ON TUESDAY February 18th 2020, Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, chairman Electoral commission in preparation for the 2020-2021 General Elections, and in accordance with Section 25 of the Electoral Commission Act (Cap 140), the Electoral Commission has appointed 19th February – 10th March 2020 as the period for the Display of the National Voters’ Register.
Nominations of Presidential and Parliamentary candidates is set for August 2020.
In News editor analysis, we bring you Part I of Members of Parliament from Buganda, who are safe, who are unsafe and why. 
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THE THREE ARE SAFE: MPs Lubyayi, Kasozi and Zaake

The Deputy Chairman COSASE is superb and competent. Makindye East constituency is in safe hands. This learned counsel recently told us at Parliament, when time for active politics comes, he will showcase all he has done for Makindye East.
Former NRM MP John Ssimbwa wants to return but it will be hard to break this money magnet. 
In the 10th Parliament, Kasozi is top on the list of very generous Buganda MPs. A selfless youngman, he is so generous to the extent that he sometimes gives out all he has to bail out his constituents in need. 
It is Dr. Besigye who endorsed Kasozi’s name to deputize Hon. Munyagwa in COSASE saying, his former aide has delivered 100% in Parliament.
This FDC legislator if not found at Parliament, will be at his farm looking after animals. You can’t find Kasozi throwing parties. 
This very down to earth legislator values genuine friends. Kasozi is loved for being a man of his word, incorruptible and dependable.
Hon. Kasozi will be in the 2021 August House. Word of advice to those who dream of unseating him, please find other things to do.

MP Kasozi in his Mityana garden

He doubles as Mawokota South MP and NRM Chairman Mpigi district. He is set to tusstle it out with FDC’s electoral commission Chairman Yusuf Nsibambi who owns Nkozi clays and he is setting up a city in Mawokota.
The Kampala Land Board Chairman has already vowed to unseat NRM’s Lubyayi but this may not be an easy task as this billioniare thinks.
First of all, Nsibambi is in a sea of problems after a number of people especially in the constituency have come out claiming that he fraudulently took their properties like land titles, houses and other assets.
These among others include Haji Ali Kasule commonly known as Subaru and the family of late Paulo Kivumbi a former NRA fighter. Kivumbi’s orphans in Kalagala, Nkozi, Mawokota South have already petitioned the president pinning Nsibambi for fraudently taking their family home sitting on five acres. 
Just last week, COSASE committee in Parlianent issued a warrant of arrest to Nsibambi for defying their summons to answer queries about over 200 titles in Kampala.
Nsibambi who recently had an operation, will face a hard task to win the Mawokota South seat.
Talked about as having too much pride, Nsibambi’s  political approach doesn’t work in villages.
Mpigi politics is a bit tricky, it is the only district near Kampala where NRM takes almost every seat.
True Lubyayi voted to ammend the constitution to lift presidential age limit but his voters forgave him saying, as NRM chairman of the district, he had no option.
In the 9th Parliament, Lubyayi was removed by tycoon Bbosa Kiyingi Lutalo’s son Kenneth Kiyingi accusing him of not being in good books with Mengo. 
Lubyayi worked on this and has been assigned more responsibilities to lead Kabaka’s Mawokota county football club an assignment he perfectly executed and Mawokota lifted the trophy. In 2016, voters sent him back to Parliament.
Through his Voluntary Action for Development, Lubyayi built schools, churches, mosques, helped farmers, funded youth groups, Women SACCOS and this has kept him closer to the voters.
A very connected Lubyayi, recently hosted minister Sam Kahemba Kuteesa and other ministers during the fundraising to build Buwama Catholic Church.
Lubyayi gives back to his voters, a down to earth legislator, he will be very hard to break.
Other politicians who want this seat includes EALA’s Susan Nakawuki but Mawokota people have already told her openly not to waste her money, she should either go back to Busiro East where she has ever served as an MP or to Bukoto.
There is also one Warakira. It is also speculated that DP will front Samuel Lubega Mukaaku.  
All indicators show, Lubyayi will bounce back.
He is an experienced legislator who is popular even among the youth.

The Government Chief Whip, should sit in Kampala and relax, things are not all that well. Having served as Kiboga district representative now for 25 years, the voters think, she has not given them her best.
A young lady, Grace Kakooza from People Power wants Nankabirwa out.
Born to late Joseph Kakooza Ssempijja and Aisha Namakula at a village called  Kabutemba in Kiboga Town Council, Grace grew up an orphan.
Her life was about striving but she says, God helped her make it.
She started school at Gloria Nursery School, St. Andrews, Islamic Centre and St. Paul schools in Kiboga. 
She went to Mityana S.S Namukozi, Light College Katikamu, Manchester High Kisaasi and Makerere University Business School for her Bachelors.
She landed a job in United Kingdom from where she managed to use her savings and set up Grace Foundation which educates over 250 children from helpless families.
An admirer of MPs Idah Erios Nantaba and Francis Butebi Zaake, Grace says enough is enough for Nankabirwa. Kiboga has not benefitted from the guerilla war it facilitated because their would be voice is mute.
This sexy chic commands support from youth, opinion leaders and veterans.
She says Kiboga has no medical facilities, their sick people are instead reffered to Masindi in Bunyoro.
Asked whether she isn’t worried of Nankabirwa’s influence, Grace Kakooza said let time come, she will be embarassed.
Nankabirwa joined politics fresh from Makerere University in 1994.
She was endorsed by Rhoda Kalema, then Kiboga NRC representative on her retirement from politics.
Nankabirwa was Kiboga’s representative in the drafting of National constitution and since then, she has been an MP.
She has served in many ministries like that of Luwero Triangle, Fisheries, Defence and Micro Finance.
Grace is painting Kiboga red where NRM has been scoring 96%.
For the first time, Kiboga one of the Luwero Triangle districts had riots last year and Hoima road was templorily blocked.
Grace has vowed to give Nankabirwa a run for her money.
However, Nankabirwa has also woken up.
She organised a mega show to bring back her supporters.
This will be another very hot contest in the country, come 2021.
Nankabirwa has been tustling it out with State House’s Rose Zimulinda and humiliating her, but with the coming in of People Power’s Grace, the story may easily change.
Grace hosted opposition politicians led by Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi and Hon. Zaake at function attended by thousands of Kiboga people. Police tried to block the function but her supporters over powered it.


The Mityana Municipality legislator is very safe. Any one who has interest in this seat is advised to look elsewhere. Many opposition politicians like Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke never expected this youngster to make it to the 10th Parliament. She even camped in Mityana to decampaign Zaake urging Mityana Municipality voters never ‘to send us that boy, Parliament is not a play ground that he is coming to play football with other boys.’  Nambooze was in Mityana to campaign for DP Candidate Faustine Mukambwe Lukonge. 

However, all this fell on deaf ears. On polling day, thousands voted Zaake, sending Nambooze’s candidate (Mukambwe) to third position.
NRM’s Charles Sserugga Matovu finished second.
Zaake’s win wasn’t a surprise to many of us. He had massively attended campaigns with a solid message.  He automatically had to sail through.
Coming from an extra rich family, his dad Emanuel Ssembuusi Butebi owns a number of hotels both in Kampala and Mityana making the family popular. Butebi is a successful businessman who heads Mityana Traders Association (MITA) and is well connected to Mengo where Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II appointed him to sit on the Buganda Twezimbe, a committee set up to redevelop Buganda Kingdom.
Zaake’s father is reknown in Mityana and respected by elders, opinion leaders, business fraternity and religious leaders. It was therefore a walk over for his son in 2016.
He gathered a number of votes from the youth, women, business people and elders. 
In Parliament, Zaake who stood as independent has proved to the likes of Nambooze that he is a real MP material.
He is one of the vocal MPs who perfectly legislate for his constituents.
Hansard has captured Zaake raising matters of National importance like the poor status of Mityana government Hospital, impassable roads in Mityana, lack of electricity among others.
During the debate to ammend article 102(b) of the Constitution to lift presidential and LCV age limit, Zaake consulted his voters and they ordered him never to touch it, so he did not scoring highly back in the constituency.
The boy who was despised by Nambooze has become a thorn in NRM’s fresh. Zaake backs Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi’s Poople Power, he has become the talk of international media and has raised Mityana flag high.
On two incidences, one during a hot Togikwatako debate and during the Arua Municipality MP by election saga where he was clobbered to near death, many expected this MP to give up. However each day that passes by, he becomes stronger and more popular.
Mityana people think their MP has given them all, they are very proud of him and dont expect to look for a substitute come 2021.
Those with hopes to contest with Zaake like one Abraham Luzzi, Lukonge Mukambwe, Kintu Aggrovet, Sserugga Matovu and others, have a tall tree to climb. 
In fact during Zaake’s thanks giving ceremony last year in Mityana, Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri asked Mityana people to make Zaake a sole candidate come 2021 so that, he gives the would be Mityana campaign time to other candidates in different parts of the Country.
Analysts say, who ever thinks can unseat Zaake, will be just wasting time and money.
Zaake commands support from NRM, DP, FDC, People Power and other forces. He is good at lobbying for his voters, for churches, mosques, schools, youth and women groups, etc.
He is now a darling to the likes of Nambooze. No opposition politician can dare step in Mityana to decampain Zaake.

Hon. Mbidde launching his football tournament in Masaka

The Masaka Municipality DP MP is serving his second term. His return for the third term swings in balance. EALA MP Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde, who also doubles as Masaka DP Chairman and DP National Vice President has already declared his bid for the same slot.
For Starters, in 2011, Mpuuga unseated then DP Vice President General Counsel JB Kawanga. He was then an independent backed by SSUUBI pressure group.
In 2016 elections, Mpuuga returned to his mother party DP on advice of Hon. Mbidde.
All signs show, Mpuuga will be shown the exit come 2021.
Mpuuga is being fought by church which has already come out openly to support Mbidde. They accuse Mpuuga for not financially supporting church projects. Sometime last year, Masaka Diocese Bishop emeritus JB Kagwa saluted Hon. Mbidde during a fully parked Kitovu Church mass for being a generous leader who gives back to church.
The new Masaka Bishop Rev. Fr. Jjumba and Mbidde are very close friends, he is also said to be a close pal to Anglican Bishop, Tamale Katumba.
In fact during the consecration of Bishop Jjumba,  Mpuuga as the area MP was on the list of Speakers but was  blocked by Church a few minutes to being  invited by the Master of ceremony.
Among the electorates, Mpuuga is taken to be a man of too much pride, who wants voters to worship him because he is a former Buganda minister. Mbidde, is a down to earth guy who can be found in Masaka ghettos jazzing with youth.
In Mengo, Mpuuga is no longer in good books with Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.
It is believed, he is among Buganda MPs who see Mayiga as an NRM sympathiser and that Kabaka needs to fire him.
During the 2018 Kabaka birth day fete in Kalungu, a few meters from Masaka, Mpuuga didnt show up and this annoyed Katikkiro.
He had a fight withbformer Pokino Mayega, Kabaka’s Buddu County chief.
One time Pokino Mayega blasted Mpuuga for blackmailing him.
It’s true in People Power, Kyagulanyi appointed Mpuuga as a Cordinator for Greater Masaka but the Ghetto gladiator isn’t happy with Mpuuga for being incompetent and inactive in all people power activities.
During a meeting held in Wakiso a few months back, Bobi Wine was disappointed by his likes for having no written report about their deployments. Insiders say,  Bobi is considering to substitute the likes of Mpuuga who even fear to put red berets on their heads.
During the last year’s Kabaka’s owned Muteesa I Royal University Guild elections, Mbidde’s candidate Aloysious Kibira won massively and Mpuuga’s candidate lost.
The same happened in  the last Local council elections in Masaka.
Mpuuga really needs devine intervention to save him if not so, money magnet Mbidde is set to take over Masaka Municipality.
Now Mpuuga camp has resorted to tribal sentiments saying Mbidde isn’t a Muganda not knowing that this smear campaign instead works for this EALA MP.
Those knowing Masaka Municipality politics say, If Mbidde consolidates Church support when he wins the DP ticket like we all anticipate, he will easily take over Masaka Municipality. 
It is not known whether NRM will bring back their 2016 candidate Herman Ssentongo who almost took it away from Mpuuga.
We are told, FDC is set to endorse Kayemba Afaayo, Masaka Municipality mayor for the MP seat in 2021.
If so, this will be one of the hottest races, although Mbidde is likely to emerge the winner.

Hon. Bobi Wine in a jovial mood with Lubaga South’s Aloysious Mukasa

The Diamonds Essemble star is in very big trouble, Lubaga South is slipping out of his hands. Voters think, the one term given to Kato alias Biiso is enough, they want him to retire and go back to his drama. Over 20 new faces have shown interest in the seat but the highest bidder is Talton Gold Aloysious Mukasa, a reknown Bobi Wine blue eyed boy, a businessman in Ndeeba and Najjanankumbi.
We are told, DP leaders in Lubaga South  want to endorse Mukasa for the MP seat.
Born to Aloysious Kalyango of Kyengera Mugongo and Annet Nayiga of Mutundwe, Church Zone in Lubaga South, Mukasa is giving Kato Lubwama sleepless nights.
These days, he goes door to door making consultations. He says, Lubaga people needs a strong and bold voice in Parliament, which can speak loudly for every one to hear if they are to get a share of the National cake.
Mukasa attended Uganda Martyrs Primary School in Lubaga, Kazinda Primary school Kyengera now Kampala Model, Lubiri SS and St. Marys Kitende where students massively voted him Head prefect.
He is also an old boy of Merryland High School Kigungu in Entebbe. 
He was awarded an Advanced certificate in Business Adminstration and also graduated with a Bachelors in Business Managent at MUBS.
Recently, he was awarded a second degree at Ndejje University. 
Mukasa deals in Food suppliments, he is the proprietor of Dascus Nursery School Najjanankumbi and Bex Limited, a company producing disinfectants.
He says, Lubaga South lacks good health facilities, youth especially mechanics are not supported, Women groups need to be facilitated to fight poverty.
Mukasa single handedly constructed Rama Krishna road in St. Anne Zone which was in a sorry state and was always used by law breakers to steal bodabodas, rape women at night and kill people.
Kato Lubwama was too close to former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura and his man Abudallah Kitatta.
In fact after winning elections in 2016, the three used to appear on different functions.
Since Kayihura and Kitatta got problems, Kato Lubwama politics in Lubaga south melted.
He does not see eye to eye with People Power’s leader Bobi Wine and is remembered for fighting with promoter Bajjo on a certain tv show. It all started when Lubwama was blamed for staying mute in the House as MPs were tasking government on why Bobi shows were being blocked.
Lubwama is said to be an NRM sympathiser and for those knowing Lubaga south politics, this can easily make him get more enemies.
John Ken. Lukyamuzi who was ousted by Kato Lubwama is also set to stand alongside other new candidates like Princess Eugene Nassolo. 
Aloysious Mukasa has an upper hand unless otherwise.

DP and People Power want to front Mukono Municipality mayor Kagimu against Nambooze accusing her of fighting party activities, blackmailing Hon. Ssentamu Kyagulanyi and moving around with FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye.
DP says, Nambooze has never supported any party presidential candidate. In 2006, she shunned candidate Ssebaana Kizito and campaigned for Besigye. The same happened during the 2011 campaigns where she failed to join Hon. Nobert Mao’s Team. She again supported Besigye. In 2016, the Party resolved to endorse John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, but still Nambooze campaigned for Besigye.
DP says, Nambooze is big headed, she doesnt attend party activities, dodges NEC meetings and other meetings but she is always the first to hit  back at the party. They want to give their card to a loyal party cadre who will preach the party gospel, not like Nambooze who is fed by DP but milked by FDC.
Mukono Municipality is a bit tricky. If both Nambooze and Kagimu choose to contest, never be shocked when NRM candidate takes the day.

KAWALYA for Lubaga North

Like Mathias Mpuuga, Kasibante is not safe at all in Lubaga North. 
Newly apointed Lands minister Beti Olive Namisango Kamya, was recently hosted by senior journalist Steven Dunstan Busuulwa on Top radio’s Negwozadde Saturday  talkshow and announced that she is returning in 2021 for the same seat. However it isn’t known whether this time Kamya will stand on NRM ticket.
She has vowed to reclaim what she calls her 2016 win.
If Kamya chose to stand, then the battle for Lubaga North will most likely be between her and Abubaker Kawalya, the Lubaga North FDC councilor at City Hall. Kasibante is nowhere in this puzzle.
As of today, all opinion polls put Kawalya at the top.
He is a born of Kawaala in Kasubi, a zone with the highest number of residents in Uganda.
All factors to win Lubaga North favour Kawalya.
He is a rich young man, well connected, hard working and popular. DP leaders have already cut a deal with him and Bobi Wine already  declared his support for Kawalya.
Kasibante must now be at the crossroads, not knowing what comes next.
Rumours in NRM say, Singh Katongole  is likely to be fronted for Lubaga Municipality mayor, leaving the MP contest to Kamya.
Kasibante has a weakness in Team building, he takes supporters for granted. 2021 is likely to be a bad year for this former radio CBS news anchor.

STAR: Hon. Muhammad Nsereko

Cedric Babu, son to former Kampala Central MP Capt. Francis Babu has declared his intention to unseat incumbent Muhammad Nsereko on NRM ticket. 
However according to our investigations, MP Nsereko is still a darling to Kampala Central voters, he commands support and will always trounce who ever dares him.
We advise Babu not to waste his time and money, Nsereko is still around until further notice.
Some voices in People Power want Chairman Fred Nyanzi to contest with Nsereko but his brother Bobi Wine openly objected saying, Nsereko is like his real brother, he can’t decampaign such a star who is vocal in parliament. 
Bobi told Nyanzi, if he disobeys him and proceed with standing against Nsereko “Be ready for embarrassment, I will not even step at your rallies. Hon. Nsereko has been there for the struggle, we will not be fighting him.”
If Nyanzi defies Bobi’s wise counsel, let him be ready to face a hard task in convincing Kampala central people why Nsereko should be substituted.
It is not known whether FDC is returning their man Harold Kaija.
Of recent, Nsereko and Besigye are good friends. FDC may choose not to fight Nsereko.
Factors helping Nsereko include being an experienced politician in the heart of Kampala, a rich man, very good speaker, generous, vocal in the House and perfectly knows election games. Such a politician is hard to unseat.

Hon. Amelia Kyambadde

The NRM Mawokota North MP will be in the 11th Parliament. Artist Innocent Hillary Kiyaga alias Hilderman who wants to unseat her should be advised him to look for something else to do.
Unless former President Museveni PPS deliberately throws in the towel, she is still around.
Our research shows, The minister for Trade is well positioned to bounce back.
She has built personal structures through her Twezimbe project and to those knowing her, when it comes to looking for votes, she is not a joking ‘subject’.
She has supported youth and women groups, is in good books with Mengo and a reknown fighter. She can perfectly manage her wars.
She will use all avenues to make sure, Mawokota isnt accessed by Hilderman and People Power Team.
Never say we didn’t warn you.

He is commonly known as ‘Essuubi lya Busujju’ literally meaning, Busujju County constituency’s hope. He is the only independent MP in Buganda who trounced a serving minister in 2016 elections. He removed then minister Vincent Nyanzi and won by 78%.
Their are those targeting his seat but this former media personel will bounce back come 2021.
In his manifesto, he promised to work on roads and he has fulfilled this through lobbying and putting in his own salary.
He has set up a school to cater for secondary students, lobbied for health facilities and single handedly constructed Busujju Play ground worth 450M. 
He is very close to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, voted not to ammend the constitution to lift age limit, popular in Churches and Mosques.
Both Bishop Anthony Zziwa of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese and the Angalican Bishops are good friends to Kalwanga, they see him as their own son and normally meet to guide him.
He was recently hosted by Supreme Mufti Sheik Silman Kasule Ndirangwa.
Voters in Busujju are satified with the four years so far Kalwanga has been in Parliament.
A very jovial MP, Kalwanga joined Parliament when he was already rich. He says, he is not in parliament to look for a job but to represent, make laws and lobby for his people.
If elections are conducted today, Kalwanga can resoundingly win by 80%. All factors favour him.

Hon. Ssewanyana

The Makindye West MP is just too good to be substituted. Commonly known as Musajja wa bwiino, Allan Ssewanyana took over from JEEMA’s Haji Hussein Kyanjo who endorsed him. The brain behind Katwe United FC has worked so hard to fit in Kyanjo’s shoes and he is the happiest.
A wonderful activist, Ssewanyana is incorruptible, a man of his word and approachable.There are some voices who want this seat, but Ssewanyana is a Lionel Messi for Makindye West, very safe.
He plays well his political cards, vocal in Parliament, very active in the constituency and has never moved even an inch from what Makindye West people sent him to do.
Some voices wanted Haji Kyanjo to return but let him be advised not to listen to them because the youth generation will embarass him.

WINNER: Uganda Muslim youth award Hon. Luttamaguzi for being vocal on Muslim issues

His 2016 win in Nakaseke South, shocked many. He is the only DP MP voted during a general election in Luweero Triangle.
A very hardworking and Pro people MP, Luttamaguzi has continued to consolidate his support. One of the most vocal legislators among the new MPs, Luttamaguzi is a voice of the voiceless in Nakaseke, always on frontline to fight land grabbers. A Peoples’ MP, Luttamaguzi has continously supported youth, women, church projects, farmers and religious affliations.
His 2021 win is guaranteed. He commands support not only from opposition but even in the ruling NRM. A very active and generous legislator. 
There are attempts by ruling NRM treasurer Rose Namayanja Nsereko to front her husband Nsereko but he is hard to sell.
The award winner for the most active MP in the 10th Parliament, will bounce back in 2021. 

Wait for part II of the story


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