THE war between the two opposition giants Dr. Warren Kizza Besigye and youthful Hon. Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi ahead of 2021 General elections is not about to end!

Led by their newly elected Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Speaker Abubaker Kawalya, over ten FDC councilors have run away from Dr. Kizza Besigye’s Peoples Government to Hon. Bobi Wine’s People Power endorsing his 2021 presidential candidature a move that has caused panic at the Blue Party Najjanankumbi Headquaters.

Speaker Kawalya, flanked by FDC KCCA councilors endorsing Bobi Wine for President in 2021 at a function in Kamwokya this week

On Tuesday, Speaker Kawalya and KCCA councilors led by FDC Caucus Chairperson Faridah Nakabugo who is the councilor representing Lubaga South at City Hall visited Hon. Bobi Wine at a function attended by Lubaga South People Power Cordinator Aloysious Mukasa and over 200 supporters.

A happy Bobi Wine congratulated Kawalya and saluted KCCA Councilors for electing the best choice.

“Councilors took a wise decission to vote Kawalya for Speaker.  We in People Power, endorsed this young man for that office because he is tested. He perfectly understands the struggle we are in and has always been bold. We are seeing live leadership qualities in Kawalya. Congs my brother.” Said Kyagulanyi during a function at People  Power’s Kamwokya Headquaters. 

Dressed in KCCA Speaker gown, Kawalya thanked Kyagulanyi for his support and political strategies he gave him saying, “All helped us winning this race.”

“We have come to thank People Power for all the support and pay allegiance to you as our generation leader. We will always be togather, in 2021 bank on us.” Pledged Kawalya in support of FDC councilors.

In last week Thursday elections, Kawalya trounced Peoples Government candidate Doreen Nyanjura to be crowned first ever KCCA Speaker.

Both Kawalya and Nyanjura are on FDC tickets but one believes in People Power pressure group while the other in Peoples Government pressure.


Our sources in FDC has reliably informed us, on getting information about what transpired at Kamwokya, an urgent meeting was held at Najjanankumbi to immediately find ways of harmonising the political tensions caused by Kawalya’s election at City Hall or else,  the Party is set to perform poorly in Kampala come 2021 election.

Party leaders headed by Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi who wanted Kawalya and FDC councilors fired for paying allegiance to people power, have eaten their words, now want this matter to be resolved amicably to avoid tearing the Party apart, something which may cost them dearly.  

“We urgently need to do something else. Chasing Kawalya and other councilors out of FDC will not work. Now, what about Owek. Joyce Juliet Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo, FDC Buganda Vice President who openly supported Kawalya and even moved out on NEC members who were endorsing Nyanjura? Will she also be suspended? I think we don’t have a good case against KCCA FDC councilors.” Quoted a top FDC NEC members yesterday. 

Those who were still insisting on suspending FDC councilors for supporting People Power lost it all when they were asked to explain, whether even Dr. Besigye will be suspended from FDC for supporting and leading Peoples Government pressure group.

The Party is considering sweet talking these councilors who looks to be unstoppable. 


Back to Kamwokya meeting on Tuesday, Kyagulanyi called for unity in opposition if they are to register success in 2021 polls urging members to shun leader who instead work to maintain the status quo.

Hon. Bobi Wine calling for unity in opposition. Extreme right is Aloysious Mukasa, 2021 Lubaga South MP hopeful

“Some of our colleagues are fighting us from within. They desist unity and will always keep the opposition forces divided. Avoid such leaders.” Said Kyagulanyi, without mentioning names.

Informal sector Cordinator in People Power Fred Nyanzi categorically said, the approach used to win KCCA speaker race shocked many especially NRM.

“People Power candidates in Speaker and deputy speaker race like councilor Ever Kyazike in Kampala Central division won. We are very great full.” Said Chairman Nyanzi.

Councilor Faridah Nakabugo asked opposition to leave comfortable zones claiming they command Kampala which he called lies.

“How can you boast around that you command Kampala when NRM almost won all division Speakers? How many FDC councilors do we have at Lubaga urban Council,  Kawempe, Kampala Central, Makindye or Nakawa? NRM dominates these councils. We shouldn’t be liars, a lot has to be done if we are to take over Kampala in 2021.” Said Nakabugo. 

Aloysius Mukasa, 2021 People Power MPcandidate for Lubaga South talked about team work saying, no one will dare them if they work like a team.

Councilors present included Ismail Ddamba Kisuze  (Lubaga South), Rashidah Naluwooza (Kawempe North), Michael Wamala Zigwa  (Kawempe), Umar Kafeero  (Makindye), Rashid Kibirige  (Nateete) among others.  


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