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2021 MITYANA Municipality MP contestant Abraham Luzzi commonly known as ‘Mbazzi ewaata’ has put NRM ruling party loss specifically in Buganda to its inability in foreseeing and recognising the political strength of NUP leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi and his superb game plan.
Youthful Luzzi,  President Museveni’s blue eyed boy has now urged NRM Party not to waste time mourning but quickly return to the drawing board and strategize on how to claim back Buganda territory.
In the on going elections, NRM has performed poorly in Buganda and most parts of Busoga. The young NUP party has demonstrated might in these regions. Top NRM leader are asking themselves, what went wrong, why the party has been wounded that much, blaming each other for the incompetence.

During an interview with News Editor Media, Mr. Luzzi said days of mourning and blame games must stop, the ruling party has all it needs to correct mistakes and win back areas captured by NUP.
Congratulating Hon. Francis Butebi Zaake who defeated him in Mityana Municipality MP polls, Mr. Luzzi said, “My brother Zaake carried the day. He is our MP. He has been added five more years. I congratulate him and I am ready to work with him for the betterment of Mityana. I concede and therefore call upon others who lost elections to do the same so that we move on as a country. Avoid acts of violence and instability. Me I will continue serving Mityana people in my other projects as we fight poverty and youth unemployment.”

Speaking about how NUP swept almost all elective positions in Mityana, Kassanda, Kiboga, Luweero, Nakaseke, Masaka, Wakiso, Mpigi, Bukomansimbi, Kalungu, Butambala, Kampala and other parts of Busoga, Mr. Luzzi said ruling government was ambushed and hit by the strong youth wave.
“We didn’t see this coming, most of us were asleep. What a political ambush! Now that the enemy has hit us the first time, let us go for retreat, get more prepared and then attack in 2026. We are superb at this game.” Said Luzzi.

For starters, this football philanthropist who has been bankrolling Ssingo County FC in Buganda Masaza cup last year in September contested in NRM Primaries only to leave the party later, on allegations that a certain clique had rigged for a weak John Mary Bugembe, husband to State minister for Kampala, Benny Namugwanya Bugembe.

A dissatisfied Luzzi instead defected to opposition Democratic Party (DP) winning a ticket to contest for MP Mityana Municipality.
A few days to January 14th 2021 polls, Luzzi announced how he was for candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni just like DP VP Fred Mukasa Mbidde shunned Party candidate Norbert Mao to drum support for NUP’s Kyagulanyi.
In fact, videos of Luzzi receiving funds from promoter Balaam Barugahare to mobilize for president Museveni in Mityana hit social media.
Luzzi later confesed before press how he had received facilitation to mobilise and protect candidate Museveni’s votes in Mityana.
His campaign truck was branded by both Museveni and his photos in DP colours. He doesn’t regret dropping Mao for president Museveni.
He told us, “Since childhood I have been a staunch president Museveni supporter. Because some opportunists rigged me in primaries, it doesn’t make me hate mympolitical role model president Museveni. Yes my friends in DP endorsed my candidature but for president I was for H.E Yoweri Museveni.”
DP remained mute as Luzzi was mobilising for candidate Museveni.
He says although NUP wanted President Museveni to get no votes in Mityana, his last minute mobilisation saw NRM Presidential candidate bagging some good votes in the district.
Luzzi thinks if they can go into early mobilisation, stop in-fighting, work on service delivery, fight unemployment and hire more youth for government programs, NRM will reclaim it’s glory come 2026.

Saluting NUP for putting up a good show during elections,  Luzzi said, “For sure, you have worked hard and efficiently. You have given everybody a surprise of the century. Keep it up and we are proud of you as a country.”
He said, NUP exhibited a lot of commitment and these young men and women made it against all odds.
“You have not only talked about what should be done for our country but you have participated, contested and won on different levels. Ugandans have entrusted you, go and serve with one heart, be exemplary, don’t start wars with other leaders in government. Please, have respect to elders.” Said Mr. Luzzi.
He wants NUP Principal not to condon acts of social media bullying, abuses and inciting violence saying public is looking up for their alternative leadership.
To NRM, Luzzi urged them to embrace a political co- existence and exhibit proper judgement and advocacy to work with other political parties saying this is what multi party political system of governance and democracy calls for.

“I pray, we put all our efforts, creativity and time towards activities that add value to our country, let’s promote a healthy and meaningful debate on social media and elsewhere, let’s not look at NRM and other political parties, government or personalities as enemies anymore. We are all children of the soil.” Urged Luzzi.
He called upon all political forces to spread the godpel of love not hatred or insults against different personalities, organisations, opposition politicians or government officials.
Apologizing to all those he offended during this hottest political season, a soft speaking Luzzi said, “Let us all say sorry to one another. Let us open up a new chapter of love and respect and co-existence. As an NRM and President Museveni’s supporter, I will use any possible meansto promote love, forgiveness and understanding especially between NUP and my NRM party.”
He advocates for reconciliation and rehabilitation of the situation for a better Uganda without wounds and hatred for each other. 
He offered himself to open up a debate for a good Uganda every one wants by calling upon all political players starting with, “My party Chairman and the president elect H.E.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the most charismatic youthful leader of NUP Hon.Kyagulanyi to put aside all challenges, pride and ego and we create a meaningful platform for dialogue to forge a way forward.”

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