Published on:  April 1, 2020 12:57 (EAT)

TWO of Kenya’s coronavirus patients who recovered from the COVID-19 disease have spoken to the public for the first time since leaving the Mbagathi District Hospital isolation centre.

In a televised address, the two patients updated President Uhuru Kenyatta via a Skype link on their triumphant experience.

Brenda, the first Kenyan patient believes she contracted the virus in London while returning to Kenya from the United States.

She explained that she had read about the Mbagathi Hospital Isolation centre while still in Ohio which prompted her to report to the facility after experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms.

“I think I got the virus in London on my way to Nairobi when I came back I stayed for a day and then reported to the Mbagathi Hospital and they took me seriously,” She said.

She has been in quarantine for the last 23 days and thanks the doctors from the Kenyatta National Hospital for taking care of her.

“I want to tell Kenyans that this virus is manageable and people might have mild symptoms like a cough and a slight headache, so people should not really be afraid, we will pull through,” She added.

The second patient, Brian,  who says he was infected by Brenda, says he was taken to the isolation centre immediately the test results for Brenda came back.

At the same time, he asked Kenyans to treat the pandemic seriously, saying its it is real but can be defeated if Kenyans follow directives from the Ministry of Health.

“Coronavirus is real, please follow what the government is saying because that is the only way to beat the disease,” Brian explained.

The two then thanked the government for its swift response in quarantining them and offering medical care to ensure they recovered.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru in the conversation lauded them for their bravery and wished them well.

At the same time, he asked Kenyans who feel unwell to be accountable and report to the relevant authorities.

He reiterated on the need for social distancing and observation of the guidelines by the ministry of health as pertains to the pandemic.

In the coming days, the president has promised to meet the two physically saying Kenyans need to understand the gravity of the global pandemic.


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