One of the tents Eugenia Nassolo donated to Ndeeba-Kalerwe people in Lubaga South


DP’s EUGENIA Nassolo, who lost in the January 14th 2021 Lubaga South Member of Parliament elections is set to sweat plasma in court after tendering in her election petition seeking the election of Hon. Aloysius Mukasa Talton Gold as a member of Parliament for Rubaga South to be nullified! 

MP Mukasa’s camp has laughed at Nassolo calling her a political failure whose petition lacks substance and should not be given much time.
“You read it, it’s full of gaps, mistakes, errors and lies. She was rejected by the electorate and now thinks will dupe court to give her what she doesnt deserve? What a day dreamer! Let her lawyers serve our MP, that will be a walk over.” Said a supporter of Lubaga South MP-elect Mukasa, who asked for anonymity.
He adds, “You don’t go before court with dirty hands. Her tents are all over the Constituency,  and everything she donated. Why waste court’s time?”

A successful businessman who is among Hon. Bobi Wine’s top confidants, Hon. Aloysius Mukasa contested on opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party ticket, massively winning Nassolo Eugenia and other twelve candidates to be declared winner by The Electoral Commission Kampala Returning officer.
Other candidates were; Male Charles Kenneth (NRM), Kifampa Silaje (JEEMA), Kato Lubwama Paul (Independent), Mugga Adam Swift (Independent), Lufunya Derrick (Independent), Ken Lukyamuzi (CP), Lubega Samuel Walter Mukaaku (SDP), Buwembo Habib (FDC), Kiyingi Denis ( Independent), Nakanwagi Grace (Independent), Sebugwawo Mbidde Denis (Independent) and Kayemba Michael Oscar (Independent).
Aloysius Mukasa polled 49,501 (Forty Nine thousand, five hundred and one) and Nassolo came second 12,893 (Twelve thousand, Eight Hundred ninety three) votes.
In fact, no MP candidate in Kampala won with such a high percentage apart from Aloysius Mukasa and Shamim Malende (Woman MP-elect Kampala). 
Nassolo who is said to have ran one of the best bankrolled campaigns in which she donated tents, heplones, masks, water tanks among others items, has instead petitioned court to cancel Mukasa’s election on allegations that he donated 300 bags of cement to St. Peters Church Ndeeba.

In her petition, she also puts it to Mukasa that he used his private car to take helpless-sick people to the hospital!
Citing Section 68 (1), (7) & (8) of the Parliamentary Election Act, the petitioner Nassolo Eugenia says, “Mukasa Aloysius and his agents with his knowledge and consent or approval during the election period and with the intent directly or indirectly to influence voters to vote for him and to refrain from voting her gave out donations and gifts like branded masks, water tanks with words, ‘Aloysius Mukasa MP Rubaga South’, to voters on 23rd November 2020 at Nateete Market and Ndeeba Trading Centre.”

In her petition she further alleges that Mukasa Aloysius; 
● Donated Sugar, Salt and soap to voters on 23rd December 2020 at Kabowa Village,  Nateete Parish and Najjanankumbi.
● Gave free ambulance services to constituents using motor vehicles no. UBE 564W & ANOTHER Toyota Hiace which were branded in the colour and stickers of his images and pictures with inscriptions, ‘Lubaga South Mukasa Aloysius T G – Mission 2021’ in the parishes of Ndeeba, Nateete,  Najjanankumbi 1 & 2, Kabowa and Rubaga Parish. 
● He donated and gave gifts like bunches of matooke (Banana), Rice, Sugar, and oil to voters around 24th December 2020 in the parishes of Ndeeba, Nateete, Najjanankumbi 1 & 2, Kabowa, Rubaga Parish.
● That around the month of November 2020, Mukasa gave a donation of 300 bags of cement towards the construction of St. Peters Church Ndeeba which had been razed by court bailiffs.
● Did not complete a minimum formal education of Advanced Level Standard or its equivalent 
● Did not complete and attain a Uganda Certificate of Education
● He bribed voters contrary to section 61 (1) of the Parliamentary Act.

In her prayers, Petitioner Nassolo has asked court to;
■ Declare that Mukasa was not duly elected but the Petitioner
■ An order that the election of Mukasa as a member of Parliament for Rubaga Division South be set aside
■ An order that the petitioner is the dully elected Member of Parliament for Rubaga Division South Constituency 
■ An order that the respondents pay the costs of the petition

Speaking to Mukasa’s camp how they feel now that Nassolo wants court to throw out their MP, they advised her to be prepared for a third defeat in a period of less than six months.
“The first defeat she encountered was at NUP Headquarters where she had camped for a party ticket. On sensing that the vetting committee will instead give the ticket to a hardoworking Mukasa Aloysius who passed the test, Nassolo ran to Balintuma road for the DP ticket.” Said Mukasa’s camp.

The second defeat was on January 14th 2021 when Nassolo’s results were four times less than Mukasa’s results and the camp says, the third defeat will be this election petition. 
“Hon. Mukasa holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from Ndejje University, Advanced Certificate in Business Administration, Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education and Uganda Certificate of Education are all certified. On issues of academic qualifications, our MP is very qualified.” Said MP Mukasa’s camp. 

About the donation allegations,  the camp says, Nassolo must produce evidence beyond reasonable doubt.
“It’s true our MP is known for being very generous and for years, he has been extending a helping hand to the needy. But as a super observant of the Parliamentary election Act as amended, he couldnt commit illegal practices or other offences under this Act. So Nassolo’s allegations are baseless.” Mukasa’s camp told this News website. 
They were shocked that in her petition, Nassolo mistakenly brands Mukasa’s private car of Drone type reg. No. UBE 564W to be an ambulance asking whether this DP lady knows what is an ambulance and it’s features.

“We don’t want to waste time on this empty petition. We shall meet in court but advise her to be ready to pay heavily for her lies. Lubaga South people will stand with their member of Parliament as he defeats Nassolo in round three.” Vowed Hon. Mukasa supporters.
By press time, Mukasa had not been served by Nassolo lawyers of Alaka & Co. Advocates.

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