PEOPLE Power Movement supreme leader Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine who is the Kyadondo East legislator has been denied access to the Iran – Naguru Hospital from where Mityana Municipality MP Francis Butebi Zaake who was arrested on Sunday and allegedly tortured, is undergoing treatment. 

Deployment at the Hospital where Hon. Zaake is being incarcerated from

In a statement released by Hon. Bobi Wine on Thursday evenning, he was denied access to his colleague and asked to return today (Friday) or any other day. 

Bobi at the Iran-Uganda Hospital

Bobi Wine has said, “As soon as I arrived at the hospital with Nubian Li, they deployed more police officers armed to the teeth with anti-riot equipment! You can imagine the fear!”
“When I was detained at Makindye after such a horrendous torture ordeal, they made sure no body could see me so as to buy time. They only allowed people see me after making sure i was in better  better shape!” Said Bobi Wine.
MP Zaake, who is the People Power National Youth cordinator was arrested on Sunday over allegations of distributing food to hungry Mityana people, yet this was banned by President Museveni.
The Head of State directed police to arrest and charge with attempted murder, politicians found distributing food relief during Covid 19 lockdown.
In his address, Museveni said, “In the meantime, arrest the opportunistic and irresponsible politicians who try to distribute food for cheap popularity. Those are very dangerous to the health of the people.”
“When you try to distribute food or money in such a situation, people gather around you. Many people can be infected in that process. You will, therefore, have caused the sickness or death of those people. Anybody involved in that effort will be arrested and charged with attempted murder.” ordered the President.

Security on alert

However Lawyers are saying, the President has no mandate to ammend the laws.
“Ammendment of statutes is a preserve of the legislature. He is not a member of the National assembly therefore, he has no mandate to amend the laws.” Said counsel Moses Kabuusu, former Kyamuswa member of Parliament.
City lawyer Male Mabirizi when approached for interpretation,  had this to say: “President Museveni did not cite any law under which the politicians would be charged with attempted murder yet he was addressing the Nation and illegally directing the Police Force.”

Bobi Wine alleged that, when men in army uniform arrested MP Zaake from his residence at Buswabulongo in Mityana, he was beaten so badly not necessarily because of distributing food, but for supporting People Power.
Kyagulanyi who last year declared intentions to contest for President in 2021 yesterday said, “Today has been a very emotional day for me. It has brought back the memories of the Arua ordeal and the many other times I have found myself alone, surrounded by people who are on no other mission but to hurt me and ensure the world does not get to know.” 
“Today has also given more meaning to our struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights. It has been yet another reminder that we must fight and win our freedom or die trying.” Wrote Bobi Wine.
He continued to say, “Our brother and comrade Hon. Francis Zaake Francis was beaten so badly! The man who was very energetic on Sunday is now being treated at the Iran-Uganda hospital in Naguru.”
“These past days, people have been denied access to him, including his personal doctors, lawyers and family members. They have allowed a few people to see him although they were all prohibited from going in with phones so that they don’t take pictures of him” Bobi writes in his statement.
Bobi says, ” Those that have sneaked in to see Hon Zaake talk of unspeakable things done to him. Upon arrest, they did not even talk much about food distribution, it was all about intimidating him and demanding that he stops opposing government!”
“Comrades, we must remain alert and demand for what is due to us. We must not allow them have their way. Free Zaake, Free Uganda, Freedom in Sight.” Bobi wrote.


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