A LEADER WHO LISTENS: Sumayiyah Muwonge at Kawempe market yesterday


CELEBRATED Journalist Sumayiyah Muwonge who has already shown interest in contesting for Kampala Woman Member of Parliament in 2021 wants Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to explain why it has failed to manage waste in the Capital city yet it got a budget of UGX 12B.
Meeting vendors in Kawempe ‘Ku ttaano’ market yesterday, Sumayiyah Muwonge the ‘Ddembe lyo’ show host every Saturday at 7:00pm also Agookya News Anchor on Top tv now handling Private Teachers’ issues was dismayed on learning that market vendors have to hire a truck from KCCA for Ceesspool emptying.
Vendors told her, “We have on many occasions approached KCCA to send us a Ceesspool emptier but they are very slow and it sometimes take ages.”
An angry Sumayiyah Muwonge was so incensed about leaders who  have failed put KCCA to task leaving taxpayers to suffer.
She said, “Now we have come to vie for leadership positions. Give us an opportunity to go to Parliament and air out your views and monitor these city managers who collect your taxes. Kampala people deserve to be given services because they pay huge taxes.”
“But before I even enter Parliament, I want KCCA to account for over UGX 12B they were given for waste management in Kampala. Where are Cesspool emptiers? We want them tell us or else we take another step.” Said Ms. Sumayiyah Muwonge.

WHY I HAVE COME: Sumayiyah Muwonge speaks out

Speaking to a KCCA official attached to the Directorate of Public Health and Environment, it’s true they don’t have enough Cesspool emptiers and waste management trucks because Government did not give them money as it was budgeted.
“We asked for UGX 45B to buy 45 garbage trucks and UGX 5B for managing waste in Kampala but our request was not considered. We only got UGX 3B not 12 B as our sister Sumayiyah Muwonge alleges.” Says KCCA official.
He told the News Editor Media that KCCA licenced Uganda Emptiers Association who are in charge of Cesspool emptying services because the City governing body has no money to buy Ceesspool emptiers.
He said, “We only have about 4 toilet emptiers. And we operate in all KCCA primary schools,  public institutions like Churches and Mosques, hospitals and in most parts, sewers are no longer working. For private schools, markets and homes, we always advise our people to seak for emptying services from the Uganda Emptiers Association.”
We are told, KCCA put a toll free number to help out those who want Cesspool emptying services.
“We can’t serve all Kampala people in time. Our hands are tied. Kindly, Kawempe market vendors should bear with us.” Said KCCA.
Sumayiyah Muwonge has however refused to buy KCCA excuses saying the City managers should carry their cross if not, let them resign.
In Kawempe yesterday,  Sumayiyah Muwonge visited different areas donating books and other reading materials to students who were locked in their homes due to Coronavirus outbreak.
Primary and secondary students who benefitted from Sumayiyah Muwonge donations saluted her saying other politicians stop at feeding them with empty promises.

LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Sumayiyah Muwonge donating reading materials to school children who are in lockdown

Sumayiyah is expected to visit all the five Kampala divisions donating Stay home reading materials.
In the race, she is expected to tussle it out with MUK Don Dr. Stella Nyanzi, Shamim Malende, Shifrah Lukwago, Fatuma Nambi, among others.
Being a reknown journalist and a youth, analysts say Sumayiyah is likely to pull huge crowds.

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