysious Mukasa’s back. He had neither heard about the girl nor the song!
Aisha told us, “I reached at the Hotel and was given a seat after telling the person I found there that I was called by a certain big person.”
In a few minutes, Julius Katongole called and instead asked Aisha to get out of the Hotel premises, take a small path nearby which led to his office just behind Tri Star Hotel. 
“I was shocked to find one calling himself an aspiring member of Parliament in a small rented house. But that being none of my business, I let it go.” Said Aisha.
At the moment, she met Katongole distributing maize flour from his office to different people. This waa during the last lockdown. Later, he called Aisha in.
“Hello lady, you are welcome to my office. I am called Hon. Aloysius Mukasa. Let me listen to the song you have composed for me.” Said Katongole. She played it from her phone and Katongole asked her to share the song on his phone.
He there and then shared it on different Lubaga South Whatsapp groups and all were praises for the artist due to her voice and how she had pacakaged the message for Aloysius Mukasa.
Back to Katongole and Aisha’s meeting, Julius Katongole told lies to the young girl how he was Hon. Aloysius Mukasa, bragging of being extremely wealthy  (although by the virture of his appearance and a shoddy small room he was renting he looked like a conman).
“He asked me what I wanted and my answer was simple. Give me money, I go and record the song then after, we sit and agree on how much i wanted for my song.” Aisha told journalists.
“True the song is nice but missing some very important message. Go back and remodify it, return on April 27th 2020 with a final copy ready for recording.” Said Katongole.
He saw her off with 5 kgs of maize flour and UGX 10,000 (Ten thousand only).
“The maize flour and the money I gave it to my mother and briefed her how I was asked to first fine tune my song before I am given money for it.” Said Aisha.
In a recorded phone call of Julius Katongole to Aisha’s mother, she was very grateful for the maize flour and Shs 10,000 he gave to her daughter.
The two, Aisha and Katongole kept on communicating on Whatsapp telling her how the song was going to fetch her millions. But the poor girl had not realized that guy was an imposter.

According to Aisha’s statement, “I went back to his office with my fine tuned song to finalise about recording it and how much i will be paid. This time I refused sharing it  but he listened to it from my phone.”
“Yes this is it. You are the best. This day you will go back to your mum’s place the richest girl. But give me time, I finalise some stuff, we go to Fire Base studios and record it. We want it to feature Nubian Lee.” The poor girl believed in Katongole lies. It was already going to 7pm.
Aisha asked about how will they move when it’s already curfew time but Julius Katongole assured her how he was untouchable, they can move at night.
“But my mum can’t allow me move at night. It’s risky. May be we shall record it some other time. It’s late, let me go.” Pleaded Aisha.
Katongole adamantly picked his phone to call Aisha’s mother, assuring her how daughter was safe, they were going to record the song and that she will be driven back home.
The mother objected to this saying her daughter must return home before curfew time but Katongole begged her not to obstruct thr daughter’s opportunity to become a rich girl.
“This song has opened the gates of wealth for your daughter. Allow her finalise it, she returns with millions.” Katongole assured the poor mum who reluctantly let it go.
The two were seated in a small office  which room doubles as Katongole’s  bedroom.
Time was approaching 8pm and there were no signs of going to Kamwokya to record the song.
“I was shocked to see Katongole coming were I was seated and started caressing my thighs, touching my boobs and bums. I shouted at him to stop what he was doing because he was commiting a very serious crime. All was in vain, he said he wanted sex from me to take me to a first class studio.” Aisha’s Statement reads. 
She tried to fight and escape from the devil’s den but Katongole had locked all the doors, ready to rape this poor girl.
“I was overpowered, I was helpless, I groaned, shouted but all in vain. He forcefully manhandled and raped me.” Aisha told us, breaking into tears on remembering this incident. 
Now that Katongole had achieved his mission, Aisha said, he opened the door to go ease himself. Aisha managed to escape that late night and aided by a near by garage night watch man to reach Ndeeba police station from where she record a statement.
Due to the panic and fear after being rape, Aisha accidentally picked Katongole’s two phones, leaving behind her bag having hair spray, her phone and shoes.

In our next story, we will bring you shocking details on how Katongole was released from Kitalya, sex stories from his former landlords and comments from NUP supporters about eating political prisoners’ cash.
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