Speaker Kawalya after Hon. Bobi Wine handed him NUP membership card


IT’S now official! Haji Abubaker Kawalya, Kampla Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker has finally deserted Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) to Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi’s new party National Unity Platform (NUP) citing mistreatment and dictatorship in the Najjanankumbi Blue Party.
Speaker Kawalya has crossed with senior Lord councilors led by Faridah Nakabugo (Lubaga South) who has been FDC Caucus Chairperson, Ismail Tabalamule (Makindye East) the Chairperson Engineering and Technical Service Standing Committee, Ismail Ddamba Kisuze Musajjatasuliraawo (Lubaga South)who is Chairperson Education Standing Committee, Nsibambi Zamin Masunge who is Chairperson Gender  and your own Muhammad Sseggirinya commonly known as Eddoboozi ly’e Kyebando who is Chairperson Public Health Standing Committee also representing the people of Kawempe North at City Hall.
At a colorful function presided over by People Power supremo Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi, Speaker Kawalya was accompanied by hundreds of his supporters chanting his name.
The favorite Lubaga North 2021 Member of Parliament said he is happy that he has finally moved on saying this was after thorough consultations from his supporters.
“I am very happy that I have been welcomed home. We have come as winners to join another winning team. Let the struggle continue, we are here to liberate our country.” Vowed Hon. Kawalya.
Handing over NUP membership cards to Speaker Kawalya and Lord councilors,Hon. Kyagulanyi’s beamed with pride at such excellent signing. No doubt, Speaker Kawalya will be NUP candidate for Lubaga North MP.


Today, yet again it was a great pleasure welcoming many leaders at different levels into the National Unity Platform. These include the KCCA Speaker, comrade Kawalya Abubakar, several KCCA councillors, Division councillors, and leaders of other areas.

Hon. Bobi Wine with KCCA Speaker, lord councilors and division councilors after their defection from FDC to NUP Party

In a very special way, it was a great pleasure receiving fellow artistes Ronald Mayinja, Hussein Ibanda aka Swengere and Aloysius Matovu Joy into the National Unity Platform.

My brother Ronald Mayinja has inspired many of us over the years, and I am sure even when he wandered off at some point, yet I know that his heart was always with us. I am grateful that you comrades have given him a warm welcome back home.

Bobi with Aloysius Matovu Joy

My kablaza Swengere is one guy you need to meet in life. He is not only a fun guy to be around, he is such an intelligent, thoughtful and solid brother whose heart is with the people. I can only pray that he will remain steadfast on this struggle for a better Uganda.

Hon. Sseggirinya receiving NUP card from Hon. Bobi Wine

Our elder and senior citizen, Matovu Aloysius Joy has been a personal inspiration over the years. I feel extremely humbled seeing such a noble citizen come to join NUP. All these things are evidence that what we do represents what is right and just.


For starters, a few months ago, Kawalya who identified with People Power during campaigns for KCCA Speaker won the race beating hands down Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s candidate Doreen Nyanjura.
On declaring his interest to contest for KCCA Speaker, Lukwago met Kawalya at a Wakaliga Hotel and ‘Ordered’ him to step down for Nyanjura saying she was the Peoples Government candidate where the Lordmayor subscribes.
Lukwago allegedly said, there is no way he can allow Kawalya in a race against Doreen Nyanjura.
A bold Kawalya said, “With due respect Lord mayor, I wont buy your argument. I believe in democracy and councilors are mandated to elect their Speaker. Let’s all go for the race, the winner will take it all.”
This is when Lukwago officially declared a war against Kawalya and to those who closely followed KCCA Speaker’s race, it was a real battle between Kawalya and Lukwago.
Thank Allah, Kawalya emerged the winner on the polling day.

Hon. Bobi with Lubaga division councilor

Prior to elections, FDC goons were hired to attack and beat up Kawalya and other FDC members for shunning Peoples Government candidate, Nyanjura.
It is alleged, huge sums of money were sent to Nyanjura’s camp to buy off councilors but all was in vain.
Since then, a clique in FDC has been haunting Kawalya and when he picked nominations for Lubaga North MP, Owek. Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo the Lubaga mayor who signed on his papers was seriously attacked by a clique of opportunists in FDC.
“I couldn’t bear for this any more. You all know how I have been loyal to FDC, respecting all leaders and bankrolling party activities in Lubaga and Kampala at large. All indicators show they don’t need me. It’s fine, let me move on.” Speaker Kawalya privately talked to us.
To those who know Kawalya, no serious opposition side can ignore his political roles! A very hardworking young man, approachable, generous and down to earth.
He is a mover, a hardliner and very excellent in sorting out political issues. With Kawalya in the race, Lubaga North MP race will be the hottest ever. He is set to tussle it out with NRM’s Beti Olive Namisango Kamya Turomwe and the incumbent, Moses Kasibante.
Latest opinion polls give Kawalya an early win and if he maintains the momentum, he will massively take it.
Among the likely candidates, Kawalya is the only born of Lubaga North in Kawaala-Kasubi, the most populated parish in Uganda.

There is so much to write about the defecting Lord councilors,but at least not for today. The little we can say for now, Faridah Nakabugo has been one of the unsung FDC diehards in Lubaga.
At a very tender age, Nakabugo joined FDC at its early stage in 2005. She was recruited by Hon. Beti Kamya. She picked her from Kibuye market where she was working as a young girl.
Faridah, together with Asuman Ssemakula (Besigye’s driver) were assigned with mobilizing for Dr. Besigye’s return from exile in South Africa to enable him contest for President in 2006, a job they executed perfectly. Since then, Faridah has been an FDC diehard, so committed to the party and a re-known activist. No one knows, how many times Faridah Nakabugo has been arrested and detained for her activism.
It’s unfortunate that she has left a party she saw growing, just because of mafias who hijacked FDC on the way. Ismail Ddamba Kisuze a journalist by profession, just like Faridah, joined FDC as a school boy at a time when people feared to be identified as FDC members. During Lubaga mayoral by elections in 2009, Ddamba, in his early 20s introduced Owek. Ssebuggwawo to the people of Ndeeba, to vote her, as new mayor.
He has been a great pillar in the politics of FDC in Lubaga who led youth teams to mobilize for the party. In 2016 polls, he stood for Lord councilor and Lubaga South rewarded him for being a hard working and vocal young man.
Ismail Tabalamule has also been a loyal FDC young man in Makindye working very closely with Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi, Makindye East MP.
For Muhammad Ssegirinya, a lot is known about him. A great activist who almost lost life fighting for the marginalized. This is the great signing for People power ever, and we are sure, more councilors are still crossing.


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