Some of NUP supporters who were arrested


HIS Eminence Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Muslim ultimate leader in Uganda has sent a tough warning to leaders killing innocent lives without mercy that they should know that they will also die, and pay for their sins, so let them tread very carefully. He demanded that all political prisoners are set free.
Muslims in Uganda joined the rest of believers around the World to commemorate Eid-El Fitri prayers upon the successful completion of this year’s holy Month of Ramadhan.
Speaking to hundreds of Muslims today Thursday morning Eid-El Fitri prayers at the National Mosque, Old Kampala, Mufti Mubaje asked President Museveni to free political prisoners now that elections are done and was yesterday sworn-in for the 6th elective term of office. A number of opposition National Unity Platform party members were arrested before, during and after the hotly contested Presidential elections. Calls from political leaders to free them have been futile.

Congratulating Mr. Museveni upon being sworn-in on Wednesday May 12th 2021, Mufti Mubaje said, “We call upon His Excellency the President to pardon all those in confinement due to this political situation in the country. Let them be released, let them enjoy the freedom with their families.”
“Some of them are Muslims, they wanted to enjoy Eid El-fitri with their families. So we plead Mr. President to pardon these people.” Said Mubaje who also called upon all Ugandans to come together, forget the past, get united and begin the normal life as usual.
Mufti Mubaje sympathised with Bodaboda riders whose motorcycles were confiscated and impounded on Tuesday for failure to observe curfew time.
He said, “I have seen thousands of these motorbikes at different police stations. It’s a desperate move by our youth to get daily bread. That is why they were still moving at late hours. Please, let them be pardoned at no cost and go back to their normal lives.”
During Eid prayers in which the Deputy Mufti His Eminence Sheikh Abdallah Ibrahim Ssemambo Tamusuza delivered the day’s sermon describing Ramadhan as a special period whereby the Almighty Allah showers his divine bounties on Humanity that nourishes the believers’ souls and  physical bodies through self discipline, Mufti Mubaje had no kind words against the International community that has gone mute about the war between  Israel and Pakistan.
Mubaje said, “For those who have been unable to fast due to one reason or another, sickness, those who are under confinement, those who are on battle grounds, we pray that Allah gives them peace.”
“And let those killing innocent lives have mercy and know that they will also die. We condemn in the strongest terms possible the invasion of the Israelis on our brothers and sisters in the West Bank which is taking place and is on going.” Said Mufti Mubaje noting that, “During the month of Ramathan, instead of allowing them to enjoy the worship of their Allah and the happiness of fasting, they are killing them, they are bombarding our brothers as we talk now.
And the international community is silent.”
Mubaje revealed that no body is coming out to condemn these high barbaric acts, except one or two Muslim countries.  He prayed that justice should prevail so that these people gain their freedom.
Talking about the Palestine people, Mubaje said, their land is occupied and no body seems to bother about their fate, whether this situation should continue endlessly or it has to stop.
“Those who are in wars globally, let them come to negotiating tables and resolve their conflicts peacefully instead of resorting to bloodshed. I think Covid-19 has hit human lives badly, it’s enough. Let leaders preserve the lives of our brothers and sisters in Palestine.” Urged Mubaje.
On completion of the Holy month of Ramathan, the Mufti urged Muslims to remain steadfast in worshipping the Almighty Allah and lead righteous lives that include being passionate towards vulnerable people as they have been doing during Ramadhan.
He beseeched the Almighty God to bless the souls of deceased  Muslims including UMSC Leaders who passed on  recently   and ease the suffering of people globally who are bedridden due to different ailments including  Covid-19 and inmates in different detention facilities.  
He thanked all Embassies, NGOs and media for donating food items to the needy during the month of Ramathan and for sensitising the Muslims about the Holy month of Ramathan. 
When he was called to address the Muslims, Nadduli thanked the Mufti and his team for the wonderful leadership at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council. 
He also thanked Muslims for fasting comending them that, “I have not heard, seen or read from media who are very good smugglers, that a certain Moslem was seen coming out of a bar at night during Ramathan. Thank you and please continue observing your Islamic Faith.”
He talked about himself as a son of one of the 324 great warriors who fought the Islamic war from 1890 to 1892 making sure Islam remains strong in Uganda. 
“We are here because they fought to save our religion.” Said Nadduli, the deputy Chairman of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.
The prayers were attended by many dignitaries including His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the 2nd Deputy Mufti, Haj Abdu Nadduli,  UMSC Deputy Chairman/Former Central government Minister, UMSC Hon. Secretary General Ramathan Mugalu,  Hon. Haruna Kasolo, the Minister for Finance in charge of Microfinance, Hon. Isaac Musumba, former Minister, Haj Mutwalib Ssajabi Tezikuba, a retired Presidential Advisor, International Guests From US, Libya and UMSC Staff among others.


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