Hon. Kyagulanyi and Aloysius Mukasa during the launch of National Unity Platform Party


OPPOSITION National Unity Platform (NUP) supreme leader Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has launched engagements with a section of People Power MP aspirants in a mission to front one candidate for each constituency and win seats for this new Party.
He has started with three prime constituencies which includes Lubaga South, where he already vowed to replace his political enemy Kato Lubwama with businessman-turned politician Aloysius Mukasa.
Other targeted constituencies are Nakawa, where two People Power giants Joel Ssenyonyi and mayor Eng. Ronald Balimwezo are set to battle for the same MP seat.
In Kyadondo East, over three people are eyeing this seat on learning that the incumbent Hon. Kyagulanyi is moving on to a bigger slot in 2021. Those with interests are, counsel Muwada Nkunyingi, Khalid Ssimbwa and Kasangati mayor Tonny Kiyimba Ssempebwa.
Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi said, “I want to engage all aspirants and we see, if we can agree on who is running where. We don’t want to lose any of them because that is what Primaries mean.”
The 2021 NUP presidential aspirant is worried that, if he only bases on party primaries, he may lose many political big shots and National Unity Platform may end up tornapart.

Last week Hon. Kyagulanyi held a one on one meeting with Lubaga South MP hopeful Aloysius Mukasa to strategies on how to massively win this seat for National Unity Platform.
In the meeting, Kyagulanyi said he is well briefed by his intelligence teams in Lubaga on how Mukasa camp is combing support from all villages and parishes.
“However, our worry is about other candidates who may dent People power and sabotage this race. We want a single candidate for each constituency.” Kyagulanyi said.
Bobi who we are told deployed People Power top officials to sort our Lubaga South mess where over three aspirants affiliated to National Unity Platform want this seat, told Aloysius Mukasa that he is happy, the issue is being handled.
“I am happy, there are new developments in your constituency. I am aware how other aspirants are looking into relocating to other positions and leave you to tussle it out with the enemy.” Quoted the
Ghetto gladiator adding, “That is the People Power spirit and am encouraging you on. We need a united force to defeat those who are against our cause.”

Mukasa leading residents of Kabowa and Wankulukuku in a demonstration against an Indian investor who blocked their road. One Kibuuka was shot dead

We are exclusively informed, a team led by Mr. Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, leader of Informal sector in People power met one Euginia Nassolo who also has interest in standing for Lubaga South MP seat and asked her to step aside for Aloysius Mukasa, National Unity Platform favorite. Nassolo was asked to look into other posts and she was assured that she would receive party support.
They frankly told her, “Our research shows Mr. Mukasa is well grounded in Lubaga South, he is a resident and has more than two major businesses in the Constituency, he is in touch with senior opinion leaders in Lubaga and has been available for all constituents.”

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“In People Power, Mukasa is a very strong pillar and a dependable leader. We are very much convinced that he has all the necessary means to win Lubaga South seat for us.” Said Fred Nyanzi team.
After this meeting, Nassolo camp lead by Musa Lusembo and Sepiriya Kabuuka met Mukasa camp to forge a way forward and see how their candidate would step down as requested by People Power top leadership.
What the two camps resolved is still unknown but we can authoritatively report that talks were conducted and Nassolo will not be given National Unity Platform flag for Lubaga South MP.
The News Editor Media has labored to reach either Mukasa or Nassolo for a comment but by press time, all was in vain.

A clique of people wanted to front Samuel Walter Lubega Mukaaku for NUP flag in Lubaga South but a report drafted by Bobi Wine team shows, the struggling politician has no attachment whatsoever with the constituency.
Ask 1000 people in Lubaga South about Sam Lubega, you will be shocked, only one knows about him. He has no residential address in the constituency, when he visits Lubaga South, Mukaaku hires a small lodge in Spire Zone, Ndeeba where he puts up. Kyagulanyi team was shocked to find out that Lubega Mukaaku is totally off Lubaga South ground.
” It will be like throwing our flag into the dustbin if we mess and give our flag to Sam Lubega. We can instead post him to another constituency where he is well known, like in Mawokota South but in Lubaga South, no way. We badly want this constituency and we will allocate it to a competent candidate.” Said Bobi’s intelligence team.
With JEEMA’s Siraje Kifampa, he has already contested twice and lost. His campaign message is not clear and he is not in good books with People Power top command.
He is faulted for having led a group of JEEMA opportunists who attacked party President Asuman Basalirwa for being in a political bed with Hon. Kyagulanyi.
If Kifampa had hopes in NUP fronting him for Lubaga South, he better think otherwise.
We are reliably informed, JEEMA Spokesman Kyamundu Ssentongo, who is Kifampa’s blue eyed boy,  has been on forefront in blackmailing People Power officials, manufacturing social media lies to taint National Unity Platform bosses. All these were taken note of.
All this leaves Kifampa out of the Lubaga South puzzle. He is said to be poor a team builder.


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