Minister Karoro Okurut with Pr. Jackson and Eve Senyonga addressing media at Christian Life Church, the Home of P5

By Emma Mugejjera

DR. JACKSON and Pastor Eve Senyonga of Christian Life Church (CLC) Makerere Kavule have launched a program of donating food stuffs to thousands of starving Ugandans worth UGX 300M.

Christian Life Church Covid-19 Taskforce official lining up hundreds of people who came to get foodstuffs

The mega function was held at this Church and graced by Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut, Minister in Charge of General duties office of the Prime minister who received and endorsed the first batch.

Addressing journalists in the presence of Church leaders, Minister Okurut who heads Covid-19 National Taskforce, on behalf of Uganda Government extended gratitude to Dr. Jackson Senyonga and wife for not only leading Church in interceding for the Country amidst Coronavirus outbreak but also giving out with a loving heart to feed the hungry people.

“As Government of Uganda we are overwhelmed by your kindness, your generosity, your hearts of gold, but more importantly, Pastor Jackson and Eve Senyonga you walk the talk of God.” Noted Minister Karoro Okurut adding that, “I want to tell you, we are very grateful. Thank you Pastor, thank you church for feeding the hungry people of God, we do appreciate.”

Joy at Christian Life Church, the Home of P5

The minister thanked Senyonga and all other religious groups who have been praying and still praying saying, “We know even though there are medical doctors, it is only God with the power to heal.”

Pastor Senyonga said the donation totalling UGX 300M comes from Christian Life Church, Top television, Top radio and Kampala Fm, which he leads.

Minister Okurut hailed Top Media for always providing very useful information and giving fantastic services to the people of Uganda.

Thank you Top Media

“We have been listening in and following,  the information that goes out to the public builds, it does not cause strife, thank you Top Media for giving Ugandans wonderful services.” Said minister Okurut at a function attended by Kawempe Mayor His Worship Dr. Emanuel Sserunjogi Oweddembe, Deputy RCC and Kawempe Town Clerk among others.

The Minister said, “Normally, contributions come to the office of the Prime Minister.  But when we got a request from Pr.Jackson Senyonga to come and receive the donation at Church, we said ok, we shall take time off and come because we know about the hundreds of people you are serving here.”

More people flocked Christian Life Church for relief food

Since the Lockdown, Christian Life Church has been helping hundreds of people in camera. A lot of families have benefited. The church has been sending people money to buy food and other basic necessities. 

“We have decided to officially answer our President’s appeal to donate to the National Taskforce.” Senyonga told Minister Karoro Okurut.

The minister revealed that, “The Coronavirus monster came for all of us. It has come to the entire world and the lesson that God is putting across is that he is in control. So we really want to thank you for this contribution. For your help to the disabled community we are grateful, we appreciate you, for this selfless service. The kindness exhibited by you and Christian life Church, is beyond measure.The president himself will appreciate you.”

Minister Okurut launching food donation at Christian Life Church on Thursday

“May the good Lord replenish your pockets and bank accounts.” Prayed Minister Karoro Okurut. She reminded Ugandans to stick and adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines. 

Thanking President Museveni for giving a green light to Church leaders to distribute food and other relief items to those in need during the lockdown, Pr. Senyonga said this was a prayer answered for hundreds of church leaders who were looking for a way to help.

Kawempe Municipality Mayor Dr. Sserunjogi handing over a food basket at CLC

“We are going to feed hungry people in most parts of Kampala and neighbouring areas, then after, we will distribute food to other districts of the country because the National Pastors Alliance (NPA) I lead has membership of 27000 pastors countrywide.” Said Senyonga assuring them that, “We have to reach all of you because you need our help and we will stand with you.”

According to his program, they will reach out to different regions of the country.

In the first batch, Pr. Senyonga was allowed to give out and identify people who are in need in the areas of Kawempe. The list was compiled by local leaders of 119 villages. Thousands lined up for maize flour, beans, sugar and soap.

THANK YOU PR. JACKSON SENYONGA: Ladies after receiving food to go and feed their children

Flanked by his wife, Pr. Senyonga thanked the Church saying although the gates to the churches were closed during the National lockdown, the gates of Heaven remained open.

Churches have not ceased praying and interceeding for a Covid-19 free Country.

“We want to thank God for the opportunity he has given us to serve his people. As you know, Christian Life Church is here to serve the people of God in Uganda and World over. We are under attack by Coronavirus but we are defeating it, each one of us must understand  that every person has a role to play.” Said Pr. Senyonga, thanking  God for the wisdom he has given president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who he said has perfectly led this country in the war against Covid-19.

THANK U FOR COMING: Minister Karoro signs visitors’ book

“With wisdom, our president has guided us on how to tame the Spreading Coronavirus and see, as Uganda, we are defeating this pandemic. We thank God for the Prime minister’s office which is heading the Covid-19 National Taskforce and the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng who has worked tirelessly to see that her ministry sets guidelines which must be followed for all of us to remain safe.” Said Pr. Jackson Senyonga.

Asked by our reporter about the popular P5 prayers whether they ended with closing churches, he said, “P5 is on going. We are using the same pulpits and God’s people join us  from their houses, on their tv sets and Top radio. The number has increased. Millions of Ugandans are now praying with us.”

CLC Covid-19 Taskforce on duty

Asked about how churches once opened,   will control the spread of Covid 19, Pr. Senyonga said, they will observe the guidelines like social distancing,  increasing the number of church services to accommodate small congregations,  spreading seats and avoiding handshakes. 

“All our church members are part of the community, all communities have been sensitised about how to observe ministry of Health guidelines. What the churches need to do is making internal changes like spreading the seats for social distancing, washing hands before the services, having more services. Churches are not chaotic like markets. We are more organised.” Noted Pr. Senyonga.

GOSPEL WITH ACTION: Dr. Jackson Senyonga

He attacked false prophets hoodwinking the public by telling lies that in Uganda there is no Covid-19. 

“Avoid such misleading voices. Avoid such false prophets like Augustine Yiga.” Warns Pr. Senyonga.

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