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THE long awaited time for FDC politician Dr. Kizza Besigye, Kampala Lordmayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago and their woman Ingrid Turinawe to experience the most  political embarrassment of the century has come! 

THINK TANK: KCCA councilors on Kawalya campain team in a meeting yesterday night

Election of KCCA Speaker is expected before the end of this month and the real tight race is between FDC danger man Alhaji Abubaker Kawalya (Lubaga North) and NRM’s Bruhan Byaruhanga (Kyambogo University).

FAVOURITE: Abubaker Kawalya

However, Besigye, Ingrid and Lukwago are trying to enforce their gal Doreen Nyanjura on councilors to be voted Speaker, a deal they have unanimously rejected.
“The Speaker issue was already sorted out by our caucus which is mandated under the law to do that job. Hon. Kawalya was elected our FDC candidate. We are only waiting for the D-day to officially elect him Speaker.” Said Faridah Nakabugo, councilor representing Lubaga South at City Hall. She is the FDC Councillors’ caucus chairperson.

She told this online site, “That was sealed, nothing will change us. We command the Authority, we are the biggest number, winning is on our side.” 

Lukwago has openly decampaigned a fellow Moslem Kawalya saying, his blessings are with Nyanjura who was endorsed by Besigye and Ingrid but his councilors have laughed him off saying, they are not kids to be ordered about on whom to vote, moreover one who is incompetent. 

This Makerere University female councilor, after miserably losing in the FDC councilors’ caucus elections, her funders have now turned guns to the party Constitution and “touched’ it to favour their un popular candidate for KCCA Speaker job, a mission which looks to be impossible.

The latest is,  they have organised unconstitutional nominations of Speaker contestants and that after, FDC NEC will elect the best candidate for the job, a would be mandate of the Councilors’ caucus.

All this is done under panic after realizing that Kawalya will not be easily uprooted.

Insiders say, a section of FDC bosses want show Kampala people that Lukwago’s sweet gal Nyanjura has been endorsed by FDC NEC with members dancing on the tunes of Ingrid Turinawe and her close friend Dr. Besigye!

FDC electoral commission put guidelines for party primary elections leading to Speaker and deputy speaker elections that has been now changed to tactfully rig for Nyanjura.

Originally, it was highlighted that, “The electoral College shall comprise all FDC Councilors of Particular electoral office.”

Original FDC EC guidelines

This is what exactly KCCA FDC councilors Caucus did and elected Abubaker Kawalya.
In fact under this, the contestants for Speaker and deputy Speaker must;

1. Be a valid Party card-holding member
2. Must have won an election in a particular constituency on FDC party ticket 
3. Still believes in the principles and objectives of the party
4. Pay Nomination fee of 200,000/= (Two Hundred Thousand Shillings Only) for KCCA Speaker and 150,000/= for Deputy Speaker.

One is not qualified to contest if;
1. Is of unsound mind
2. Is holding or acting in an office the functions of which involve a responsibility for in connection with the conduct of an election 
3. Is under a sentence of death or a sentence of imprisonment exceeding six months imposed by any competent court without the option of a fine.
In all above,  Kawalya passes. 

Fdc official nominating Nyanjura for KCCA Speaker. FDC councilors shunned her

After Nyanjura team realising that Haji Abubaker Kawalya has beaten them hands down, now like any dying Cock kicking, they have resorted to changing the guidelines at the 11th hour, to favour their choice.

ln an urgent meeting held at the Party Headquaters to change the goal posts, new guidelines were set. These are;

1. Any councilor interested in contesting for the position of the Speaker/Deputy Speaker, will pick nomination forms from the Party Electoral Commission office or designated office by the party Electoral Commission.
2. Nomination fee shall be determined by the Party Electoral Commission with approval of NEC 
3. The nomination forms will be filled by the aspirant who must be proposed by one (1) member of the Electoral College  (FDC NEC) and seconded by three (3) members of the same NEC
4. The Electoral College shall be NEC with powers to delegate.

TOUCHED IT: Changed guidelines said favour Nyanjura

Speaking to the News Editor Online, Team Kawalya chief campaigner said the only time their candidate  has now is to lobby NRM and DP councilors to vote for him so that he wins by 90%, for he already has the FDC block vote. 

“We don’t have time for Ingrid and her team games,  the party is run by a Constitution and it is clearly stated that, The Caucus shall elect it’s executive in accordance with the regulations approved by the National Executive Committee of the Party. The catch word is, The Caucus shall elect,  not NEC as it has been set in the new un constitutional guidelines.’ Caucus did it’s constitutional work and elected Kawalya. That chapter was closed.” Said Team Kawalya chief campaigner. 

He said, “NEC can’t just send us names they have nominated for Speaker and deputy speaker for us to cast votes. That is total rubbish! Ok, let them go ahead, delegate Nyanjura, and we will embarrass her and whoever thought he would impose her on us.”

“Or if not, let them just don’t send her name, they should also come at City Hall, attend Authority and vote for her. Otherwise for Kawalya camp, we are comfortably winning and now remained with a few NRM, DP and independent councilors we are lobbying. We want to assure Kampala people that Kawalya will win this.” Vowed Kawalya camp.

Yesterday Wednesday 12th February 2020, at the Najjanankumbi Party Headquaters, Doreen Nyanjura was nominated by FDC to vie for the KCCA Speakership on the party ticket.

She was escorted by only 4 FDC councilors who included; Allan Kahuirwe (Makindye West), Doreen Sabuka (Makindye East), Oliver Nakazzi (Kyambogo) and Moses Okello (Nakawa).

According to Ronald Muhinda who is the aide to Dr. Besigye, “A fighter of impeccable credentials, Nyanjura seeks to carry forward the high standards of the office set by the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.”

“Her own personal reputation aside, she fits well in Lukwago’s ‘seat’, and in there, Nyanjura will sit with her integrity, honesty, and faithfulness to her job, institution and will protect and defend the office of Lord Mayor from unnecessary assault.” Said Muhinda adding, ” More FDC potential candidates picked nomination forms, and if they return for nomination, Primaries will be conducted to choose the best candidate.”

This comes after President Yoweri Museveni assented into Act the Kampala Capital City Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2019 that parliament passed.

This law trims some of Lord mayor’s powers and the council meetings will be presided over by the Speaker not the Lordmayor or his deputy as the practice has been.

The Act which was first introduced in 2015 has put in place the position of Speaker at KCCA and the Divisions to separate powers. This means the legislative powers have been handed over to the Speaker, while the Executive powers left to the Lord Mayor. 

 It also created executive committee of four people who will work for the Lord Mayor.

 As you read this, Lordmayor  can’t convene any council meeting and preparations are under way for the election of the Speaker and deputy who the law empowers to carry on the mantle.

Lukwago who first threatened to use courts of law and block this law, has given up and now focused on fronting a Speaker of his choice, something that has been rejected by councilors. 

According to the law, Speaker is elected by members of the Authority. He or she must be voted by 50% of all the Councilors.

 In Lukwago’s council, FDC are the dominate with 18 councilors out of 34.

Out of the 34 eligible voters, two councilors are not around, so not expected to vote.

If all the 18 FDC councilors vote Kawalya, he will definately take it.

However, on the 18 councilors, Nyanjura has only four.
Kawalya needs to maintain the remaining 12 councilors, look for only more four from either NRM, DP or independents,  and will be declared new KCCA Speaker.
Analysts say, Kawalya looks to be unstoppable.



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